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Monthly Archives: April 2013

5 Tips to Keep Sex Fun!


  1. Have Sex In Exotic Places. Sex in a new and strange environment can really amp up the excitement, especially if you’ve only done the deed in the bedroom up until now. From your kitchen to a waterfall, there are tons of fun places to get down! Check here for more places to enjoy sex!
  2. Try New Sex Positions! New sex positions can turn boring sex into extraordinary and the best part is you don’t need any special equipment or location to enjoy this tip! All you need is an open mind and a few ideas – check here for fun sex positions to try! You can also check out these top calorie burning sex positions or sex positions from around the world!
  3. Pleasure Each Other. Never underestimate the power of foreplay! A lot of people think this aspect of sex may be a waste of time, but it can add tons of time to your sexual pleasure experience as well as enhance your enjoyment overall and, for women, increase the likelihood of their climaxing during intercourse. Check out these Oral Sex Tips to Become a pro!
  4. Try Some Sex Toys! If you haven’t ventured into the realm of using toys yet, then you’re definitely missing out! Not only will sex toys add an entirely new dimension to your sexual pleasure, they will enhance and intensify orgasms and increase the chances of multiple orgasms! If you’re new to sex toys, check out our Ins & Out’s of Sex Toys. For ideas on fun sex toys to try, check here.
  5. MeditationTantra. Meditation is great for clearing the mind, but apparently it’s also great for intensifying orgasms and sexual pleasure as well as aiding in prolonging erections and preventing premature ejaculation! Tantra is a form of meditation that can be utilized during sex to enhance your sexual energy and pleasure while also prolonging your sexual experience.

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3 Quick Sex Tips for Your Weekend!



After a long, though quite productive week, we’re all more than ready for the weekend! What better way to christen our Friday than with some much-loved and needed sexual healing? I’m just saying. Anyhow, here are some tips to get you through your naughty weekend and into the next! Also, Don’t Forget to Remember to Shop Our Flash Deal & Get 10% Off this weekend!

Massage Madness. Massages are the best, but there’s much more to them than just rubbing your hands around on someone. You need to pick out the right massage oils with a nice scent, set the mood with lighting and comfortable surroundings, and even add music. Check out this post we did on Erotic Massage Tips to help you get ideas!

Romantic Ambiance. I know a lot of people, mainly men, think that romance is a waste of time and only for women, but I definitely disagree. Setting the scene for sex, whether vanilla or a little more kinky fun, definitely helps get you in the mood. Lighting some candles or low lighting, lining the bed with soft pillows ( or chains, if that’s your thing ), and making sure toys, lubricants, and protection are all within arms reach can make your erotic experience that much more seamless and enjoyable. Check out this post on Intimate Relaxation for tips to get you started!

Sex Toy Adventure! Whether you’re an advanced sex toy connoisseur or a complete newbie, sex toys can brighten up any erotic experience and prolong pleasure. The weekend is a great time to try new and exciting things so get a little out of your normal routine and try a few new toys with a partner! Check out these Crazy Fetish ToysMassive Sex Toys, or if you’re a single guy having some solo fun, check out our Manly Masturbators!

Have A Very Sexy Weekend! ;-)

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Naughty Tips to Improve Your Sex Life!

3 Stylistic Dildos to Try this Spring


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8 Crazy Fetish Toys You’re Too Afraid to Try { But Definitely Should } !


Clockwise from Top Left Corner: Mr. Ed Pony Extension10.25″ Hulk DongWoody Cock RingFemme Foot Fatale Sex Toy“A” Bomb Girth ExpanderBad Kitty DongMoby’s Dick11″ Stone Man Dildo.

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3 Unique Double Dongs That Are Out of This World!

Double dongs are a fantastic idea if you’re looking to have fun for more than one!

Particularly awesome for (but obviously not limited to) swinger parties and other group sex, double dongs come in many shapes and sizes, though many conventional designs often fall short of creativity and simply offer slim overly long and double ended dildos that are neither stimulating nor imaginative. If you are in on the double dong love, then you will know how slim the options can be in this toy category and how dull your erotic play might become when you run out of things to try – thank goodness for our double dongs then! 😉

We have several different styles of double dongs, each of them made with various functions, stimulations and various types of play in mind. The best part? None of our designs feature the same old re-hashed crap that much of the industry will offer you. Instead, our designs are unique, usefully pleasurable, and a bit on the wild side.

Here Are 3 Of My Favorites!

[Cyberflex Alien Double Dong]

The Cyberflex Alien Double Dong is perfect for those of you who favor a nice double dong with a bit of an added kick to it, if you know what I mean! This toy is designed for massive intensified stimulation during use for both partners and can be used in many ways without ever getting boring in the least!

[Triple Play Lesbian Dong]

The Triple Play Lesbian Dong was designed by women for women! Although it is specifically designed to be used by lesbian couples, it’s certainly not limited to that group alone. In fact, anyone can use this stylistic piece with a friend ( or two! ) and will find it quite enjoyable! The shafts of each end are subtly textured and lined to offer a more intense experience during use while the clitoris tickler massages you in all the right places. The best part about this toy is the fact that, unlike most other double dongs, partners may face each other during use for a more intimate and personal erotic experience.

[Trojan Double Dong]

The Trojan Double Dong is less unique than our other toy designs, but still offers a stimulating erotic experience that is a bit more conventional. It’s more realistic style offers an intense, but real life body-rocking experience with it’s unique clitoral stimulator that is ridged to drag over the clitoris in all the right places during use for just the right amount of stimulation.

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Naughty Tips to Improve Your Sex Life This Weekend!

TGIFF – Thank God It’s Fucking Friday!

This week may have been boring as all hell, but hey, there’s always the weekend for getting your sex on to make up for a total crap week! If you’re one of the lucky ones who had a fantastic week, these tips will only make the weekend even better 😉

Here are some tips to help you have the best sex of your life this weekend!

Here’s to Wishing You the Naughtiest Sex-Filled Weekend of Your Life!

Yours Truly,

Kinky Kate ♥ xO

Top 5 Massive Sex Toys to Try this Spring!

[Asscavator Anal Plug]

We have tons of options for those of you looking to pick up some massively big sex toys for any use you may desire!

From stylistic to realistic, our huge sex toy designs do not sacrifice design in their size so you can rest assured that these toys are made for functional stimulation and unique sensations in mind.

Here Are My Favorites!

[Fruitylicious Mega Butt Plug – Suction]

[The “A” Bomb Girth Expander]

[Jolly Good Giant Dong]

[12″ Mighty Joe Dong]


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3 Fun Stylistic Dildos to Try this Spring!

There are tons of dildo options out there to try, but many of them often times look very much the same so it’s no wonder that many people are beginning to find them boring. That’s where we, here at Masturgasm, come in! We’ve searched high and low for only the very best and most creative dildo designs known to man to bring them right to your doorstep – here are my top 3 favorite stylistic dildos you should definitely try this Spring!

[8.5 Inch Frenchy Super Cock Dildo]

The Frenchy Super Cock Dildo is not your average joe!

Focusing on the top end, it has texturized stimulating ridges that is meant to intensify pleasure during use and orgasm upon climax! It’s texturized testes mean that bouncing around on this toy guarantees erotic sensations during the entire ride!

[6.5 Inch I-Cock Dildo – Suction]

Talk about high tech!

This innovative, yet smoothly designed dildo is perfect for those who prefer a classic dildo with a bit more edge!

Complete with clitoral stimulator, this dildo is curved so it’s perfect for hitting your g-spot any time you want!

Plus, with a suction cup base, this dildo won’t move an inch until you’re completely done with it!

[7.5 Inch Foreskin Fricking Good Dildo- Suction]

The Foreskin Fricking Good Dildo is the ultimate in smoothly ridged stimulation when it comes to stylistic dildos!

Equipped with 7.5 inches of pure pleasure, this dildo has a mostly smooth surface texture, but also includes lined ridges up and down the shaft for intensifying stimulation and climax during use.

Coupled with the suction cup base and it doesn’t get any better than that!

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3 Ways to Amp Up Your Spring Fever {Libido} !


With Spring nearly here, it may feel like you’re craving nookie a bit more than usual and it’s actually because of our biology as humans. You know, mating season and all, and with that comes a number of concerns so that we look our best, feel our best and attract all the right kinds of attention from those we’re looking to have naughty fun with – Here are my top 3 tips to get you off on the right foot this Spring and into bed with that special someone ( or someones ;-) ) !

Work Out! I know, with Spring and Summer, it’s all about working out, even on general life terms, but did you know that working out actually increases your libido and appeal? Aside from the obvious physical and mental health benefits of working out, it can actually attract people to you and make you feel more in the mood to do the deed. If you work out solo, look forward to picking someone up at the gym or wherever you’re breaking a sweat as pheromones are released when we sweat and attract mates to us! If you work out with someone else, you’ll both be in the mood by the time you’re done so have a shower together and enjoy! Check here for how getting shape with your partner can improve your sex!

Eat Libido Healthy Foods! You might have heard that eating well can help increase libido and it’s definitely true! Not only can certain foods improve and increase your libido, no matter if you’re male or female, but it can also help improve conditions like impotence, erectile dysfunction, and hormonal imbalance, among others! Check out these posts here and here for libido boosting foods and here to find out which foods to eat to naturally cure impotence! Otherwise, check out these awesome sexual enhancement supplements here!

Go On Adventures In Toy Land! You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, but it’s definitely exciting to try new things so talk it over with your partner, if you have one, and figure out what you both want to try together. Toys can certainly rejuvenate your sex life, especially if you both are interested in trying them and do it together. If you’re trying things solo, then that’s even better because you can try whatever you enjoy and don’t need to run it by anyone! Definitely check out theseanal toys this Spring! Otherwise, if anal isn’t your thing, find out how you can get a FREE rabbit vibrator on Masturgasm here.

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Product Spotlight: Butt Heart Plug

The Butt Heart Plug

Measuring in at 11.75 inches around, 7 inches around the neck of the toy, and 5.75 inches tall overall.

Designed in an adorable upside down heart shape with non-phthalate PVC, this butt plug promises a ton of lustful fun! It’s uniquely created shape is smooth on the surface, yet it’s curves allow for a variety of diverse uses and intense stimulation during use.

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