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Sex Around the World

What is sex like for other cultures? We don’t approach intimacy in the same ways and various toys worldwide can demonstrate the different influences we have on intimate items, toys and more. For this reason, we divulge all we know and learn about sex in other cultures around the world and how they do the naughty right here with you!

Top 5 Most Passionate & Sexually Active Countries


Top 5 Most Passionate & Sexually Active Countries

Although we most often associate sexual energy and passion with the French and Spanish, you might be surprised to learn that they don’t round out the top 3 of the most passionate, sexually satisfied, and sexually active countries in the world. Read on to find which ones made the cut!

87% of adults in Greece claim to have sex at least once a week, but they only came in at 5 for most sexually satisfied so quality over quantity right? Nigeria, Mexico and India beat out the top 3 spots for sexually satisfied which is pretty surprising to say the least! Brazil ranked in at 82% of people having sex at least once per week, but they didn’t rank at all in the top 10 most sexually satisfied countries. Russia comes in at 80% where people have sex at least one time a week, but again, didn’t rank at all among the most sexually satisfied. China is not one you’d expect to see on a list of sexually active countries given how outwardly conservative their culture is, but they rank #3 for most sexually active at 78% of people claiming to have sex at least once a week! Alas, no ranking for most sexually satisfied. Last, but not least, Italy comes in at #5 with 76% being sexually active at least once per week, but again, no ranking on sexually satisfied list. I guess you can never equate sexual activity with sexual satisfaction, but we already knew that! On the flip side of things, the most romantic countries are as predicted: Italy, France, Spain, Brazil, and Argentina.

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Courtesans in History: Not Just a Sexual Matter

The word courtesan often evokes provocative and often sexual imagery when heard, but this is not always what it has meant throughout history. Often social and political climbers, courtesans were nearly always members of court, though their wealth and status level often motivated them for further advancement through the act of becoming a courtesan. In order to obtain either a stable income if they were on the less wealthy side or to gain more status and influence social or politically, courtesans were passed from benefactor to benefactor in order to gain their means to an end. Often times, if a courtesan was not wealthy, but held a place in court, she would accept this profession as a stable income or to obtain better status for their spouse (if married), or both. Although, if the courtesan chose benefactors, yet not as a means of income (ie., she was already wealthy), then her means to an end would be to obtain a better status for either herself or her husband.

In the latter arrangement in which the courtesan had embarked upon this profession for means of a stable income, she was often treated less as an equal than a courtesan who was seeking only social or political advancement. Whereas the former ran the risk of ending up in the streets as a common prostitute if she dissatisfied her benefactors due to her financial vulnerability, the latter often made arrangements with benefactors as a strict business agreement and would encounter fewer troubles given her financial security.

Whatever their status of wealth, courtesans all usually had a common basis in that they were artists, performers, or had a particularly witty personality that set them apart from others. They were usually well-educated and cultured, often times more so than many other upper-class women. They were well-versed in the art of conversation, companionship, appealing in appearance, and usually from an appropriate background either by status or wealth. While it’s true that sex was often one of their obligations as a courtesan, it was only a small part of what the profession entailed. In fact, by the early 1900’s, courtesans were seen as more socially acceptable in wealthier societal circles.

Famous Courtesans

  • Madame de Pompadour
  • Cora Pearl
  • Su XiaoXiao
  • Marie Duplessis
  • Yang GuiFei
  • Clara Ward
  • Mata Hari
  • Mary Boleyn

Meditation Tips for Better Sex

Meditation can improve many areas of your life for added benefits including better sleep, less stress, mental clarity, and more, but what if I told you it could help improve your sex life?

Firstly, working on your breathing has a number of health benefits, one of which includes stronger and more intense orgasms for practitioners. Given lots of consistent and daily meditation practice for 5-30 minutes a day, you can improve the length of intercourse and the intensity and quality of orgasms.

Secondly, and this one’s for the guys, it can help control ejaculation and prolong erections the natural way (Yay for no side effects!). Other improvements include improved self confidence and overall performance sexually as well as your own satisfaction with sexual experiences. Some studies even site meditation for increased overall sexual desire and libido in bed.

Lastly, meditation makes you feel GOOD! I know, I know, it may sound preachy or reaching, but the yuppies who make this a regular practice in their lives are on to something. Meditation, especially coupled with yoga, can help improve all areas of your life, least of all your sex and love life. Some studies may even show it improves the quality of relationships and bonds we form with others.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get to it!

Meditation, I mean. 😉

Top 4 Sexy & Luxurious Destinations for Couples & Mingling Singles

Although its not an everyday thing for most of us, traveling does have its appeal every now and then and none more so than in the summertime. Exotic destinations are great for relaxing with your partner, bonding, experiencing new and exciting things, going on adventures together and indulging in the best sex of your relationship.

Here are my Top 6 Sexy & Luxurious Destinations for Couples & Mingling Singles:

Cancun, Mexico: Although mostly famous for Spring Breakers, Cancun holds some luxurious hotels offering gorgeous surroundings, great nightlife and tons of outdoor activities. Stay in and enjoy spa treatments for some relaxation or go on an adventure and take a dip in a cenote, or a sinkhole, which are naturally formed bodies of water usually created over time through erosion of soil and filled by rainwater. Many locals and tourists alike flock to these beautiful cenotes for a delicious swim in water that can boast crystal clear water for up to 350 feet. Snorkeling, scuba diving, and more also make this destination appealing to thrill-seekers.

Beijing, Republic of China: If history and culture turns you and your honey on, this fast-growing metropolitan center is definitely the place for you. Although it touts many modernized features and is the center for culture and politics, Beijing is also one of the ancient cities of the Republic of China featuring the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the legendary Tiananmen Square, and more.

Savannah, Georgia, USA: Rich in lush green surroundings and old Southern American charm, Savannah, Georgia offers visitors some good ol’ R&R. If you’re into the paranormal, take a ghost tour or check out the old Bonaventure Cemetery to get your adrenaline pumping. Otherwise, browse the magical Historic District for picturesque Southern atmosphere and culture.

Ubud, Bali Indonesia:Enter into a world of luxurious relaxation amid beautiful surroundings in Ubud. Take a cycling tour and see the vibrant green environment, temples, the fascinating beauty of the rice terraces, and various villages. There are many spas to choose from in the area, all of which offer exotic treatments to choose from and a variety of yoga, pilates, qi gong, and other wellness programs. Some even have an Ayurvedic doctor on staff for your convenience. Take a fun cooking class and learn more about the local cuisine or see traditional ceremonies, rituals and festivals, and more during your stay.

Wherever your pleasure seeking tastes may lead you, be sure to enjoy yourself!


7 Things You Didn’t Know About Prostitutes


Although many things are heard about the world of prostitution, the actual facts may surprise and even shock you. Here are some interesting facts you didn’t know about this mysterious and often risky profession.

  1. During WWII, French prostitutes began the trend of women shaving their legs. They did so to create the illusion of silk stockings when stockings were hard to come by.
  2. 83% of sex workers have Facebook pages from which 25% gain regular clientele.
  3. In November 2000, the former prostitute Georgina Beyer became the first transgendered member of any parliament in the world. She also helped in the decriminalization of prostitution in New Zealand.
  4. Ishtar, the famed goddess of Babylon, was a prostitute. Also the goddess of love, war, sex and money, she was given many names such as the Heavenly Prostitute, the Mother of Harlots and the Great Whore of Babylon. She was also known by Har and Hora which are derivatives of the modern words whore and harlot.
  5. 86% of sex workers have gained a high school diploma while 19% have college degrees. Nearly half of all sex workers work day jobs in retail and food industry.
  6. The word “hooker” comes from the verb ‘hook’ meaning ‘to entice or swindle,’ while the -er suffix refers to a person. Therefore, a hooker literally means a person who entices and swindles.
  7. In Nazi Germany during WWII, prostitutes were sent to concentration camps. They were forced to wear white arm bands with black upside down triangles on them to identify them as prostitutes.

Furry Fetish Fandom & Yiff

So, what is furry anyway?

Beginning in the 80’s with sci-fi fans who began to dress up to express the importance of their favorite characters in movies and books (think Chubacca, Ewoks & Disney characters), furry fandom is an extremely diverse subculture of people.

And there are more of them than you would think.

Typically, most furries can be described as those with a fascination and/or admiration for animals and a type of art involving and depicting anthropomorphic animals. Some like to dress up as animals and take on what they call “fursonas” complete with corresponding name and primal personality that is aligned with the type of animal they have chosen to dress up as. They dress up for fun and also to attend furry conventions with other fans. In fact, commitment is definitely needed for this subculture given that costume prices begin at $2,300 and up. The more extreme fans engage in sexual acts dressed in their particular costumes. This facet of the furry subculture is referred to as “yiff.” Furries say that if someone is yelling “yiff,” “yerf,” or “yipp” then they are interested.

Although many may find this subculture to be few in numbers, they may be surprised to find that the numbers interested in this trend are not so small after all. Gaining popularity due to Disney films and science fiction literature and video games, furry fandom thrives more now than ever.

What do you think of the Furry Fandom craze?

Are you a Furry Fan yourself?

Shop our Furry Love Category for a great selection on your primal favorites! 😉

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Geisha: The Artist of Beauty & Perfection

Although often misunderstood by the Western world, Geisha are not prostitutes. In fact, the Japanese word Geisha literally means “art person” or “artist.”

With origins dating back thousands of years, the first Geisha were, in fact, men. At the time of their appearance (around early 1600’s), Geisha were men who entertained at parties and whose sole purpose was to make the guests laugh. They were not yet called geisha, but instead were something like jesters (hokan), drum-bearers (taiko-mochi) as they frequently played music, and all-around performers.

It was not until the 1800’s that female geisha began appearing and men geisha completely disappearing.

Female geisha were trained in traditional Japanese song and dance, played musical instruments such as the shamisen, wearing kimono, the art of conversation, Japanese tea ceremony, serving alcohol such as sake, and the art of calligraphy. Even today, geisha exist, learning the same traditions as their predecessors although with more modern adaptations such as computer skills and English to entertain foreign guests.

Although much about the inside workings of the lives of geisha in the past and present remains a mystery, this much holds true: geisha were women meant to be walking and talking works of art. Their goal of pure perfection through learning the arts and exuding nothing but elegance, grace and poise has fascinated much of the world for centuries.

Intro to Tantric Sex

Beginning in India nearly 6,000 years ago, the art of Tantra emerged as a way to express rebellion against organized religion, wherein it was taught that sexuality should be rejected to obtain spiritual enlightenment. The word Tantra literally translates to mean “to manifest, to show, to expand.” In terms of sex, Tantra is said to expand one’s consciousness by connecting the opposites of male and female into a single harmonious being. Many believe that, aside from gaining a higher sense of enlightenment and revitalized sexual energy levels, one can improve their overall health through the practice of Tantra. Backed by M.D.’s, studies show that since the art of tantra aims to prolong sexual activity, it also lowers stress hormones and releases large amounts of serotonin (AKA the “happiness hormone”) into the body, which naturally produces a feeling of contentment and well being. Aside from the usual happiness serotonin produces, it also regulates mood (hence the happiness), sleep, appetite, and more. As if this is not enough evidence to prove that tantra can be beneficial not only to your sex life and your overall well being, but it is also said to deepen the connection and intimate bond between partners, thereby creating happier, more fulfilled relationships. If that’s not enough to convince you, many claim Tantric practices leave them full of energy. Now, who doesn’t want more of that?!

New to Tantra?

Try these Techniques!

  • Create an Intimate Atmosphere: Establish a place in which to practice tantra with your partner, whether it’s your bedroom or another room in your home. Be sure to make this room comfortable and cozy including candles, flowers with a nice scent or incense, soft sheets and lots of pillows and perhaps some relaxing music to set the mood.
  • Breathing Techniques: Tantra practices advice beginners to begin by having one partner sit on their partner’s lap, facing one another, and work on synchronizing their breathing. Some believe breathing in at the same time and out at the same time is better while others advice one partner to breathe in while the other exhales and so on. My advice: See what works for you and go with that.
  • Slow, Drawn Out Foreplay: I know, I know, it’s not everyone’s favorite thing to do, especially if you’re looking for the end result, but in terms of tantric sex, the end result should not be the focus. In fact, enjoying the ride and prolonging the experience are definitely the focus. In fact, foreplay allows for tension and sensations to build more slowly, prolonging the experience on a whole for both parties.
  • Eyes Wide Open: Yes, it is what you think it is. You know how everyone usually kisses with their eyes closed? Not in Tantra. In tantric sex, the goal is to connect with your partner on a deeper level and this is emphasized by looking into the eyes of one another throughout the experience. It may weird you out in the beginning, but a few glances here and there should suffice if you’re uncomfortable. Remember to accept your partner with open arms and no judgment; seeing them and being seen can be difficult, but facilitated by creating a relaxed and open environment and attitude.

Good Luck!

Top 6 Exotic Places To Have Sex

Although we’re in the midst of winter, spring will soon be approaching and, with it, the inevitable desire to travel and experience new places and sights. In the midst of my lust for travel and, of course, a lengthy vacation, I thought of 6 of the most exotic places to have sex, some more public than others and some just for the exhilarating experience of it, whether in public or not. Some of which I have experienced myself and some of which I fantasize about on a daily basis, here are my top 6 exotic places to have sex:

  • Airplane Lavatory: A Timeless Classic that undoubtedly stole many hearts, at least for a few hours anyway. Getting down in an airplane lavatory can be quite the rush, albeit a little dangerous as getting caught might have some unpleasant consequences, but the upside is it burns 100 calories!

  • Hot Springs or Sauna: Although you might have to wait to experience this one until you visit Japan or China or possibly Palm Springs, sex in a hot spring offers some delicious exoticism to the conventional hot tub, jacuzzi or shower options. Enjoy nature and a spa-like atmosphere while swooning in ecstasy. I can’t imagine anything better really that involves both an orgasm AND a facial. Plus, with the combination of heat and exercise, you’ll be burning max calories during the heat of the moment quite literally. For the sauna option, you will literally be deprived of oxygen due to the heat so every sensation is magnified. I recommend bringing water and not spending more than 30 minutes in the sauna at a time. Be careful as heat exhaustion and dehydration are risks. The upside is calorie burning and water weight will pour off of you literally and figuratively.

  • Underwater Adventure: This one has two varying options. Either sex underwater in scuba gear or in an underwater cave OR the easier much more attainable sex on a submarine or sailboat. Of the former, hey, a girl can dream big can’t she?

  • Behind a Waterfall: Getting in touch with mother nature is exhilarating anyway, but getting frisky behind a waterfall definitely makes things a little more edgy. Imagine the sound of pounding water on the rocks and the calm ambient lighting. The sheet of water will offer some privacy. Remember to be sure there’s enough flat surface to stand and move around on so no one gets hurt during your thrusts of passion.

  • Caribbean Beaches: This one does not require that you be on a Caribbean island; you could be in the Bahamas or any very blue island as long as it’s on a white sand beach near clear blue water. This is a more magical version of sex on the beach, i.m.o. (in my opinion), and will offer a more lasting memory. Plus you can swim after having your fun!

  • In the Woods During the Rain: If you’re a lover of the outdoors and enjoy camping often, this might be the experience for you. During a light rain or perhaps a storm if you’re experienced enough to handle that kind of weather, venture out a bit into the woods (not far so you can find your way back to your camp!) during the early evening (4-7PM) with your lover and find a nice spot with either a towel, blanket or nothing if the spot is clear enough and you don’t mind a little dirt and enjoy the rain with a little passionate intimacy!

If none of these locations appeal to you as a possible place to experience your next heated romp, then find one that does or, if you’re all about privacy, find a way to make your own comfortable location different than the usual in order to spice up your sex life and make things more interesting. Whatever you do, enjoy yourself and have a good time!

Good Luck!

Top 10 Strangest Sexual Fetishes

Credit to Source

First off, let’s talk about what a fetish is. A fetish is an out of the so-called “norm” fascination, adoration, admiration, or overall draw to something, whether that is a person(s), an animal(s) or even to an inanimate object(s). Similarly, a sexual fetish is this same sort of fascination and attraction, but implies various sorts of sexual arousal and pleasure gained from the attraction. Fetishes can range anywhere from the liking or being sexually attracted to only Latin men or women or Asian men or women to tickling, bondage AKA BDSM, and also foot and hand fetishes. It may come as a surprise to those who are unfamiliar with or who do not choose to participate in a fetish to find that feet fetishes are actually one of the most common sexual fetishes.

Aside from the usual fetishes that are commonly known, there are some more underground fetishes that may shock or awe you, especially if you have never heard of them before now. While there seems to be heavy debate as to whether these fetishes are healthy, it really is a matter of opinion and many studies show than most of the commonly known fetishes such as BDSM and the like are actually, in fact, quite normal for people to have and engage in. There are many ways of loving and being loved in this world and, although I mostly choose not to participate in the stranger side of fetishes (such as those featured below), this does not in any way mean that I condemn them. After all, we do live in the US of A right?

That being said, here’s a list of some of the strangest fetishes I could look up that you may or may not be familiar with. Prepare to be shocked, awed and enlightened and to realize that, for some reason, many of the most bizarre of these all seem to come from Japan.

  1. Oshouji: This is actually one of the fetishes I think is really interesting, artistic and cool. This fetish refers to the act of writing degrading words all over your partner’s body with calligraphy ink.
  2. Plushophilia: This may also refer to furry sex or furry love. A person who grows up with an obsessive or extreme fondness for stuffed animals could develop this type of fetish. This fetish entails the arousal and attraction to plush/stuffed animals or those dressed in animal costumes. Plushophiles, as they are technically referred to, may enjoy masturbating with stuffed animals or having intercourse with those dressed as animals or dressed as an animal themselves. For those interested in bestiality, one might prefer to enjoy this fetish rather than have sex with real animals.
  3. Kyatto Faito: This refers to schoolgirl cat fights in which women dress up as cat-like or kitten-like and fight. Most commonly, this is done to lose clothing or just for fun or show, but also occurs where women perform these fights more seriously and brutally fight with one another.
  4. Erotic Asphyxiation: Those who practice this enjoy cutting off their oxygen supply during masturbation, intercourse or other sexual acts as they claim it heightens their pleasure and makes orgasms more enjoyable. Ropes, belts and other restraints are commonly used during these acts and, if one is not extremely careful, this can be very dangerous and even fatal.
  5. Burusera: This refers to a panty fetish that is very popular in Japan. So popular, in fact, that there are many burusera shops around Japan that sell the used panties. Men buy these to sniff/smell them. Many women have garnered large amounts of money off of this fetish.
  6. Injured Idol: This sexual fetish refers to women who wrap bandages around their head or other body parts in order to attract men. There is also an opposite fetish that occurs commonly with those who have medical fetishes such as the attraction to these women who are wearing bandages, casts or have other faux injuries.
  7. Robot Fetishism: This refers to the sexual attraction someone has to robots, the thought of having sex with a robot, dressed as robots or with a person who has transformed into a robot. This is taking your lover for science or the syfy channel to a whole new level!
  8. Dendrophilia: I’m sorry, I just can’t wrap my head around this one. This refers to the sexual attraction someone has to trees.
  9. Autonepiophilia: This is almost as strange as the one above: the arousal gained from imagining oneself or actually dressing as a baby/infant.
  10. Hierophilia: You’ll have to do 10 hail mary’s after reading this one! This refers to the sexual attraction and arousal gained from religious or sacred objects.

Disclaimer: This blog posting is meant to be informative and NOT instructional. We do not condone or advise the action of any of these fetishes, any harm done to yourself or someone else or anything else in reaction to this blog post. Any actions taken by you or your partner in regards to this post is done at your own risk and is NOT recommended by anyone here at RomanceAttack.Biz. Please exercise your best judgment and caution in your sexploration or consult a licensed health physician or psychologist if you are unsure about your actions.

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