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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Romance Attack. Biz is Cell Phone Friendly!

Although we’ve posted about this before when the feature was first enabled for our site, I wanted to come back and talk about the incredible things you can do on RomanceAttack if you have any kind of smart phone with internet capabilities. For instance, I have the HTC Droid Incredible. I LOVE my cell phone. In fact, I’m sort of glued to the cute little device whenever I can be because there is SO much you can do on this incredible phone. That being said, if you have an I-Phone, Droid X, HTC Droid, HTC Droid Incredible or Samsung Fascinate or any other kind of smart phone with your service provider, YOU too can access Romance Attack right from your phone!

The amazing thing about our site capabilities now is that not only can you access all of the features through your cell phone including our blog (kudos if you’re on your phone right now!), but all of our links work just as well as on a computer and both text and images may be enlarged if you have a tap touch screen capability on your phone. This means you can enlarge our photos and still get high quality and the same goes for the text, our links and anything else including viewing actual product descriptions. Not only that, but you can even purchase products on our site from your phone if you want! Simply shop as usual, go to checkout when you’re ready, input all the appropriate credit card or other payment information and voila! You have just made a purchase with us while on-the-go! How cool is that?

So, if you’re bored waiting in line at a movie premiere or sitting around at the DMV waiting for your number to be called, you may want to consider dropping by our site while you wait because we have so much to offer to enrich your life! Whether it’s sex tips, advice, techniques, product recommendations or other fun things you can try, Romance Attack tries to be on the frontline of the adult product industry by offering great products at great prices, educated and informative advice and tips and cool new ideas on how to make not only your sex life live up to its potential, but your whole life. So why wait until you get home?

Log on and check us out wherever you are right now and enjoy all that Romance Attack Online has to offer!

The Futuristic I-Cock

Molded by TSX Toys (Made in USA) with a prominently modern design, the 6.5″ I-Cock puts a futuristic spin on stylistic dildos. Completely smooth textured, the I-Cock has a sleek sophistication that will resonate with art collectors and lovers of the finer things in life.

Whether you want a smoothly textured dildo for easy insertion and thrusting during your erotic play time or you can truly appreciate the work of art that is this piece, the I-Cock strikes a strong image against most stylized toys today as it is completely unique, is available in more than 20 different original colors, and comes equipped with slight ridges amid it’s smooth surface as well as a tapered clitoris stimulator and strong suction base for uninterrupted pleasurable experiences unmatched by other stylistic sex toys. Enjoy the pleasure waves of the future with the super futuristic 6.5 Inch I-Cock!

Wet Synergy Cooling Tingly Lubricant

This lubricant will go perfectly with this stylized piece as it is one of the first of its kind also: a hybrid lubricant with both silicon and water properties, this lubricant can be safely used with toys, during intercourse and any other sexual acts you get yourself into! This lubricant is hypoallergenic, moisturizing to the skin and gives off cooling tingly sensations during use for added stimulation and excitement.

We Support Safe Sex!

Please remember to protect yourself and the ones you love by using a condom every time.

The Auto Erotica 3-In-1: The Ultimate Orgasm Toy for Women

The Auto Erotica 3-In-1 is one of the many master pieces of art created by the custom toy company TSX Toys. In 2000, the creative team at TSX decided to create a unique toy that delivered all the pleasure possible to women in one hand held toy. This was due to the fact that few toys at the time were really made specifically for a woman’s sexual needs and the fact that the CFO of TSX Toys is also a woman. Although it may look intimidating, this toy was designed based upon research done by women and statistics drawn from survey results taken by women when asked what they desired during intercourse and other sexual acts. This toy embodies their wants, needs and desires, and of course they put their own creative spin on the item given their expertise of over 20 years experience in the adult manufacturing business. Following the piece (as pictured above) from left to right, the most left part of the toy is meant to stimulate the clitoris, the middle part encompassing the bullet vibe is meant to be inserted vaginally and the most right hand part is meant to be anally inserted as desired by the user. The base of the piece itself is curved because as the CFO herself tells me, “This piece is aerodynamically designed to be held in the palm of a woman’s hand and rocked into her body, either alone or with a partner.” So, the curved base actually enables the user to reach climax through the 3 points of stimulation (clitoral, vaginal & anal) as well as by stimulating the G-spot and TSX has so graciously added a bullet vibe for added vibration sensations. This toy is INCREDIBLE! You will experience orgasms over and over unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. When I say orgasm, I mean the kind of climax that makes your toes curl under, your breath short and raspy and your ab muscles contract. Trust me, I’ve tried it. That being said, check this amazing toy out. You’ll be so (Orgasmically!) happy you did!
Available in over 20 unique colors.

For more information on TSX Toys, Check out their site here or follow them on Twitter for consumer giveaways and news updates by clicking the Twitter icon.

High Tech Vibrators That Literally Do What You Tell Them To Do!

In the words of the brilliant Daft Punk, I find myself also thinking of 3 items we have that really wholeheartedly embody these words, you know, while I’m jamming to this super catchy beat. These 3 items each have their own unique characteristics based upon physical design, but they all serve the same function:

They are all voice activated!

That’s right. We finally have some extremely sexy, super feminine power multispeed vibrators that will do whatever you want. Featuring a wide variety of commands that each of these three vibrators will recognize, all you have to do is program the vibrator to your voice and it will do whatever you choose during those pleasurable hours of fun!

The commands include: Harder, Do Me, Faster, Relax & Take Me!

Each command given is recognized through the vibrator and causes an action. For example, if you command the vibrator to go “Faster,” the vibration speed will increase. Not only do this enable a completely personable and customizable experience for its user, it allows for orgasm after orgasm for hours and hours! So next time you’re bored, horny and home alone, take out your delicious Voice Activated Vibrator and enjoy sensations of ecstasy for as long as you want! It will definitely do what you say!

Available in 3 Designs: Slim & Sultry, Hunk & Bunny

These vibrators go great with Pink Frolic Water Based Lubricant because its an incredibly long lasting lubricant that is specially formulated for use with toys, hypoallergenic so it won’t break you out and moisturizing so it will pamper your skin while you indulge in pleasure!

If you’re looking for something with a little more spontaneity, this Wet Adventure Set has plenty of different fun flavored lubricants for you to try! They’re perfect for that weekend getaway or a companion if you plan on using your new voice activated toy with a friend or lover!

Check out these fun toy wipes for easy, quick clean up wherever you are!

We Support Safe Sex!

Please remember to protect yourself and the ones you love by using condoms every time.

What’s a Cock Ring? Finally Some Answers, Options & More On This Mysterious Sex Enhancer!

Cock rings can be an intimidating idea if you have never used them before, especially if you’re the wearer. It’s for this reason that I decided to enlighten and educate everyone here on the benefits of using cock rings during intercourse and other fun sexual acts so that you don’t have to look at cock rings in fear ever again!

What is a Cock Ring?

A cock ring is a circular hoop that fits over and onto the base of the penis, used to draw blood to the penis and testies area for a more intense stimulation during intercourse and other sexual acts as well as a stronger erection and ultimately a more gratifying climax experience every time you choose to wear one (or three!). Cock rings can also be made to fit over the testicles for a more intense experience and come in a variety of materials from basic jelly style silicone or rubber rings that are elastic and stretch to fit the wearer to metal or steel rings that are custom made in different sizes for a more secure fit.

Are Cock Rings All the Same?

Absolutely not! Cock rings, depending on the material (silicone, rubber, metal, steel, etc.) and added components (vibe, clitoral or anal ticklers, etc.) make each cock ring specially made for a unique experience. Cock ring materials change the wearer experience entirely because whereas the silicone and rubber is an intense yet pleasant experience, metal and steel rings tend to be a much more extremely intense experience made only for the most hardcore users. They also tend to have a much more secure fit for the wearer making orgasms more intense, sensations and stimulation increased and sensitivity maxed out 10-fold.

Many cock rings have specific purposes to stimulate certain areas more than others during sexual acts and intercourse such as anal or clitoral stimulation. Some cock rings come with a small bullet vibe attached at the front for added sensuous vibration stimulation during sexual intercourse. Others come with a clitoral stimulator at the front such as a specialty design on the front like a little “dolphin” or “rabbit” which stimulates the clitoris during the motions of sexual intercourse. There are other similar designs made on the other end of the cock ring for anal stimulation during sexual intercourse movement and varying hybrid styles with one, two or even all three of these added components.

What do Cock Rings do and Why Should I use one?

Cock rings draw more blood to the penis and testicles, providing for a firmer and longer lasting erection, an increase in stronger stimulations, increased sensitivity during sexual acts and a more intensely fueled climax. In the case of erectile dysfunction (AKA ED or male impotence), which affects nearly 1 in every 10 men worldwide, cock rings can assist in obtaining and sustaining an erection for varying periods of time depending on the wearer and the ring’s material. So, for those affected by ED, lovemaking is made possible and no longer in the realm of impossibility. Talk about a marriage saving device! I love the miracles of cock rings. They really are the under dogs of the adult toy industry…

Aside from those with ED, those curious about cock ring use who are not affected by ED should still consider using one as a supplement to their lovemaking experiences because it is a unique sexual experience unlike any other that can truly turn an average night of sexual intercourse into an intensely passionate romp beneath the sheets! Not only that, and this is for the ladies (and men!), but cock rings often enable men to go for hours longer than normal because with the assistance offered by cock rings, they are now able to sustain an erection much longer and multiple orgasms are a go for both parties! So enjoy…try a cock ring and don’t be surprised if you and your partner can’t suppress your moans..or screams of absolute ecstasy!

Cock Ring Choice #1: The Woody Cock Ring

Made from phthalate free PVC, this cock ring is a beauty that is fun and safe to use and will stretch to fit the wearer! Do NOT be intimated by its design, the Woody Cock Ring is made for only the ultimate heights in pleasure and ecstasy. Made to stimulate both the wearer and their partner, the penis shaft fits through the ridged hole and his testicles fit through the round hole below that, securing his whole member and stimulating the shaft of the penis during sexual intercourse. Also, the top and bottom ridged pieces are made to open up and also stimulate the clitoris, anal area or both areas of recipient partner depending on use. Not only that, but this cock ring is available in over 20 colors and made by TSX Toys, a USA based manufacturing company!  This makes for an incredibly simple yet stimulating cock ring that provides comfort and sensuous sensations for both partners the whole way through!

Cock Ring Choice #2:The Double Cock Ring with Vibrator

This little cock ring really provides a pleasant experience for both the user and their partner. Made out of silicone materials, the user enjoys a comfortable yet snug fit, creating an intense erection and increasing their sensitivity to all sorts of subtle and not-so-subtle stimulation! Their partner enjoys clitoral (or anal depending on how you use it!) stimulation due to the fun ridge and nub design on the ring itself during sexual intercourse movements. What provides the grand finale is the little vibe on the bottom that makes each movement more intensely felt for both parties!

Cock Ring Choice #3: Silver Rings 3 Piece Set

This silver cock rings 3 piece set provides a custom fit for the wearer by choosing their correct size out of the three or, if they so decide, they can wear all three! These sleekly designed rings offer a more intense and what some might find a more extreme sexual experience as the rings fit much more securely than their silicone or rubber counterparts do, but if you think you can handle the intense orgasmic pleasure, then this is one amazing sexual experience that you should NOT pass up! Other than that, gentlemen with cases of ED should consider this ring or other silver, metal & steel rings as they are the most secure fit of all cock rings and allow the most prolonged usage for sexual intercourse and other sexual acts. Experience the hardcore pleasure with this sophisticated ring!

Whichever ring you settle on, please remember to choose what’s right for you or you and your partner’s needs. Cock rings can provide incredibly intoxicating sexual experiences and why shouldn’t you both be able to experience the magic?

Good Quality Cheap Wigs For Your Sexy Halloween Costume

As you all know, Halloween is coming around the corner pretty quickly. Whether you’ve been eyeing that Naughty Cop Outfit in one of our stores ( or elsewhere!) or haven’t yet decided on what you will be this year, keep our Sexy Selection of Wigs in mind to complete your sexy ensemble! Not only do we have a decent selection, but the pricing is something you really can’t beat especially at this level of quality. These fun wigs can fit a variety of costumes and work to change your look entirely to the naughty alter ego of your costume! So enjoy this Halloween: dive in and complete your costume transformation with a sexy wig! Bonus points at the end of night when your partner comes home and you both can enjoy some sexy role play fun!

Star Wig

This wig is a great choice for your Naughty Little She Devil Outfit, a 60’s Style Go Go Girl or could even come in handy for any erotic dance needs you may have.

Foxy Wig

Enjoy the great benefits of this cute wig and add it to your Naughty School Girl Costume, Japanese Exchange Student, China Doll Costume, Aeon Flux Stylized Costume, G0 Go Girl Costume, Naughty Cop and many others!

Goddess Wig

This sexy, versatile wig works well for many looks including a Grecian Goddess, Naughty Witch, Vampire, and even a sexier styled Bride of Frankenstein, Zombie Bride or a scantily clad ghost!

Ecstasy Wig

This delightfully fun wig is suitable for various costume outfits such as the Naughty Little Angel, Go Go Girl, Grecian Goddess, Aphrodite, Naughty School Girl (Add Glasses!), Bride, Dead Bride, 50’s Style Rockabilly Girl, & many others!

Tied Down: For the Bondage Curious & Crowned Master or Mistress

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take control of your lover and leave them begging at your feet? Do you lie awake and night wondering what it would be like to be driven into ecstasy-inspiring submission by your partner or is this possibly something you experienced last weekend?

Whether you’re a seasoned bondage queen/king or the idea fascinates you yet you have not taken the plunge yet, these products may be something you’ll all want to try!

What is BDSM?

If you already love the concept of BDSM, then you may be familiar with many of the items below, but you may still want to check them out as we have great prices on all your favorite items and some future favorites you don’t even know you love yet! If you are unfamiliar with BDSM, let me explain. The concept of BDSM is composed of two or more individuals who use power play to inflict pain and pleasurable experiences on one another to create sexual tension, ecstasy & release. The letters BDSM stand for Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Sadism & Masochism. Although many use the practices of BDSM for experimental role playing, some might even consider it a complete lifestyle.

In BDSM, trust is a key factor because the roles of Master/Mistress and Slave are the most common used during this type of roleplay which requires the Master/Mistress to dominate/control the Slave and for the Slave to submit. Other names for these roles are Dominant/Top role & Bottom/Submissive role. Some partners in a relationship may choose to always hold the same roles while other may switch roles periodically. For each role, many activities that may include pain, submission, begging, restraints, humiliation and more are played out during times agreed upon known as sessions or scenes. Although most times, sexual interactions result in the power play, it is not vital for a session of BDSM.

Not to be confused with any real kind of sexual violence or assault, BDSM usually follows one of two basic codes: “SSC” or “RACK.” “SSC” stands for Safe, Sane & Consensual, which means that all acts are based on Safe, Sane & Consensual agreements of all parties involved. In slight contrast, “RACK” is a more extreme agreement meant for the more experienced BDSM lover which stands for Risk Aware Consensual Kink and provides that all parties agree upon things that can or cannot take place during a session, agree to the use of a safe word if needed, and the idea that each party is more responsible for their own well being than a safe agreement . Some prefer “RACK” as a more intense option for BDSM as it is much less predictable than “SSC” and, within the limit agreements made beforehand, can push boundaries further and has a level of apprehensive spontaneity often not shared with “SSC.”

It is up to you and your partner’s discretion which style of BDSM you will undertake. We recommend you consider safety precautions before embarking on any sexual journey together and that they are made with strong bonds of trust and with the intentions of experimental pain/pleasure as your ultimate goal.

Pleasure Weapon of Choice

If you’re a mistress who loves her riding crop, we have several cute styles including the Little Angel Crop & Star Crop that you can find in the Whips, Paddles & Crops section on our site. The same goes for the Paddles & Whips I have chosen so check out the whole category if you are undecided on which to choose. Each crop, paddle or whip has it’s own style, character or theme so it can go with all of your outfits, costumes or other accessories. There are plenty of options for everyone’s taste!

Gags & Restraints

Whether restraints or gags or both will be used during your session with your partner, they are definitely pieces worth looking into. Restraints often make the tension more realistic for the submissive and the power play all the better for the dominant. Gags create the mood for the sub while exacting a sense of humiliation and suffering toward them for the dominant person of power. Again, there are many options so check out more Gags or Restraints in their respective sections if you want more choices!

Nipple Clamps

While these little metal clamps are not for everyone, for that special owner, they could just be the perfect addition to your scene! Whether you’re the sub or dom in the situation, they can be greatly exciting for both parties. Check out more Clamps & Other Bondage Accessories here.


We Support Safe Sex!

Remember to protect yourself and the ones you love by using a condom every time!

Check Out the Whole Bondage Category Here!

5 Great Sex Positions & Where To Do Them While You Burn Maximum Calories!

On average, 30 minutes of sexual activities burn anywhere from 80-200 calories and depending on the position and enthusiasm, you can burn even more! From the Ancient Kama Sutra and other more modern techniques offered, there are countless sex positions each with their own creative variations. From missionary to doggie style to the more complicated 69 or reverse cowgirl, each of these sex positions can be fun, challenging and all of them feel great during sex, but which one of them burns the most calories?

Top 5 Sex Positions That Burn The Most Calories

#5 The Missionary Position: This position is as traditional as it gets. Everyone does it, everyone’s tried it. It is preferred by some and probably bores others, but this position is one of the easiest positions to do and allows for easy insertion and depth. This position burns 32 calories for men and 16 calories for women ( based upon 30 minutes to an hour session depending). On average, each person will burn 20 calories.

To Do This Position: The female partner lays down on her back, legs straight and relaxed while the male partner hovers directly over facing her. There are numerous variations to this position so have fun, get comfortable, be creative and do what you wish!

Our Favorite Variation of this Position

#4 Doggie/Canine Style Position AKA From the Rear : We like to call this the Primal Position! (It’ll catch on!) This position is a reader favorite! A fun and exciting position to get in touch with your primal instincts, this position burns 35 calories in men and 15 calories in women. See how long you can last to up your calorie AND pleasure count!

To Do This Position: The female partner gets down on hands & knees while the male partner gets on his knees and mounts directly behind for easy deep insertion and fun fitness for both parties! Girls, I recommend you arch your back for added pleasure and varying positions. Your man will find it sexy and your butt will look fabulous! For men, if your gal is into it, hair pulling is a plus! Use  a pillow(s) or fluffy down comforter to prevent rug burn. There are many variants of this position so do what’s comfortable, get creative and use those yoga flexibility skills you learned in class! We don’t do Downward Dog or Frog Pose for nothing!

Our Favorite Variation of this Position

#3 A Woman On Top Position: Since I absolutely love to take control in bed, this is MY favorite sex position! Men love a woman of authority so take charge! Can you believe this position burns a whopping 75 calories for women? Although this position only burns 23 calories for men, I’m sure he won’t mind! Have fun in this position and don’t be afraid to let your wild side loose! Rawr!

To Do This Position: The male partner lays on his back and keeps his legs straight and relaxed (or bent if you prefer) while the female partner saddles. There are many variations to this position; Reverse Cowgirl is a reader favorite!

Our Favorite Variation of this Position

#2 The Wheelbarrow Position: This  position is not for the faint at heart! More challenging than your average missionary, I recommend this position for highly active couples or couples who are looking for something outside the box. Although this isn’t the easiest position,  it burns 59 calories for men and 78 for women, making it worth your efforts. Use pillows for padding as needed!

To Do This Position: The female partner gets down on hands and knees while the male partner comes behind her standing up and lifts her legs off the ground, mounting her over his waistline for easy penetration and unique stimulation. Again, there are many variations to this position so choose the one that best suits you and your partner.

Our Favorite Variation of this Position

#1 The Sex Position Winner In Calorie Burning Abilities: Stand And Deliver Sex Position
This sex position burns the most calories by far, especially if the female partner is taller than her male counterpart. 90 Calories on average are burned for both parties in this position so be prepared for things to get intense!

To Do This Position: Stand facing one another, using the wall for support if needed. The male partner may need to kneel slightly during insertion for this to work smoothly. Good variations for this position are having your man pick you up as you wrap your legs around his waist, lifting one leg up over his shoulder or lifting one knee up into his chest or shoulder area for deeper penetration. Adjust accordingly depending on your comfort level.

Our Favorite Variation of this Position

Just For Fun Sex Position of the Day:

Spread Eagle Sex Position

To do this sex position, the female partner stands with legs spread apart, elevated on short sofa or large chair (make sure it’s a flat and stable surface for safety reasons), leaning against a wall for support (if needed) while the male partner holds onto her thighs and thrusts in a standing position. I don’t know how many calories this burns, but it’s at least as much as the Stand & Deliver Sex Position and just as fun!

Other Fun Ways To Burn More Calories During Sex


  • In an Airplane Lavatory or other REALLY cramped space +100 Calories Burned
  • Back of Your Car +38 Calories Burned
  • On a Chair/Stool +20 Calories Burned
  • Hammock +155 Calories Burned
  • Hospital Bed +98 Calories Burned
  • Floor +11 Calories Burned
  • Couch +17 Calories Burned

Sound Effects:

  • Moaning +6 Calories Burned
  • Screaming +18 Calories Burned
  • Begging +22 Calories Burned


  • Added Forplay/Oral Action +40 Calories Burned

Did You Know?

  • 1 Hour of Vigorous Forplay Burns 1 Large Slice of Chocolate Cake
  • 30 Minutes of Nonstop Lovemaking Burns Off 2 Slices of Pizza
  • 1 Hour Intense Makeout Session Burns 1 Cheeseburger & 15 French Fries

Studies show sex, aside from being highly pleasurable, fun & exciting, also decreases stress levels, improves blood circulation, improves your cardiovascular health, mental health & overall well being. It also improves the condition of your skin, hair and nails. If you ask me, sexual fun is a win-win situation every single time. Just remember to use protection!

We Support Safe Sex!

Remember to Protect Yourself & the Ones You Love by Using Protection Every Time.

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Practically Magical Massage Oil: An Incredible Oil With Many Uses!

This delicious massage oil is all natural, handmade and multi-useful.  Handmade with all natural cold pressed oils, erotically fragrant massage oil is great for couples’ massages, use as a lubricant or stimulant, or mixed with hot water, poured over a washcloth and used as a facial steam. It may also be added to a hot bath for a nice aromatherapy, scent and moisturizing nourishment for the skin. If you run out of body lotion or body oil, this massage oil may be applied in place of either and offers great softening and moisturizing benefits to your skin.

For use as a massage oil, you can create certain warming, cooling, relaxing, or tingling effects based on scent choice. For warming, any will do but Romance or Vanilla Bean are favorites. For cooling, Cucumber & Spearmint both work well. Spearmint is a great choice for Tingling effects and Lavender is the best option for Relaxation.

For use as a Lubricant or Stimulant, the same Fragrance choices can be made here as  for Massage Oil use. Personally, I think Spearmint is an incredible choice it is a sexy Stimulant as it is Refreshing, Tingling, and Intoxicating Scent.

credit to

For use as a facial steam, simply choose your favorite scent. My recommendations are Spearmint for Cooling Effects, Lavender for Anti-Inflammation, and Cucumber for Cooling or Refreshing effects.

For use as a body or bath oil, simply use your favorite scent & add a few tablespoons to your bath water or apply  onto your body as sparsely or liberally as you wish.

Start Your Weekend Off By Winding Down then Winding Up!

I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. It’s Friday, it’s hot where I live, I’ve burnt the candle at both ends this week and I need some R&R time. This made me think that there are probably plenty of other people out there who want to enjoy their weekend and start things off the right way by tossing those shoes off your sore feet, stripping down to your birthday suit and hopping into a nice hot bath to soothe and rejuvenate your entire body. With that, I came up with a few ways to start off and a few ways to finish!

I’m thinking that starting off your evening with a nice cocktail or a refreshing juice or tea drink would be nice, especially by adding a few drops of the Liquid Spanish Fly in your favorite flavor! I was thinking of making myself a delicious California Cocaine Cocktail and then adding the equally delicious Spanish Fly Lime to my drink to give it some zest and put myself in the right weekend mood!

Here’s the recipe for a California Cocaine:(Please over 21+ ONLY!)

1 oz Amaretto
1 oz Blue Curacao
1 fill    Pineapple Juice
1 oz Rum (Malibu is my favorite!)
1 oz Southern Comfort

Mix these ingredients in a tall glass with ice and enjoy!

After I enjoy my drink for a bit, I plan on lighting up a few candles and/or incense around my bath tub to set the atmosphere for my night. I’ll probably strip down to my bare body and rub this delicious Kama Sutra Oil of Love all over my body in a self- massage. This will moisturize your body before bathing, soothe and arouse you and give your bath water a nice aroma!

Chances are this will happen after my trip to the gym so, with that being said, I’ll start my bath water at a pretty hot temperature to relax any sore muscles and add in some Kama Sutra’s Luxury Bath Salt or go all natural and opt for some Practically Magical Bubble Bath in a Spearmint or Lavender flavor to help my mind zen.

At this point, I may go to work with some Rash Free Coochy Shave Cream and shave my legs and lady parts because Lord knows I haven’t even looked down there since Tuesday! Skip this part if you’re more reliable about shaving than I am!

After my shaving session is complete and I have spent sufficient amount of time relaxing and lounging in the tub, my evening can go one of three ways (and so can yours!):

Option A: I can enjoy this delicious looking Purple Waterproof Rotating Vibrator right where I am in my warm tub and climb my way to the ultimate heights of pleasure from a completely relaxed state. This offers a unique and often times more intense orgasmic experience.

Option B: I can dry off with a warm towel (which I will have thrown in the dryer beforehand), give myself an at home facial (compliments of honey + oatmeal + green tea), and then enjoy a nice personal pleasure session on my extremely soft down comforter.

At Home Facial Recipe:

  • 1 Tablespoon Honey
  • 1 Tablespoon Green Tea
  • 2 Tablespoons Oatmeal

Mix them all together, apply, leave for 10 minutes then rinse.

Following my At-home Facial, I will then lie down on my pleasantly plush Queen size bed and enjoy some alone time, pushing my hot spots to ecstasy with the very convenient Pink Platinum Remote Body Wave Vibrator that’s designed to hit my G-spot and induce toe-curling orgasms EVERY single time I use it! I love this toy; it really works and the cordless remote is fun to use alone or when my boyfriend’s home and wants to control my pleasure adventure!


Option C: Perhaps by this time my boyfriend will be home and I can barter with him for a massage in return for performing the new Oral Sex Techniques I learned this week. That’s sure to make him go crazy! I’ll probably have him use one of my favorites for the massage: Kama Sutra Body Souffle Massage Cream in Strawberry. I love this cream as it’s moisturizing as well as soothing and not greasy as massage oils can be. If you prefer to go all natural, I would recommend the Practically Magical Oil in your favorite scent as it is one of the lighter oils and is made with all natural ingredients. After each part of our deal is complete, then we can go onto something more appetizing and see where the night takes us!

We Support Safe Sex!

Remember to protect yourself and the ones you love by using condoms every time!

Favorite Condom of the Day:

Trojan Very Sensitive 3 Pack because I want to feel every subtle sensation tonight!

Whatever you decide, remember to relax, enjoy your weekend, laugh much and moan a lot!

Good luck :]

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