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Monthly Archives: June 2011

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Prostitutes


Although many things are heard about the world of prostitution, the actual facts may surprise and even shock you. Here are some interesting facts you didn’t know about this mysterious and often risky profession.

  1. During WWII, French prostitutes began the trend of women shaving their legs. They did so to create the illusion of silk stockings when stockings were hard to come by.
  2. 83% of sex workers have Facebook pages from which 25% gain regular clientele.
  3. In November 2000, the former prostitute Georgina Beyer became the first transgendered member of any parliament in the world. She also helped in the decriminalization of prostitution in New Zealand.
  4. Ishtar, the famed goddess of Babylon, was a prostitute. Also the goddess of love, war, sex and money, she was given many names such as the Heavenly Prostitute, the Mother of Harlots and the Great Whore of Babylon. She was also known by Har and Hora which are derivatives of the modern words whore and harlot.
  5. 86% of sex workers have gained a high school diploma while 19% have college degrees. Nearly half of all sex workers work day jobs in retail and food industry.
  6. The word “hooker” comes from the verb ‘hook’ meaning ‘to entice or swindle,’ while the -er suffix refers to a person. Therefore, a hooker literally means a person who entices and swindles.
  7. In Nazi Germany during WWII, prostitutes were sent to concentration camps. They were forced to wear white arm bands with black upside down triangles on them to identify them as prostitutes.

Sex On A Budget: 10 Novelties Under $10

Night Light Glow in the Dark Condom; $2.49

This cute little condom is tons of fun! It glows in the dark (obviously) so you don’t have to ruin the romance with harsh lights.

Love Cuffs; $5.99

These cute furry handcuffs are tons of fun and plenty of bang for your buck!

Enjoy lusty bondage all night without breaking your bank!


Pleasures Edible Massage Oil; $1.99

This cute massage oil comes in a variety of flavors so anyone can find a special flavor that they love. Easily portable and conveniently travel size, this little massage oil will last you.


Spanish Fly Love Liquid Aphrodisiac; $4.99

This love liquid is delicious and gets you right into that sexy smoldering mood! With several tasty flavors to choose from, Spanish Fly Love Liquid Aphrodisiac is easily added to your coffee, juice or water anytime your ready for fun!


Purple Hard Vibe; $6.99

This vibe comes in a classy purple color and nice acrylic box. For the price, it is of a modest, but not tiny size that will offer a decent amount of vibrating pleasure. It is also perfectly portable and conveniently travel sized for anyone who is frequently on the move!

Silicone Island Pleasure Rings Set; $5.99

These extremely flexible jelly love rings work well for a man of any size and will stretch to accommodate then restrict to increase blood flow and sensitivity for solo and couples fun!


Razzels 4 Oz. Flavored Warming Lubricant; $8.99

This lubricant will last you quite a long time, especially considering it’s only 4 ounces! This lubricant is available in 2 delicious flavors: Apple & Strawberry and it’s also warming for extra stimulation.

Anal Blu Anal Lubricant 1.5 Oz.; $7.99


Original Rash-Free Coochy Shave Creme 4 Oz.; $6.99

Enjoy the lovely lathering of this Original Rash-Free Coochy Shaving Cream for making your lady parts (or man parts!) silky smooth. Doubling as a hair conditioner, this shaving cream may be used to condition your hair when you’ve run out or just for fun!

Lover’s Cocktail Warming Massage Lotion; $5.99

Available in 4 fun flavors, this warming massage lotion is a complete steal at $5.99! This fun warming massage lotion works well for sensuous massage to soothe sore muscles and arouse your sense any night of the week.



What’s Your Sex Personality?

Image by Photostock

We all have different things that we like sexually and being intimate with someone can be amazing, whatever the style. Many contributing factors influence your sexual personality and the personality of your partner including the emotional versus the physical, looking versus touching, daring versus modest and verbal versus non-verbal. To further clarify, emotional v. physical is in regards to how you perceive sex whether you see it as something emotional or purely physical. Looking v. touching is whether you prefer to look and witness sexual acts done by your partner or prefer to touch them and be in contact with the acts. Daring v. modest is obviously whether you are the type to initiate sexual fun or modest and wait for your significant other to initiate it. Lastly, verbal v. non-verbal is whether you are comfortable voicing your sexual desires to your lover or prefer to show them rather than say. Here are 5 of the most common sexual personalities.

Which are you and which is your partner?

Let me know your personality in the comments!

The Sexual Deviant:

This type of lover enjoy taking action and often loves to be in control. They have a twisted kinky view on sex and are very adventurous in bed, often enjoying aggressive behavior with their partner.

The Modest Lover:

This type of lover is shy and timid and never initiates sexual fun. He or she prefers their partner to take charge. They often either prefer to be dominated or sometimes enjoy very gentle calm lovemaking. This type of lover is usually less verbal and has a conservative view on sex.

The Flirt:

This type of lover is all about having fun. Not nearly as serious or committed as the Sexual Deviant type, this type of lover enjoys to tease and challenge their partner in a playful manner. Often into minor fetishes such as tickling, the Flirt loves a game and sees sex as just another avenue for a good time.

Mr./Ms. Logic:

Mr. or Ms. Logic prefers to approach sex in the same way they do anything else in life: with a sense of great practical logic. They tend to focus on one objective at a time (ie. orgasm) and plow forth with purpose until they succeed in their goals.


This type of lover is good at everything. An erotic chameleon, your male or female Casanova knows how to be both modest and a sexual deviant, understands practicalities of lovemaking and flirts with the best of them. He or she will send you soaring over the moon in bed and leave you panting, drenched in sweat, and wanting more. Best of all? They make it look so easy!


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