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Monthly Archives: October 2010

The In’s & Out’s Of Sex Toys

I remember when I was 18 and this whole world of the adult industry loomed over me like a life size sex doll…Okay, that would just be odd, but really, I remember when I was first entering this industry and I was shocked, awed, confused and amused by the many facets of toys and the like and I knew very little about sex and absolutely nothing about the industry. If you don’t anything about it, it’s really nothing to worry about. If you don’t work in the industry or frequently use adult toys or shop at a local adult boutique, there’s no reason why you would and that’s totally fine. But, If you are curious and want to know more, great because that’s my job and I’m here to help.

First off, choose a toy that’s right for you:

There are SO many different kinds of toys, whether you’re male or female and each of them have their own protocol depending on the material they are made with. The material will denote what kind of cleaner you need to use and the kind of lubricant that can be used with that particular toy.

That’s right, not all lubricants can be used with all toys. In fact, using certain lubricants with certain toys can be damaging to your toy, cut the shelf life in half or ruin it instantly, and actually deteriorate the material of the toy itself until the toy is no longer usable.

The actual uses of the toy itself, ie. anal toys, clitoral toys, etc. matter little. What really is important is preserving the materials of the toy. In this case though, if you prefer to use a lubricant specifically for anal, that’s your choice although any of the other approved lubricants for that material will suffice as well.

Use the Right Lubricant & Cleaner for That Toy:

  • If you choose a toy that’s made of plastic, such as a basic hard vibe, you’re usually okay to use any kind of lubricants that you want unless the toy company you purchased it from specifies otherwise. Also, it can easily be cleaned by using soap & water or your favorite toy cleaner.

  • If you choose a toy that’s made of PVC or silicone based materials, this is where you need to pay attention. PVC/Silicone pieces are only eligible to use water based or hybrid lubricants with them because most silicone lubricants, unless they are hybrid formulations, will corrode the material of the toy and ruin it. A reaction happens between the ingredients which deteriorates the toy’s condition. Some great water based lubricants that are favored by many are those by WET or I.D. They are well known and trusted throughout the industry and many people really love their lines. They are easily found in our general lubricants category and come in many different types including water based and silicone based. Many toys that are usually made with PVC Silicone materials are Jelly type material cock rings, soft textured vibes or dildos, sleeves, extenders and the soft jelly sleeves inside of penis pumps.

Other than water based, you can also use any organic lubricants that do not have silicone (or any derivative of it) in the ingredients, flavored lubricants (all flavored lubricants are water based), any of our fun stimulating lubricants, hybrid lubricants which have both silicon derivative and water based properties that can be used safely with any toys(unless otherwise noted) and, of course, any of the toys in our toy friendly lubricants category. For cleaning, you may simply wash these toys with soap and water or use your favorite toy cleaner. Be sure to let it dry completely before re-using or storing to prevent any breakdown in the materials of your toy(s).

  • For any fauxskin, cyberskin or soft skin type silicone material such as the ones used in male masturbation toys or realistic dildos & dongs, the same rules apply as for a silicone piece so follow the rules previously stated in the above bullet point. To clean these items, you may use soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner and, if you want, it is recommended to dust a small amount of corn starch or baby powder over the toy once it is dried to preserve it’s soft texture and prevent breakdown of the materials.

So, now that you’re on your way to becoming a sex toy connoisseur like yours truly, find the right sex toy for you and enjoy your weekend having a safe, comfortable and risk-free sexual experience that is sure to make you BURST with joy…among other things ­čśë

(Note: All the Lubricants pictured in this blog are water based and safe for use with toys!)

Guaranteed to Make you Sqweel with Excitement!

Introducing the Sqweel Oral Sex Simulation Toy from LoveHoney®, a revolutionary sex toy that promises the most gratifying orgasms to date without any over complicated functions!

The All New Sqweel is this New toy from LoveHoney┬« that everyone has been raving about and so I decided to go check out Romance Attack Northwest while I’m here in town and pick one up before I head home tomorrow.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love vibrators just as much as the next woman, but this toy is really incredible. At first, I wasn’t really buying the idea of a toy that doesn’t vibrate or have any electronic functions because, up until now, I didn’t believe I could feel sexually satisfied without those functions in a toy.

In fact, in using this toy instead of my previous favorite novelty vibrator, the Pink Platinum Remote Body Wave, I did feel a bit guilty and I could swear I heard my Pink Platinum whispering words of angry betrayal at me, but I have to say that LoveHoney┬« outdid themselves with this toy as it’s simple and yet produces incredible results during use every single time I’ve used it.

It doesn’t vibrate, thrust or do any of the functions we’ve all become accustomed to seeing in all of the multi-speed mult-functional rabbit vibrators that are so loved by us all for their magically orgasmic powers. In contrast, the Sqweel perfectly simulates oral sex with it’s 10 deliciously textured tongues that rotate on a wheel for the most incredible stimulation that is directly controlled by you, the user.

That being said,imagine having complete control over your boyfriend while he goes down on you. All those things he could have done to please you perfectly to ecstasy and yet didn’t because somehow men think women can get off as long as they do it hard and fast? Okay, now I’m projecting…

ANYWAY, if that sounds familiar, imagine having direct control over what your boyfriend does to please you in your most intimate areas: That is exactly what it’s like to use the cute Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator Toy.

Not only can you use it exclusively for alone time wherever, whenever, but you can also get this little miracle involved in your sexual encounters by having your partner use it on you or vice versa as it’s quite a lot of fun and definitely a lot of pleasure!

Sweeten 69 Tablets for Him & Her: Taste Delicious this Weekend!

I recently discovered this delicious little miracle pill on my weekly trip to Romance Attack Riverside (available here online) and I was AMAZED. I initially purchased this sort of in passing, not really believing it would work, but I tried it this past weekend and I’ll be candid here: I have NEVER seen my boyfriend so happy to go down on me. I mean WOW. So, after that, I decided last night that he should try it so I could experience the magical taste and YUM!

Men and women alike will REALLY enjoy this all natural supplement as it REALLY does do what it claims.

If you’re kind of lost, don’t know what the heck Sweeten 69 is, let me enlighten you. Sweeten 69 Tablets for Him & Her comes in a bottle of 30 Count supplement pills that you take 30 minutes to an hour before sexual encounters that are supposed to (and they DO!) enhance your natural secretions during sexual acts, especially oral sex.

One thing that I really love about Sweeten 69 is that it’s an all natural herbal supplement that includes ingredients such as bee pollen for natural sweetening taste so trying this supplement is completely risk FREE┬á and involves no scary side effects. I love that because I’d heard about how potentially fatal supplement side effects could be and I was SO GLAD that there was no potential risk posed by taking these.

Unique Features of Sweeten 69:

  • The ALL NEW natural dietary supplement for men, women & couples that naturally enhances the tastes of you and your partner during sexual pleasures, especially oral sex.
  • Coincides with your body’s natural procedures to seamlessly blend with you and your partner to enhance the way you both taste during sexual fun!
  • Ingesting Sweeten69 on a daily basis as a supplement will improve secretion taste for a long lasting deliciously tasty potency that you and your partner will truly love & enjoy.

The overall effect of these pills is ASTOUNDING. I really love using these natural supplements before I have some naughty time with my honey! Not only are we both giddy like small children with excitement and sexual appetite just thinking about tasting one another again, it really gives some added raised sexual tension to our fun.

I would definitely recommend this supplement for anyone and everyone, whether single or couples, as anyone can enjoy the added benefits of this.

Try it this weekend and surprise your lover with your new and amazing sexual taste DOWN THERE! ­čśë

We Support Safe Sex!

The Kama Sutra Weekender Kit Is the Naughty Addition to Your Weekend Romp!

I LOVE this kit. The Kama Sutra Weekender Kit is a really great kit that’s perfect for traveling and pleasure alike. My boyfriend lives about an hour away so having things be travel convenient is SO important to me when I spend my weekend at his place. I love the flavor Strawberry Dreams as I am a strawberry lover and have a major sweet tooth! Not only that, but everything in this kit is potently flavored so I don’t feel like I’m getting screwed by their smaller sized containers as the flavor is just as delicious and strong as their larger counterparts ( Trust me, I would know. I recently purchased some larger sized Kama Sutra items at Romance Attack Riverside after loving this kit so much!).

My boyfriend and I had so much fun with this little kit and surprisingly did not use all of their contents. This kit is a different flavor than the original version of Kama Sutra’s Original Weekender Kit which features more earthy scents and minty flavors. I also like the Original Kit ( YES, I’ve tried it all!), but I find it’s more appealing to me in the winter time as opposed to summer when I really LOVED the Strawberry Dreams Edition. Mint & Clove just aren’t good to me in the summertime. I don’t know what it is.

Anyway, aside from the flavors, they are basically the same kit although the Original version features a few different items that involve oils & bathing gels and the like while the Strawberry Dreams version offers more of just the love oils & delicious honey dust.

I love these Weekender Kits for a few Essential Reasons:

  • Travel sized Kit fits perfectly into my overnight bag for fun weekend getaways┬á or weekends in (when I want to be selfish! ­čśë and pleasure only ME! Yeah, I said it!)
  • The travel sized Kama Sutra items are fun, delicious and potent despite their small size
  • Fun Items that are perfectly sized to try if you don’t want to buy all of them in their larger counterparts
  • If you’re a thrifty bargainista chick like me!

Here’s a Breakdown of What Each of The Kits Include.

Kama Sutra Original Weekender Kit Includes:

  • Original Oil of Love
  • Original Stimulating Pleasure Balm
  • Original Honey Dust and Feather Applicator
  • Original Mint Tree Bathing Gel
  • Original Wild Clove Bathing Gel

Kama Sutra Weekender Kit Strawberry Dreams Edition:

  • Strawberry Dreams Oil of Love
  • Strawberry Dreams Stimulating Pleasure Balm
  • Strawberry Dreams Honey Dust and Feather Applicator
  • Sweet Almond Massage Oil
  • Love Liquid Sensual Lubricant

The Kama Sutra Weekender Kit is the perfect choice for your weekend fun alone or with a partner, whichever you choose so choose wisely or choose both like me! ­čśë

Enjoy your weekend!

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Look Out for Changes Coming to Romance Attack!

@Romance Attack, we realize we need to keep up the the times, trends & newest products┬á in the industry which is why we’re completely renovating our site!

That’s right, in the coming days and weeks you will see our layout and colors change, our category names tweaked and changed and best of all, NEW products! We are beginning to receive this year’s newest releases in all categories from toys to bondage to high end jewelry!

As always, I’ll keep blogging away, especially as we receive new products that I can test, try and talk about as I receive them and deliver the good news to you!

Also coming to you is holiday sales, specials, FREE stuff & other promotional offers!

The first FREE giveaway happening this month is @TSXToys so go sign up to win a FREE TSX Toy New Release or look for the link @RomanceAttack Twitter page!

Featured Item: EVOLVED Dream Maker Night Cap Novelty Vibrator

EVOLVED Dream Maker Night Cap Novelty Vibrator

The EVOLVED Dream Maker Night Cap Novelty Vibrator is one of our newer items that I am really excited about! This vibe is really incredibly textured; it feels very soft considering its jelly material and the shaft is ridged for added stimulation during use. The shape of this piece contours to the curves of your body to fit inside you like a glove so you can feel all of even the most subtle stimulation!

The most incredible technological benefits of the EVOLVED Dream Maker Night Cap Novelty Vibrator?

It features over 600 combinations of various speeds and multiple functions so not one use of this amazing vibrator will ever be the same!

There is also a cute little clitoral stimulator in the shape of a butterfly that is lined with ridges & little ticklers for added sensations during use of this vibe, creating a completely satisfying sexual experience for you (alone time!) or you and a lover (fun! ­čśë )!

EVOLVED Dream Maker Night Cap Novelty Vibrator also includes fun L.E.D. sapphire blue lighting for its Master ON/OFF power buttons so you can have your naughty fun under cover of darkness!

My favorite part about this vibe is that it is completely waterproof so you can enjoy yourself in the bath, shower or jacuzzi without worry and be soothed, pleasured & aroused simultaneously by this fun vibrator and the sensuously warm water!

Guess who was enjoying herself just yesterday in the tub with the EVOLVED Dream Maker Night Cap Novelty Vibrator?

Hope you’re all enjoying your day as much as I enjoyed last night!! : P

We Support Safe Sex!

Ancient Sexual Methods: Sex Facts of the Egyptians, Romans & Others You Won’t Hear on the History Channel…

"Sex is Like An Octopus"

Quote on Sex from St. Augustine

“Lord, grant me chastity and continence… but not yet.”

Since ancient times, human kind has adopted rituals & practices for everything sexual from contraception to various aphrodisiacs and other methods of staying beauty and preserving vanity as well as cures for impotence, penis enlargement methods and more. As far back as 1850 B.C., we’ve practiced various methods of contraception such as one including the use of a device made of crocodile dung in Egypt and an acidic cocktail of fruits, nuts & wool used as a sperm barrier in Rome. The same goes for aphrodisiacs, beauty methods and even penis enlargement.

Ancient Greek Sex

Here Are Some Ancient Methods You May Not Know About:

  • In 1850 B.C. Egyptian paintings, practices describe a mechanism made of crocodile dung and dough that is place in a woman’s vagina to be used as a contraceptive. Apparently, it is said these ingredients likely created a very hostile environment for sperm. They also used other ingredients such as acacia, gum & honey which were made into plugs and placed in the vagina.
  • Ancient Greeks had a fondness for using aphrodisiacs to get themselves in the mood for sexual romance. A common aphrodisiac was garlic & cheese mixed with wine. Each aphrodisiac was supposed to pay homage to Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty & love. Other aphrodisiacs loved by the Greeks also include onions, mushrooms and leek.
  • Cleopatra was said to have been the most beautiful woman of her time; it is said that she bathed in milk and honey and applied aloe to her skin.
  • Believed to have began in the Middle East probably hundreds of years ago, the ancient technique of “Jelquing” was a method in which the male massages the penis in a “milking” fashion. This is said to allow the penis to hold a greater amount of blood during an erection which, if practiced regularly, will result in a permanent increase in length and girth.
  • In Ancient Rome, a mixture of highly acidic fruits, nuts & wool were placed into a woman’s vagina on the cervix to provide a barrier against sperm.
  • In ancient Inca, female libido enhancements were being made by crushing various herbs in order to assist men in the seduction of supposed frigid women.

Other Ancient Erotic & Even Kinky Paintings:

Sex Painting from Ancient India

Ancient Kama Sutra Painting

Watch Special:”Sex in the Ancient World”

(Hosted on YouTube)

Starting with this video, part I of the Sex in the Ancient World tells us of ancient sexual practices all over the world. This is really fascinating, not just in terms of sex, but in terms of history. You are likely to discover we aren’t so different from civilizations 1,000 years ago.

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6 Common Sex Myths Debunked

Sex Myths seem to emerge everywhere, often times created marketing  & advertising, perpetuated by W.O.M. (Word of Mouth) rumors and pop culture. For this reason, I have decided to unveil the truth to some of these rumors and show the truth in the myth ( if there is any)!

  • Men Get More Sexual Urges Than Women

The Truth: Men and women actually have about equal sexual urges, which fluctuates throughout the day, triggered by various factors such as desire, sleep, health, confidence, stress & relationship status.

  • Sex is Unimportant the Older You Are

The Truth: Sex is a huge factor in the overall mental & physical health of any person, regardless of how old you are.

  • Big Hands & Feet Mean a Large Penis

The Truth: Although we may all have a blast gauging each other with this method, hands & feet size has nothing to do with penis size.

  • Oral Sex is Safer than Anal or Vaginal Intercourse

The Truth: Oral sex is just that: Sex. Any kind of sex involves the exchange of bodily fluids which can still transfer STI’s/STD’s through small cuts or sores in the mouth as well as the throat.

  • The “Pull Out” Method is a Viable Birth Control Option

The Truth: “Pulling Out,” also known as the withdrawal method, should never be used as a form of birth control as there is no way to control or detect the point at which ejaculation occurs, but also because during the time of climax no one has spot-on judgment.

  • A Woman Can’t Get Pregnant if You Have Sexual Intercourse During┬á Menstruation

The Truth: Although pregnancy is less likely to occur during that “Time of the Month,” it is still a possibility however rare it may be.

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4 Delicious Love Oils to Try!

Sour Sin’sations Love Oil is one of my favorites! Not only does this taste delicious with very little aftertaste, it works as an all-in-one oil for massage, as a lubricant or anything else you might think up! Aside from it’s great flavor, Sour Sin’sations Love Oil is NOT sticky, but instead goes on silky smooth and is sugar free, though you would never know it! This item may be used for sensual massage or as a lubricant during intercourse & other sexual acts.

Romance Attack Love Lubricants come in a four delicious flavors: Neutral, Strawberry, Watermelon & Cherry. You will enjoy the pleasant flavors of each of these lubricants during the most intimate moments and the best part is they are completely non-toxic and free from any synthetic flavoring. They are non-irritating to your most private areas for a totally carefree sexual experience anytime you wish.

Emotion Lotion Warming comes in four delicious flavors to choose from: Kiwi Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Watermelon & Cherry. Each of these flavors goes on smooth and creates a silky layer of lubrication for erotic caressing and stroking during massage or other naughty fun! The best part? When you rub it on, it gets WARM; when you blow on it, it gets HOT! Emotion Lotion Warming is the perfect companion for giving your lover a nice massage for relaxation and arousal after a hard day at work or a hard workout to soothe sore muscles and awaken others!

The WET Adventure Set offers a number of unique amenities that make it worth trying once or twice. Firstly, with a total of 8 pillow packs for you to try, included is 4 that are deliciously flavored and 4 that are not. The first 4 include WET Original, Light, Platinum & Warming which each give their own unique stimulation. WET Original offers a much recognized silky lubrication everyone has come to recognize WET for while WET Light is a lighter water based lubrication yet with the same silkiness and smooth application as Original. WET Platinum is the silicone based lubricant from WET loved by many and worshiped by some for its long lasting properties during use, especially in water. WET Warming is simply what it’s name professes: warming during use for uniquely pleasant stimulation, especially loved during those cold winter nights! Lastly comes the 4 flavored lubricants: Pina Colada, Kiwi Strawberry, Watermelon & Passion Fruit. Passion Fruit is my favorite for its unique flavoring that, I admit, I will gladly lick off my lover’s body anytime! This fun WET Adventure Set allows you to try them all at once!

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