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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Auto Erotica 101

Auto Erotica…AKA Masturbation…AKA Onanism…AKA Self-Abuse…AKA Self-Pollution? WAIT A SECOND. What?

If you’re not sure what I’m getting at, let’s start from the beginning. Masturbation. Masturbation is the act of pleasuring oneself, usually with a goal of ultimate orgasm. There are many variations of that, but they usually involve that same basic A to B goal. It has been done for as long as we (humans) can remember and is even referred to in ancient texts. Even so, some people believe that masturbation is unhealthy, unlawful, disgusting, and abnormal…so is it?

My first response is Absolutely NOT.

Why, do you ask?

Well, for a few reasons.

For one, did you know that masturbation is one of the best ways to give your day a lift in a literal and literally physical biological way?

This means that the biological chemistry of our body is boosted by masturbating.

It actually FIGHTS depression. You read right. It fights depression. If you’re depressed and considering medication like zoloft, consider first masturbation or the art of self love.

Other benefits?

Masturbation releases endorphins just like during sex that help boost your mood and give you a feeling of contentment.

Masturbation also helps boost your self confidence and self esteem. That’s right. The art of self love literally helps you love yourself more. I don’t know about you, but I can always use more of that.

Many believe that masturbation can also promote a harmonious relationship.

Both masturbation and sexual intercourse help to lower blood pressure.

Masturbation also lowers stress and anxiety levels, reduces headaches and helps us fall asleep.

Masturbation also boosts our immune system which helps prevent illness.

There is NO, I repeat NO scientific evidence to support the facts that many say masturbation is bad for you, not physically nor psychologically. While too much masturbation may cause swelling, bruising or rash due to too much friction or possibly desensitization, these side effects are often rare and caused by callused or rough hands,  overeager stroking or lack of lubrication. Anyway, it in no way will permanently harm you. In that case, you may need to lay off the self love for a week or so until your bruises heal.

Here are some Myths about Masturbation that are NOT true:

  • Hairy Palms: I don’t even know how someone came up with this. This is just bizarre. No medical research backs this up, it’s not true so don’t worry.
  • Blindness & Insanity: A study done by Kinsey in 1950s showed that over 90% of men and 70% of women masturbated in their lifetime. Wouldn’t they all be blind and insane if this were true? We’d be a living “Zombieland” so obviously this one is false.
  • Masturbation Causes Acne: If this were true, every 14 year old boy would have acne and, well, they clearly don’t.
  • Masturbating is For Singles or Loners Only: Actually, masturbation is for everyone. Those who are singles AND in relationships report masturbating regularly. Some claim it also promotes harmony in their relationship.

While some religious, moral and cultural beliefs may shame or guilt in their social groups, claiming that masturbation is sinful, harmful or morally wrong, it is actually good for your physical and mental health. Obviously, the viewpoints on masturbation will depend on your own religion or culture, but I don’t believe a righteous loving God would condemn self love in any form. If you are suffering from guilt or shame, talking to a therapist about why you feel the way you do about masturbation and they may help you overcome these feelings. If your masturbation habits are interfering with your daily life, happiness, etc., you may want to consider also visiting a therapist to find out why your masturbation habits are so frequent.

So, all in all, the thesaurus is wrong.  I don’t believe that masturbation is in any way self- abuse or self- pollution. It is considered perfectly normal and healthy by the medical community and actually supports your physical and mental well being.

When it comes down to it, the choice is yours, so do what’s right for you and be happy.

Here are 2 Great Toys for Masturbation:



Happy Friday!

Xbiz LA 2011 Day 3 (Final Day)

The last day of the show was quite possibly the worst. Unfortunately, in terms of business, it seems as though the success of this show was very slim in that it received very little traffic, the exhibitors were few, and the participants seemed even more scarce. I could tell that, on the whole, many exhibitors were very disappointed with the show’s turn out. Some even packed up and moved their booths out early. And still, although the show was not nearly as busy or promising as it should have been for business, some exhibitors still managed to garner interest among the few participants. With great booths from El Dorado, Rene Rofe & Hustler and a very unique line of toys released from TSX Toys, the show was interesting to behold. All in all, I found this show to be very enjoyable, somewhat beneficial in terms of business, but very very slow. This show was almost dead with the amount of activity it had received. I don’t know if it was due to timing (close to V-Day), the small size of the show compared to other large shows such as AVN & Storerotica, or the general lack of actual business participants (there seemed to be a lot of press and performers). Some booth sales people were also very unhelpful and impolite, most notably at the Honey’s Place & Nasstoys booth. Perhaps morale was low due to their lack of traffic?

That being said, it was still an okay show, though I doubt many will repeat after such a terrible turnaround, and I enjoyed seeing the likes of TSX Toys, El Dorado, Rene Rofe Lingerie, & Hustler on hand with great booths and helpful staff. Will I return to this show again next year? Unlikely, but stay tuned this year for other shows I might attend in 2011.

Xbiz LA 2011 Day 2

Day 2 of the show was a little less active than day 1; For some reason, this show just was not very busy. Some laid claim that it was because of it’s proximity to Valentine’s Day that the timing of the show made it inconvenient for many business owners to neither participate nor exhibit. At any rate, samples and gift bags were handed out with the latest and greatest products in little sample sizes which was fun for the little amount of traffic that was received. The most notable gift bags were the main sponsor bags which included full length XxX DVDs, tons of sample lubricants from the likes of Wet & System Jo, Bullet Vibes from I think Cal Exotic Novelties and tons of literature from Xbiz to various other business flyers. Other sample bags included ones from Anero (bag only, no goodies as far as I could tell), El Dorado (Wet Lubes, Pipedream Coffee Mug, & Nasstoys goodies- pens, mints & hand sanitizer), Fusion Lubricants (cute Lubricant samples), and Honey’s Place (Tin of Mints, Pens, and literature). More unique samples included a PVC Rose ring which employed a tiny wireless button bullet vibe on it’s bud from Hustler Toys & cute PVC Business cards & Fauxskin Lips from TSX Toys.

Xbiz LA 2011 Day 1

Day 1 of the Xbiz LA show was possibly the busiest day of the show. Held in the Sofitel Hotel in Los Angeles, CA, this year’s Xbiz boasted such high names in the adult industry as Beamonstar, TSX Toys, Nasstoys and Rene Rofe Lingerie. Set up in two different showrooms as well as a whole floor of suites on the 10th floor where business exhibited right out of their suites, the Xbiz show was interesting and diverse in it’s exhibitors as well as it’s participants.

5 Reasons Every Woman Should Pole Dance

I know, I know, either you’re all for this crazy idea of mine or you think it’s the most ludicrous thing you’ve ever heard or perhaps you’re all blushing and giggly with the mention of pole dancing. I’m not talking about dancing in a club (unless you want to do that, then cool!), but I am talking about taking a class, reserving a room in your home for a dance pole, or setting one up in your living room to practice. Within the privacy of your own home, you have much to gain from this sexy, deliciously devilish form of fitness. Class prices can range from $20 a class to $100, depending on the teacher and studio location (usually available at many yoga studios), so if you’re on a budget, the investment of instructional DVD’s and your own dance pole will save you money in the long run. Whatever it is that you think about pole dancing right now, suspend judgment before you make a quick decision to brush off pole dancing and take a quick look at the benefits you stand to gain with regular practice of this art:

  1. Fitness: That’s right! Pole dancing, erotic dancing or any kind of dancing can and will help you shed pounds and build muscle. What better way to shed the flab and get the ultimate desirable abs while looking sexy and turning your partner on? Some self-proclaimed pole dancers claim they lost over 100 lbs. after taking a pole dancing class for a year and then installing their own in their home.
  2. Confidence: It’s no surprise that you’ll feel better about yourself and definitely sexier after a few of these classes in which you’re told to get in touch with your inner feminine side, dance sensually and strut your stuff with other women watching. Don’t worry! By the end of this class, you’ll be proud you braved the all-female gauntlet and might even surprise yourself with a natural talent for pole spins or erotic dance.
  3. Shed Your Inhibitions: So I was a little more reserved before I joined one of these pole dance/ erotic dance classes, but now I find I’m more outgoing thanks to the ridiculously embarrassing things I’ve done in this class and I’m glad of it. I went zip lining the other day and it’s definitely something I never would have even attempted before so kudos to the pole dance class that has enriched my life.
  4. Get In Touch With Your Sexy Side: Pole dance classes touches on erotic dancing and getting in touch with your femininity which is something a lot of women (myself included) may not have experienced before. Dance sensually in front of other women? Own my body and be confident? It sounds simple, but making the dancing and pole moves sexy and believably confident is more difficult than it sounds.
  5. Enhance Your Love Life: Pole dancing and erotic dance classes can actually enliven your sex life! Because so much of the dancing and pole moves involve your whole body, this class allows you to feel good in your own skin and be more sexually confident. The erotic dance portion of this class really gave me some great ideas to try in the bedroom!

By the end of my 3 month long class pass, I can say that, yes, I’ve purchased my own dance pole that is currently sitting in my living room. I do my moves every morning and have effortlessly lost 10 lbs in the past 3 months of channeling my inner Striptease Showgirl every morning. Aside from that, the benefits are limitless and my sex life has definitely seen a revival as of late, with shows happening every weekend right in my own home! I highly recommend any and every women to try this unorthodox form of fitness that is truly an art (and a workout!) ; I promise you won’t regret it!

Shop Dance Poles

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Ask Kinky Kate A Question Is Back!

Powering into 2011 with class & style, I decided to bring back this “Ask Kinky Kate a Question” Contest for all of you who didn’t get the chance to submit last time. Same rules apply. I’ve pasted them below for good measure.

Good Luck!

That being said, I’ve decided to host a contest on the RA Blog where readers write in to me by emailing all submissions to Webmaster@RomanceAttack.Biz and submit either an idea for a blog subject you would like to learn more about (bondage, specific toy feature, etc.) or you may submit an entire blog that you yourself write and I will choose 3 of the best either ideas (which I will blog on) or blogs themselves (which will be posted here on the RA blog).

All Blogs and Blog Ideas should pertain to pleasure, sex toys, adult life, love life, relationships as they pertain to sexual relationships and pleasure, BDSM, Kinks, Etc. Blog Posts or Ideas may be Fiction or Non-Fiction. This means you may submit a blog that is informational, opinionated, based on your own experiences or fictional erotica.

Keep it tasteful!

Please keep the blog post at or under 1,000 words.

One Submission/Entry per person, No Exceptions. Attempting to enter more than one post from the same person will result in a disqualification. (*Please Note: All Blog Posts Written Should Be Submitted To My Email NOT the Twitter or Comment Space Below*)

Email us at Webmaster@RomanceAttack.Biz to Submit a Blog Post or Blog Idea to Us Before the Deadline (March 31, 2011) & Remember to Subscribe to the RA Blog in order for your entry to be considered valid!

Blogs may be submitted with a request to use a pen name if chosen for publication on the RA Blog. (* Please Note this if desired otherwise your real name will be credited on your blog unless otherwise requested beforehand*)

For all duplicate ideas; please note that the first person to submit that idea will be accepted and no other duplicates. Other duplicates are auto-disqualified unless idea is a variant of an idea. Example: Bondage is a blog idea but you can be more creative and ask for a blog about Girl on Girl Bondage or Dominatrix Vs. Master.)

Full writer credit will be given to the writer if they should be chosen as a guest blogger on RA. No payment will be issued at any time in the present, future or at any other time period. At not time may money or any time of payment be claimed from Romance Attack or any of its associates. BUT the TOP 3 Ideas OR Blogs that are chosen will receive one FREE Item of the following & publication of their idea or written blog on the RA Blog:

  • 1st Place Winner: 1 FREE TSX Toy or Other NEW Toy (Genre may be chosen: Anal, Dildo, Vibe, etc.) PLUS Complimentary Lubricants & Single Condoms.
  • 2nd Place Winner: 1 FREE Full Sized Lubricants, Lotions, Oils, Supplements Gift Basket (Variety of items in small sizes will be sent of 5-10 items)
  • 3rd Place Winner: 1 FREE Full Sized Lubricant or Massage Oil (Cannot Choose Brand, but CAN choose which one they want- Lubricant or Massage Oil)

This is a fun opportunity for those of you who are writers and want to share your expertise on a specific subject or for those of you who want to hear more about a certain subject that you think hasn’t been discussed.

The Deadline to Enter is March 31 2011.

The 3 Winners Will be Chosen by the 15th of April and sent out immediately with response from the chosen winners!

Email All Submissions to Webmaster@RomanceAttack.Biz.

Have Fun & Remember to Subscribe!

KinkyKate & Xbiz LA 2011

So for the first time ever, I will be attending an adult expo in Los Angeles. Having never set foot in a trade show, let alone one geared toward adult novelties and the like in this industry, I decided I’m going to share this momentous event with all of you.

Running for 3 days ( Feb 7-9), the XBiz LA Expo will be held at the Sofitel Hotel in Los Angeles, California. I’m not sure exactly what it will be like, but included in the participant list for 2011 of companies who will have booths at the expo include TSX Toys, Beamonstar Products (better known as the makers of Extenze), Hustler, Adam & Eve, Playboy (of course), and many more so it should be enlightening and exciting to say the least.

For each day of the show, I will upload photos of the event and let you guys know what’s hot and happening in the adult industry.

Stay posted & subscribe for updates!

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For More Information on XBiz LA, Click Here!

See You Soon!

Cal Exotic Water Pixie Glider Review: Simple G Spot Pleasure

This Water Pixie Glider by Cal Exotics is simply a pleasure!

I haven’t done a product review in awhile so I thought I’d take the today to let you know how much I’m enjoying my newest toy!

Easy to use with push button on one end and curved tip g-spot stimulator at the other, the Water Pixie Glider is my favorite toy for g-spot orgasms. This toy may look small and meager, but don’t let it’s size fool you! I mean, WOW! I spent a nice 30 minutes soaking in the tub with this cute little waterproof toy and it did NOT disappoint me!

The Waterproof Pixie Glider, which I got in purple, is decently priced ($13), conveniently sized for travel and discretion, comes in a variety of colors, and packs strong, but quiet vibrations for a deliciously pleasurable experience every time you use it.

I’ve only had mine a week and already I’ve used it 5 times!