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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Magical Orgasms For Your Fantasy Pleasure

With the impending release of many varying versions of your favorite Fairy Tales including the newly released in theaters “Mirror Mirror” and the impending June 2012 release of “Snow White and the Huntsman,” I got to thinking about what sex toys might exist in a magical world in terms of wild fantasy and high levels of magical pleasure.

Here are My Top Sex Toy Picks:

Fairy tales always seem to feature incredibly royal refinery no matter what the story is about. I can definitely see some of these incredible Etched Cock Rings in the King’s chamber!

I can definitely see some of these on Snow White herself. I’m just saying, I know she’s pure of heart and all, but there’s definitely some lust in there somewhere, filling her up, and this is sure to do the trick!

Always featuring horse-riding princes and princesses in their tales, the Brothers’ Grimm really know how to make a story enchanting. Which is why I absolutely had to feature this Fashionista Glass Pony Tail Butt Plug today as it offers the perfect balance between nobility chic sex toy and power plays (BDSM anyone?).

Last but definitely not least, how could I leave out the Wolf? After all, he does offer a titillating promise to “Huff and puff” and blow your erotic mind! 😉


How I Picture Snow White :

How Hollywood Pictures Snow White:

How Snow White Would Probably Be In Reality:

Have a Nice Weekend!

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The Sexual Liberation Front: Improve Your Sex Life By Taking Charge

Male dominance can be an intimidating thing, especially if you’re in a long term relationship and have never tried it.

As a woman, it’s not always easy to take the reins in the bedroom.

We battle with the usual stereotypes and stigmas that women should be submissive, subservient and obedient all the time in life, let alone thinking of taking charge where intimacy is concerned.

I mean, unless you are absolutely born with that sort of “take charge” attitude ingrained in your personality (some lucky women are!), then the idea of dominating your lover may completely terrify you, but I am here to give you fun reasons why you absolutely should at least ONCE!

I know, I know, this is pretty intimidating if a) you haven’t done it before or b) your completely freaked out by it given your upbringing.

Either of these reasons are common and that’s nothing to worry about. I, myself, was raised to be a modest, good girl with great manners and a calm disposition. The most important thing in this is to let go and reserve judgment. Acceptance and love will literally set you free sexually. And I’m here to tell you that this is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY OKAY!

In fact, if you’re love life has taken a hit recently or is getting a bit stale, I would definitely recommend it!

You may be surprised at the results.

Here’s why:

  • Your boyfriend/husband definitely wants you to. Take this:  My boyfriend and I have been together going on 5 years and up until a few months ago, he always initiated in the bedroom. I often felt myself wanting to take charge, but then I always froze up. The usual stereotypes run through your mind – “Good girls don’t do that!” or “My mother didn’t raise me to behave that way!” The list goes on and on and I kept freaking myself out until my resolve completely died and I, inevitably, choked. Later, once I got over myself and out of my own head, I finally took charge. Not only was it incredibly liberating and sexually pleasurable for both of us, but I later discovered my boyfriend had been waiting for me to take control for ages as he’s really into that. Had I never taken the plunge, I would never know. Since then, not only has our sex life improved exponentially, but we have better communication than ever before.


  • Kill Old Stereotypes & Subservient Sex Positions. When I spoke with a friend of mine who is a bit of a dominatrix about taking charge in the bedroom, she gave some pretty sound advice – “The whole idea of constant missionary is ancient history. The stone age is in the past so keep it there. While I don’t think you should have to take control all the time if that’s not really your thing and I quite enjoy missionary every now and again, I do think couples could absolutely benefit from a change up where safe and sexual fun is concerned. Just make sure there is strong communication and non-judgment practices. That’s my motto, anyhow.” Then she proceeded to give me advice on the proper way to flog, which I’ll get into another time ;-), but anyhow. My point is that as long as you communicate with your partner and listen to what both parties want, you should have a great erotic experience.


  • It Is Sexually Liberating. Not only is playing dominatrix or even just taking charge a bit more in bed a great way to liberate your own sexual desires, but it can also liberate your significant other’s sexual fantasies as well. Doing something wild in bed allows the channels of communication between partners to be freed and each person can freely voice their desires without the fear of backlash. How great is it to be able to speak openly to one another about what you really want without judgment ? I can tell you from experience that you won’t regret it.


All in all, communication is key. Either you are the spontaneous type who can surprise your lover by taking charge during the action or maybe you want to talk it over beforehand. If you’re unsure where you stand, you can always test the waters by asking your partner what it is they like in bed or if they are interested in domination and submission roles or otherwise if they enjoy taking charge or vice versa. However you want to vocalize that is your choice and, if all else fails and this is not the fun for you, there are plenty other avenues of erotic enjoyment for you and your partner to travel along.

Good Luck!


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My Favorite Weekend Vibe!


This is my favorite vibrator for fun weekend getaways.

This Travel G-Spot Vibe is called Ipanema and is the perfect size for stashing in your overnight bag.

When my boyfriend and I wanna have a little pleasure vibrations at his place and I don’t feel like lugging my toy box over to his place, this vibe is a nice little substitute for a quiet weekend in.

It doesn’t have the shebang of a larger vibrator or more extravagant toy, but I still find it really pleasurable anyway.

With small lined ridges down the shaft and a rounded head, this toy actually provides a good variety in the stimulation department.

It also has a nice contoured shape for g-spot stimulation, is multispeed and waterproof, making it great for both functionality on land and in water ;).

Best Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Velvety soft texture
  • Body safe material
  • Nice ribbed surface and contoured shape for added stimulation and gspot pleasure
  • Easy push button controls for convenient use
  • Small size for convenient traveling pleasure

Enjoy one this weekend; I know I will be!

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My New Favorite G-Spot Vibrator!

I recently had the pleasure of getting one of these lovely vibes from my boyfriend for St. Patrick’s Day (what better way to say “Get Lucky!” than giving the gift of pleasure vibes, right?) and I really enjoyed the experience.

You may see this vibe and say “Been there, done that,” but I beg to differ!

Although this vibrator looks similar to other vibrators on the market, the Je T’aime 7″ Le Point G Vibe in Violet is really a sexy treat to give yourself or someone else.

I found it to be very smooth during use with just the right amount of power and lots of discretion in terms of the volume of the vibrations, which is something I really value in a vibe because, like many sex toy lovers, I like my privacy no matter how much of a wild girl I am.

The aesthetics on this vibrator are great with a sleek, sophisticated design and easy-to-use controls.

Designed and created in Paris, France, this vibe offers users a lot of variety where vibration is concerned. Five different speeds and patterns of vibration are at your disposal and really truly make a difference in stimulation during use of the contoured, tapered and curved head.

With extremely smooth plastic coating, the Le Point G Vibe measures 7 inches overall, 6 inches insertable and 1 inch wide making it a decently sized vibrator that can assuredly get your hot spots heated and ready to go and send you over the edge repeatedly.

Trust me, I know 😉 !

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Check out the Le Point G Vibe Here!

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A Fun Innovation On the Modern Glass Butt Plug!


In the spirit of the impending Easter holiday, I thought it was more than appropriate to review this amazing anal toy, you know, for informational purposes, that is!

Icon Brands’ New Fashionista line offers a whole new spin on various fun sex toys we all know and love, but with an innovative spin.

Such is the case with this Large Glass Bunny Tail Butt Plug; an adorable muli-tasking anal toy the serves as a hot glass anal butt plug that feels incredible inside you, a bushy tail for fun role play nights of pleasure, and last but not least, a bushy tail soft tickler for fetish play.

I absolutely love the breathtaking design of this toy!

Sophisticated and artistic, this glass anal plug is both functional and fashionable.

With a smooth surface for easy use and a cool design anyone would be glad to be caught with 😉 , this multifunctional toy is made of top quality materials for safe and long lasting pleasure.

This little bunny kept me up all night; I definitely recommend it. 🙂

*Please note: No fluffy bunnies were harmed in the making of this blog post or use of this toy!*

( ) _  ( )

(   0     0    )

(                    )

_          ~           _

^ My impression of a bunny!^

Enjoy, Be Safe ( You know what I mean!), & Get Lucky!

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Icon Brands’ Impressions 5X Silicone Gel G-Spot Vibrator


A delightful new addition to the Romance Attack Online storefront, this brand NEW Icon Brands’ Impressions 5X Silicone Gel Gspot Vibe is an exciting new vibrator to add to any toy collection!

Made of velvety soft top quality silicone material, this vibe features innovative silicone gel material which forms to the touch and can hold impressions in the material, but will always return to its original form. This ensures a perfect fit during use, making it one of the most comfortable and customized vibrators on the market! Add impressions to this vibe for added stimulation and up the intensity during use by making varied impressions in the gel material every time you use it! Coupled with a great g-spot tapered and contoured head, this vibe is perfectly suited to fit any user’s needs and desires.

Waterproof and phthalate free, the Impressions 5X Silicone Gel G-Spot Vibe has 5 varying functional yet quiet vibrations so you can enjoy a completely diverse erotic experience every single time.

Measuring in at 8″ in length and nearly 2″ wide, this vibrator is more than accommodating!

With the easy press of a button, the Impressions 5X Silicone Gel G-Spot Vibrator cycles through all of its patterns of vibrations for a totally spontaneous time.

Hold for 3 seconds to power off or enjoy all night!

Check out the Impressions 5X Silicone Gel G-Spot Vibrator!

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EVOLVED Novelties’ Roulette Edition “Bet On Black” Vibrator

EVOLVED Novelties’ Roulette Edition “Bet On Black” Vibrator is a deliciously fun take on the standard vibe!

Molded to perfection, “Bet On Black” has a velvety soft non-porous silicone  shaft with swirly texture for added stimulation during use. It has a spin dial control at the base for the perfect new way to play roulette at your fingertips!

At 8″ long (5″ insertable) and 1.75″ wide, this vibrator is a nice size for anyone and everyone.

Beginners and advanced toy lovers alike will enjoy many games of roulette with the “Bet On Black” Vibrator any day!

Other great characteristics:

  • Waterproof
  • Non-porous Silicone
  • Swirled Shape with lines for add stimulation
  • Fun Spin Dial Controls for Excitement during every use

Play Roulette & “Bet On Black” Now!

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Featured Product: Etched Barbed Wire Polished Seamless Stainless Steel Cock Ring

Brand NEW to Romance Attack Online, the Etched Barbed Wire Polished Seamless Stainless Steel Cock Ring is a great edition to the various lines of cock rings we offer!

Perfect for bondage or fetish play, gay and straight couples alike can enjoy what this incredibly durable stainless steel cock ring has to offer!

Although it has none of the flexibility of a jelly cock ring, it does come in 3 varying sizes that can accommodate nearly anyone and is made with long lasting 316L stainless steel making it a completely timeless and strong build for a cock ring that will last you a lifetime.

With a masculine design that oozes aggressive sexuality, this cock ring fits fashionably and makes for a comfortable, yet secure fit during use.

Stylish and sophisticated in design, the seamlessly polished finish on this cock ring makes me feel it should be worn only by the toughest of gladiators. I don’t know why that comes to mind, but hey, it does. That being said, if you want to play a little dress up with this cock ring, who am I to tell you no?

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