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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Healthy Foods To Improve Libido & Sexual Arousal Vol. 2

As promised, here’s 5 more libido pumping foods:

  • Chili Peppers: Most spicy chillies contain capsaicin, the ingredient responsible for their spicy flavor, which increases blood flow and triggers the release of endorphins which makes you feel good mentally and physically. Bonus: They also help speed up your metabolism!
  • Pumpkin Seeds: Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc, which is essential to optimum reproductive functions in both men and women and also boosts sex drive and arousal.
  • Nutmeg: Surprisingly, nutmeg has been shown in some studies to have similar effects to Viagra and, thankfully, without any side effects.
  • Garlic: Containing allicin, which increases blood flow to sex organs helping increase sensations in the pelvic region and overall libido.
  • Figs: These little miracles are high in amino acids (protein!), which increase both overall energy levels and sexual stamina.


Try Yoga For Better Sex!

Everyone knows that yoga is great for your health, but did you know it can also help improve your sex life?

Aside from the obvious improvements gained by any type of exercise, yoga has a variety of benefits that will improve both your health and sex life. The most noticeable effects of practicing yoga are a reduction in stress, increased energy levels, better sleep, and improved flexibility which can all contribute to a better sex life. The less noticeable but nonetheless impacting effects of yoga include increased blood flow to the pelvic area with the consistent practice of yoga poses which can offer more intense sensations during sex and ultimate orgasm, an improve in your overall sense of self confidence as studies show people who practice yoga are less likely to gain weight over time as they age, and an increase in self respect and self love as yoga teaches that the body is a temple to be revered and protected.

Yoga also improves the ability to be receptive to others without judgment at times of vulnerability( as is usually the case during sex) as it brings increased awareness of your own body and sensitivity to the vibes and moods of others thereby  assisting you in better pleasing your partner and communicating what it is that you like and want during intimacy. Yoga helps you to be fully in the moment and present when you spend intimate time with your partner as many practices require complete relaxation of both the body and the mind, providing practitioners with an undeniable state of clarity.

To practice yoga, seek out your local gym as most offer yoga classes free with memberships or a local yoga studio nearest you. Prices are not unreasonable, especially considering what you receive in return.

If you’re a beginner & are unsure about taking a class try these simple tips:

  • Deep Breathing: Close your eyes and sit or lay on the floor (however is most comfortable). Take slow deep breaths in as you mentally count to 10 and then exhale for 10. Repeat as many times as you wish, but try and aim for at least 10 inhales and 10 exhales a day. It’s a great refresher and will reduce anxiety and stress immediately.
  • Butterfly Pose: This pose may sound unfamiliar, but I’ve bet you’ve done it during stretching at gym class. Simply sit on the floor with the bottom of your feet touching, knees bent, parallel to the floor. Bend your torso, at the waist, over your legs for a nice long stretch. Do this in combination with deep breathing techniques.
  • Super Man: Everyone does this, even babies. Lie on your stomach with your hands resting on the floor over your head, palms to the floor. Slowly, lift up your legs and hands, arching your back slightly. Hold for 10 (remember to breathe!) and then lower for ten. Repeat at least 5 times. Enjoy flying!
  • Plank: This might be more known to pilates lovers, but is so effective everyone should do it. Cherished by active women everywhere for it’s ability to tone, tighten and strength the ab muscles, plank is done by bending your arms (at the elbow) into a 45 degree angle forearms against the floor. Using your forearms as support, raise onto your toes, with your legs straight out behind you, paralell to the floor. It should look like you’re doing a push up, only you’re not going anywhere and your forearms are holding you in place instead of your hands. All you have to do is hold it for 30 second intervals. Hold 30, rest 30. Repeat as many times as you can.

Good Luck!

Foods To Naturally Cure Impotence

Here are some foods that are said to help with impotency the natural way!

  • Granola
  • Oatmeal
  • Peanuts
  • Cashews
  • Walnuts
  • Dairy
  • Green & Root Vegetables
  • Garlic
  • Soybeans (AkA Edamame)
  • Ginseng
  • Various Seeds (Sunflower, Pumpkin, Etc.)

Aside from assisting with libido and impotency, these foods also help improve blood flow and body circulation.

2 More Foods To Benefit Your Sex Life!

Although there are many vitamins and supplements on the market as well as medical prescriptions to cure sexual dysfunctions such as impotence and low libido (sex drive), there are natural foods you can up your intake of to improve the situation if you’re suffering the effects of a low sex drive or impotency.

Here’s 2, one for women and one for men:

Steak for Men: Steak really is  man’s man food for more than just the obvious reasons. Steak is packed with essential protein, iron, magnesium and zinc, all of which are essential to any reproductive functions in the body. They are perfect for boosting testosterone levels in men to help you get up and stay up!

Soy for Women: Soy is a great power food overall for its many health benefits including fiber and protein, among other essential vitamins and nutrients gained from eating soy. High in phytoestrogen, soy boosts a woman’s sex drive and sense of arousal. Some even claim it to help reduce issues with overactive body hair growth that looks not so feminine and is great for that time of the month to balance out your mood and come to the rescue when you’re cramping.

Good Luck!

Intro to Tantric Sex

Beginning in India nearly 6,000 years ago, the art of Tantra emerged as a way to express rebellion against organized religion, wherein it was taught that sexuality should be rejected to obtain spiritual enlightenment. The word Tantra literally translates to mean “to manifest, to show, to expand.” In terms of sex, Tantra is said to expand one’s consciousness by connecting the opposites of male and female into a single harmonious being. Many believe that, aside from gaining a higher sense of enlightenment and revitalized sexual energy levels, one can improve their overall health through the practice of Tantra. Backed by M.D.’s, studies show that since the art of tantra aims to prolong sexual activity, it also lowers stress hormones and releases large amounts of serotonin (AKA the “happiness hormone”) into the body, which naturally produces a feeling of contentment and well being. Aside from the usual happiness serotonin produces, it also regulates mood (hence the happiness), sleep, appetite, and more. As if this is not enough evidence to prove that tantra can be beneficial not only to your sex life and your overall well being, but it is also said to deepen the connection and intimate bond between partners, thereby creating happier, more fulfilled relationships. If that’s not enough to convince you, many claim Tantric practices leave them full of energy. Now, who doesn’t want more of that?!

New to Tantra?

Try these Techniques!

  • Create an Intimate Atmosphere: Establish a place in which to practice tantra with your partner, whether it’s your bedroom or another room in your home. Be sure to make this room comfortable and cozy including candles, flowers with a nice scent or incense, soft sheets and lots of pillows and perhaps some relaxing music to set the mood.
  • Breathing Techniques: Tantra practices advice beginners to begin by having one partner sit on their partner’s lap, facing one another, and work on synchronizing their breathing. Some believe breathing in at the same time and out at the same time is better while others advice one partner to breathe in while the other exhales and so on. My advice: See what works for you and go with that.
  • Slow, Drawn Out Foreplay: I know, I know, it’s not everyone’s favorite thing to do, especially if you’re looking for the end result, but in terms of tantric sex, the end result should not be the focus. In fact, enjoying the ride and prolonging the experience are definitely the focus. In fact, foreplay allows for tension and sensations to build more slowly, prolonging the experience on a whole for both parties.
  • Eyes Wide Open: Yes, it is what you think it is. You know how everyone usually kisses with their eyes closed? Not in Tantra. In tantric sex, the goal is to connect with your partner on a deeper level and this is emphasized by looking into the eyes of one another throughout the experience. It may weird you out in the beginning, but a few glances here and there should suffice if you’re uncomfortable. Remember to accept your partner with open arms and no judgment; seeing them and being seen can be difficult, but facilitated by creating a relaxed and open environment and attitude.

Good Luck!

9 Healthy Foods To Improve Libido & Sexual Arousal Vol. 1

With the New Year, everyone is trying to find ways to get in shape and live a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle and, with that, comes the desire to enjoy ourselves as well. I, myself, have my own resolutions which include a resolution I believe everyone should employ: Have MORE Sex! We’re all busy all the time and sometimes, we take our partners for granted. Aside from the obvious pleasure gained from safe, consensual fun, sex also boosts immunity, contentment with life and overall well being. With that being said, here are 9 great food that will naturally boost your libido in 2011:

  • Oysters: A timeless aphrodisiac, oysters are high in zinc, which raises sperm and testosterone levels. Zinc is also essential to reproductive functions in both men and women. Further, oysters contain dopamine, a hormone known to increase libido.

  • Bananas: Containing bromelain enzymes which are believed to increase libido and reverse impotency in men, bananas are also a great source of potassium and B vitamins, all of which increase overall energy levels.

  • Avocado: Avocado assists with metabolizing proteins in the body to give us more energy. They contain vitamin B6 and potassium, both of which increase libido in men and women.

  • Almonds & Other Nuts: Almonds and other nuts contain essential fatty acids also known as EFA’s which offer raw energy and encourage the healthy production of male hormones.

  • Mixed Berries & Other Fruits: Aside from being high in antioxidants and being generally good for you on the whole, all natural fruits provide energy to you and, when eaten 30 minutes to 1 hour before sex, can also make your secretions taste sweeter! Delicious spunk, literally, and all you have to do is eat delicious fruits of your choice. YUM!

  • Eggs: Aside from being high in protein for raw energy, eggs are also rich in vitamins B5 & B6 which help balance out hormone levels and fight stress, which is the ultimate murderer of your sex drive.

  • Chocolate (Especially Dark Chocolate): Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is high in antioxidants which are great for your body’s overall health, including fighting aging, reducing stress and boosting your mood. Aside from that, chocolate contains an alkaloid called theobromine which works similar to caffeine by amping up your energy levels. Chocolate releases endorphins to make you feel happy and content and contains phenylethylamine, the chemical credited with producing the feeling of being in love.

  • Salmon, Tuna & Other Fish: A good source of Protein, B Vitamins, and other Nutrients, all of which are vital to reproductive health.

  • Watermelon: Watermelons are rich in citruline, which improves blood flow to the heart and sex organs.

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Top 6 Exotic Places To Have Sex

Although we’re in the midst of winter, spring will soon be approaching and, with it, the inevitable desire to travel and experience new places and sights. In the midst of my lust for travel and, of course, a lengthy vacation, I thought of 6 of the most exotic places to have sex, some more public than others and some just for the exhilarating experience of it, whether in public or not. Some of which I have experienced myself and some of which I fantasize about on a daily basis, here are my top 6 exotic places to have sex:

  • Airplane Lavatory: A Timeless Classic that undoubtedly stole many hearts, at least for a few hours anyway. Getting down in an airplane lavatory can be quite the rush, albeit a little dangerous as getting caught might have some unpleasant consequences, but the upside is it burns 100 calories!

  • Hot Springs or Sauna: Although you might have to wait to experience this one until you visit Japan or China or possibly Palm Springs, sex in a hot spring offers some delicious exoticism to the conventional hot tub, jacuzzi or shower options. Enjoy nature and a spa-like atmosphere while swooning in ecstasy. I can’t imagine anything better really that involves both an orgasm AND a facial. Plus, with the combination of heat and exercise, you’ll be burning max calories during the heat of the moment quite literally. For the sauna option, you will literally be deprived of oxygen due to the heat so every sensation is magnified. I recommend bringing water and not spending more than 30 minutes in the sauna at a time. Be careful as heat exhaustion and dehydration are risks. The upside is calorie burning and water weight will pour off of you literally and figuratively.

  • Underwater Adventure: This one has two varying options. Either sex underwater in scuba gear or in an underwater cave OR the easier much more attainable sex on a submarine or sailboat. Of the former, hey, a girl can dream big can’t she?

  • Behind a Waterfall: Getting in touch with mother nature is exhilarating anyway, but getting frisky behind a waterfall definitely makes things a little more edgy. Imagine the sound of pounding water on the rocks and the calm ambient lighting. The sheet of water will offer some privacy. Remember to be sure there’s enough flat surface to stand and move around on so no one gets hurt during your thrusts of passion.

  • Caribbean Beaches: This one does not require that you be on a Caribbean island; you could be in the Bahamas or any very blue island as long as it’s on a white sand beach near clear blue water. This is a more magical version of sex on the beach, i.m.o. (in my opinion), and will offer a more lasting memory. Plus you can swim after having your fun!

  • In the Woods During the Rain: If you’re a lover of the outdoors and enjoy camping often, this might be the experience for you. During a light rain or perhaps a storm if you’re experienced enough to handle that kind of weather, venture out a bit into the woods (not far so you can find your way back to your camp!) during the early evening (4-7PM) with your lover and find a nice spot with either a towel, blanket or nothing if the spot is clear enough and you don’t mind a little dirt and enjoy the rain with a little passionate intimacy!

If none of these locations appeal to you as a possible place to experience your next heated romp, then find one that does or, if you’re all about privacy, find a way to make your own comfortable location different than the usual in order to spice up your sex life and make things more interesting. Whatever you do, enjoy yourself and have a good time!

Good Luck!

How To Purchase Lingerie For Your Body Type

While there is no such thing as the perfect body and many of us having various body types, we can still optimize our confidence and sex appeal by wearing clothing that accentuates our assets and downplays our flaws. That being said, here’s some tips on how you can feel and look your best this Valentine’s Day in some sexy lingerie no matter what your age, size or body type.

  • Sinfully Thin Ladies: If you’re a thin slice of deliciousness, you may want to step outside your comfort zone this Valentine’s Day & try some animal prints on for size. If you’re small in the rear or in the chest, animal prints can actually create the illusion that you have more cushion in these areas thereby offering a vision of fullness where you want it. Couple that with your great physique and you’ve created a totally sexy look for yourself. Ruffles and fringe also have similar effects. Another great way to accentuate your bust is by wearing a waist cincher or corset to create contrast between your upper and lower half of your body or opt for some rise up booty shorts to create the illusion of a more full shape. If all else fails, they sell padded thongs & booty shorts for those who need a little help & there’s no shame in shaking both what you’re momma did and didn’t give ya.
  • Plus Size Vixens: Solid colors are the best bet when you’re a voluptuous vixen. Stay away from polka dots, prints or ruffles and instead opt for solid color babydolls in sheer, loose materials or if you want a sexier, less innocent look you can go with either a waist cincher or even a full length corset. These will all hide any flaws and flatter your best assets: your bust and your bum. If you have a nice rear, thongs and g-strings are a go and if you’d prefer to keep it under wraps, booty shorts are in. Just remember to choose a lacy type version of the boy or booty shorts to avoid looking too casual and up your sexy factor.
  • Bootylicious: Got curves down below? The best way to accentuate this attractive asset is by avoiding ruffles and fringe and choosing a more clean, sleek design such as lacy rise up shorts, thongs, or g-strings in any solid color. Purples are in for the season, but red is always a classic eye-grabbing number.
  • Boobylicious: Don’t know if I created that term, but there it is and I like it. You lovely ladies have been blessed and are loved by many even though you might be cursing these twins at times. If not, flaunt what you got because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a straight man say no to that. Back on topic, the best way to accentuate your bust is by wearing a waist cincher which will make your waist look tiny and your boobs look larger.
  • Hourglass Figure: The best thing for an hourglass figure is the waist cincher or corset as both will sexily flatter your assets and create the perfect hourglass. Always a winner & gorgeous in solid colors. Avoid ruffles, fringes or prints as all three tend to make an hourglass figure look shapeless.
  • Tall Ladies: If you’re tall and have long legs, thigh high stockings or knee high nylon or even socks will work well for you.
  • Petite Ladies: If you’re on the shorter side in terms of height, avoid thigh high or knee high stockings as they will only make you look shorter. To elongate your features, choose full length hosiery or body stockings to create an uninterrupted line of design on your body. Fishnet or sheer black will all work nicely.
  • Larger Legs/Thighs: Solid city for you, my friends. If you want to wear stockings or hosiery, opt for solid colors only, which will be slimming instead of unflattering.
  • Smaller Legs/Thighs: If you’re taller, you can do with thigh high or knee high stockings, but if not, full length hosiery is the way to go. It will make you look sleek, yet full and flattering.

Lastly, some tips that work for everyone are solid colors including black, red, purple and white or matching your eye color to your outfit will give you that wow factor, full length hosiery including sheer nude or black and fishnets, and corsets corsets corsets. Babydolls and sheer lacy tops also work well for most, but remember to decide for your body and your comfort levels. It’s important to be comfortable and confident so you feel sexy when you look sexy and enjoy yourself!

Happy Early Valentine’s Day!

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