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Monthly Archives: August 2012

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Owner of Romance Attack Online Quoted In “Ways and Means” Committee Meeting For Small Businesses!

As fun and light as I like to keep things here on Romance Attack, I would like to discuss a bit of a serious and slightly political topic today.

Can’t believe the way this is trending on google right now; pretty cool and pretty crazy!

As you know, our owner is an independent small business owner who happens to be a woman.

Apparently, she sent out many, many letters to various political leaders, associations and committees in order to express her opinion that if the Bush Era Tax Cuts for Small Businesses were not extended, there would indeed be much suffering for the small businesses of America. She does this sort of thing all the time. Why? Because she’s American and the fate of America and the “little people” who built this country actual mean something to her, and us. It’s something worth preserving and not letting “Corporate America” smash into oblivion at every turn.

Here’s a snippet of what one congressman quoted from her letter during the committee hearing:

“They were asked: How would increased taxes impact your business? ”Less hiring, more struggle to pay for expenses and payroll.” If rates were allowed to increase, would that affect your ability to hire new employees? ”Absolutely. We’ve done nothing except cut staff for 4 years now. A tax increase could spell disaster.”

Read more about this here at Don’t Mess With Taxes or see what people are saying on the DC Urban Mom Forums here.

I know there is a lot of buzz going on online at the moment regarding our small business. Apparently the fact that we are an adult business is so buzz-worthy (effing shocker, people we live in 2012 for crying out loud!) that it’s gone pretty viral at the moment.

On another note, isn’t it more important that a small business owner who happens to be a woman ( and a very smart one, at that) as well as an American has had her voice heard through the masses?

And does the fact that she happens to be an adult business diminish the message that small businesses are indeed suffering amid Congressional decisions?

I don’t think so. I think it’s all the more important that, yes, we are a small, albeit adult, business and yes, women work here as well and we celebrate our freedoms in this awesome country by allowing others the right to express their sexuality in whatever way,  all judgment spared. I think we’re better than most, though not perfect. Almost ;-).

THAT, is what we do here.

So before everyone on the planet decides to focus on the fact that we’re an adult business, try focusing on the fact that we are also educated, business-minded, caring, collected, and freedom-loving individuals trying to make a living amid a terrible economic climate just like everyone else.

In other words, we are American.

Thanks for reading !

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