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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Meditation Tips for Better Sex

Meditation can improve many areas of your life for added benefits including better sleep, less stress, mental clarity, and more, but what if I told you it could help improve your sex life?

Firstly, working on your breathing has a number of health benefits, one of which includes stronger and more intense orgasms for practitioners. Given lots of consistent and daily meditation practice for 5-30 minutes a day, you can improve the length of intercourse and the intensity and quality of orgasms.

Secondly, and this one’s for the guys, it can help control ejaculation and prolong erections the natural way (Yay for no side effects!). Other improvements include improved self confidence and overall performance sexually as well as your own satisfaction with sexual experiences. Some studies even site meditation for increased overall sexual desire and libido in bed.

Lastly, meditation makes you feel GOOD! I know, I know, it may sound preachy or reaching, but the yuppies who make this a regular practice in their lives are on to something. Meditation, especially coupled with yoga, can help improve all areas of your life, least of all your sex and love life. Some studies may even show it improves the quality of relationships and bonds we form with others.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get to it!

Meditation, I mean. 😉

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Have a Fantastic Weekend!

Visit St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, for Affordable Luxury

So, I know looking at these luxurious locations to travel to may, for some, seem out of range at the moment, especially with our current economic situation, but this island offers some rewarding amenities for those who are willing to take a trip. Offering DUTY FREE shopping, that’s right, tax free on designer labels and more, St. Thomas rewards visitors with a duty- free shopping experience amid a beautiful island location. With lush green surroundings and the ocean shore on the horizon, what better way to treat yourself than to a tax free shopping vacation?

For deals on St. Thomas, check out this article at Caribbean Magazine for affordable resorts and activities on the island.

Top 4 Sexy & Luxurious Destinations for Couples & Mingling Singles

Although its not an everyday thing for most of us, traveling does have its appeal every now and then and none more so than in the summertime. Exotic destinations are great for relaxing with your partner, bonding, experiencing new and exciting things, going on adventures together and indulging in the best sex of your relationship.

Here are my Top 6 Sexy & Luxurious Destinations for Couples & Mingling Singles:

Cancun, Mexico: Although mostly famous for Spring Breakers, Cancun holds some luxurious hotels offering gorgeous surroundings, great nightlife and tons of outdoor activities. Stay in and enjoy spa treatments for some relaxation or go on an adventure and take a dip in a cenote, or a sinkhole, which are naturally formed bodies of water usually created over time through erosion of soil and filled by rainwater. Many locals and tourists alike flock to these beautiful cenotes for a delicious swim in water that can boast crystal clear water for up to 350 feet. Snorkeling, scuba diving, and more also make this destination appealing to thrill-seekers.

Beijing, Republic of China: If history and culture turns you and your honey on, this fast-growing metropolitan center is definitely the place for you. Although it touts many modernized features and is the center for culture and politics, Beijing is also one of the ancient cities of the Republic of China featuring the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the legendary Tiananmen Square, and more.

Savannah, Georgia, USA: Rich in lush green surroundings and old Southern American charm, Savannah, Georgia offers visitors some good ol’ R&R. If you’re into the paranormal, take a ghost tour or check out the old Bonaventure Cemetery to get your adrenaline pumping. Otherwise, browse the magical Historic District for picturesque Southern atmosphere and culture.

Ubud, Bali Indonesia:Enter into a world of luxurious relaxation amid beautiful surroundings in Ubud. Take a cycling tour and see the vibrant green environment, temples, the fascinating beauty of the rice terraces, and various villages. There are many spas to choose from in the area, all of which offer exotic treatments to choose from and a variety of yoga, pilates, qi gong, and other wellness programs. Some even have an Ayurvedic doctor on staff for your convenience. Take a fun cooking class and learn more about the local cuisine or see traditional ceremonies, rituals and festivals, and more during your stay.

Wherever your pleasure seeking tastes may lead you, be sure to enjoy yourself!


Introducing TSX Toys’ Anal Plugring & Cock Ring Duo Toys!

Although plug rings and such have been around since the early 2000’s, none with such a creative spirit have spawned in the market until now. Not only are the new plug rings from TSX Toys sensation for use, they combine creative ideas and fun with practical functionality to offer customers a uniquely pleasurable experience that stimulates both the body and the mind.Available in various shapes and sizes, including one that features a uniquely shaped dragon’s head, TSX Toys plug ring combos offer couples, single men, and mainly gay male couples to experience the peek of pleasure in sex toy ventures.

Here are the newest available plug rings from TSX Toys:

Double Men Fun Original Anal Plug & Cock Ring Duo

The first in this fun line of plug ring combos, the Double Men Fun Original Anal Plug & Cock Ring Duo is exactly as it states: an anal plug with a ridged handle that leads to a snug cock ring. This can be used in combination with a male couple, single for one male or with a straight couple. For all, the purpose is the same: intensify stimulation and sensations during sexual intercourse for immeasurable amounts of pleasure allotted to both parties.


Butt Buzzard Plugring Cock Ring & Anal Plug Combo

Second in the line of plug rings by TSX Toys, the Butt Buzzard Plugring Cock Ring & Anal Plug Combo comes in the hilarious shape of a Buzzard’s head anal plug on one end and a talon-textured cock ring on the other. Great textured detail allows for added pleasure and delectable stimulation.

Plugring Dragon Cock Ring & Anal Plug Combo

The Plugring Dragon Cock Ring & Anal Plug Combo is just one step above the Butt Buzzard in that its textured surface adds even more stimulation and magical feeling to an already perfect piece of pleasure.

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