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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: For the Anal Connoisseur

This Valentine’s Day we have something special for every kind of anal connoisseur!

Whether you are gifting yourself or someone special, we are guaranteed to have something to tickle your (or theirs!) fancy.

Here are some of my favorites:

For that Sexy Guy Who’s Anal Curious:

TSX Toys’ Plugring Dragon

This creative new design by TSX Toys is the perfect blend of masculinity and artistic sensibilities we’ve come to expect from this daring custom USA adult novelties manufacturer. Other than the fact the I LOVE the design (and think he will too! ;), this toy is perfect for guys who enjoy a little anal flirtation during intercourse or oral and want the added intensity of a cock ring. This great combo piece will blow your guy’s mind!

For Threesome Double Penetration Daydreamers:

TSX Toys Fidelity Anal Fantasy #1

This toy is the perfect happy medium for that couple dying to experience the thrills of a threesome without the anxious risks of jealousy or adding another person to your sexual intimacy. If swinging is just not your thing, this delightful couples’ toy might just be the thing for you! Experience the perfect blend of double penetration in a personal and pleasurable way without any worry!

Check out the whole Fidelity Series line here!

For the Beginner who is Anal Curious:

TSX Toys Analicious Butt Plug

This toy is perfect for someone curious about anal play, but who may be intimidated by the larger toys. The perfect toy for warming someone up to the idea of anal play (and what better time to convince them Valentine’s Day!;) and a modest size that won’t scare anyone off or cause unwanted discomfort.

Buy any anal toy on Romance Attack Online from now until Valentine’s Day and get 20% OFF Any Item!

Use Coupon Code:ANALISFUN

Offer Expires :02/14/2012

Hurry while this offer lasts!

That’s all for now folks, hope you enjoy!

Have a Sexy Weekend ! 😛

3 Fun Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day!

With the inevitable impending Hallmark holiday, many of you may be scrambling for gifts to get that special someone, ways to spend less and still have a great time or perhaps you’re single and ready to mingle, wondering where and what you’ll do on the dreaded couples’ day. Whatever your goals are for this notorious holiday of love, here are 3 fun ways you can spend this Valentine’s Day:

If you’re single:

I know for some of you the sheer mention of Valentine’s Day may induce involuntary gagging, but hey, just because you’re not tied down doesn’t mean you cant enjoy this heart-filled holiday. If you are determined to take someone home for a sexy romp, by all means dial up that booty call for some safe, consensual sex (hopefully with some toys from Romance Attack! ;). Otherwise, if you would like to keep things on the clean fun end, there are many fun things you can plan to do with other single ladies and gents that can make your evening a blast. From kareoke to dinner with friends, trying a new fitness class, or taking some rest and rehab at your local health spa, there’s no reason why V-Day can’t be great for you too.

If you’re coupled up:

If you’re in a relationship, the options are more straightforward, but they really don’t have to be. If you want to be conventional, a nice romantic dinner and a movie are in order along with possibly some small gift exchanges

If you’re trying to budget:

I know, in this economy, we’re all about budgeting even when we’re celebrating holidays. That being said, everyone can enjoy the fun-loving spirit of Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank.


For those of you celebrating as a couple, perhaps you’d like to spend this V-day indoors. I know, it sounds lame at first sight, but with the right effort, it could be the perfect evening! A great way to make it special is by lighting many candles (battery powered ones for those who are fire-paranoid!) and eating a nice homemade dinner by candlelight. Spend the most cash on a sexy outfit or fun couples’ gift (perhaps something from our Couples Toys section?) and enjoy slowly making your way to the bedroom after dinner ;). You can even plan your meal to include light, but delicious aphrodisiac foods to increase the sensual pleasure of dinner and all that follows after.


Alright, I know you may be moping around thinking this holiday might totally suck since you’re not in a relationship at the moment, but you couldn’t be more wrong, even on a low budget! If your goal is to spend this day with friends, then holding a pot luck dinner and movie night may be just the thing! Everyone can bring a dish for dinner (and dessert!) and each person can supply their favorite chick flick or slasher flick accordingly in order to lighten the death grip this holiday holds on everyone’s wallet. If you’re determined to get laid this V-day, call up that friend with benefits and skip dinner to get to the good stuff! Spend a small amount on an after sex dessert (your choice to share or not!).

Whatever you decide, whether in a relationship or flying free, remember to enjoy the fun of the holiday and don’t think too much about it. Buy some candy hearts and remember to laugh the night away. Oh! And enjoy some sex toys, supplements and all that jazz because nothing says I love you like a vibrator, aphrodisiac chocolate and the long-awaited turbo-charged supplement striptease ;)!

Good Luck!

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7 Healthy Sex Habits for 2012!

  1. Check yourself before you wreck yourself! That’s right, get checked for STD’s every 6 months or at least once a year and stay healthy!
  2. Break down the communication wall. Check in with your partner about what each of you enjoys in bed and what you don’t. Strong communication is the key to any healthy relationship, whether purely for fun or more serious.
  3. Practice proper hygiene. I know, this sounds super basic, but just in case you forgot you should wash yourself! Just one more thing you and your partner can do together! 😉
  4. Laugh it off! Funny things happen during sexual exploration every now and again. It’s inevitable. So, let it roll off your shoulder and laugh it off! Everyone is human and with that comes…specific obligations.. No, but seriously. Take a chill pill and LAUGH!
  5. Respect yourself before you neglect yourself! I know it sounds like a slogan, but hey, they may be onto something. If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, please contact the necessary help lines. There is help and options are available to you. Don’t suffer in silence. AND It DOES get better! Check out SafeHorizon.Org for more information.
  6. Get Creative! Try something new this year with your partner! Whether that means a new position or two, anal play, or simply more massages (Yes!), get creative and explore what you can both enjoy. Variety is the spice of life and helps add dimension to a relationship.
  7. Have more of it! Yes, I am aiding and abetting you both to have more sex. It’s GOOD for you! No really, it is. Check out my article here on why it does your body good!

Whatever your goals, remember to stay healthy, happy and laughing in 2012!

That’s all for now!

Good luck!

Frenchy: Penis Extender With a Twist!

The Frenchy Penis Extender is one of our more popular items on Romance Attack Online! A creative penis extender with a fun twist, the Frenchy Penis Extender challenges convention with it’s textured shaft and spiral tapered tip. Especially beneficial for those with ED (erectile dysfunction) or other health conditions who wish for a change in pace to the more conventional penis extender designs, this toy promises lots of fun and increased stimulation for both partners during use!


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10 Sexy New Years’ Resolutions That Should Be On Your List!

So with the new year comes a slew of the inevitable new years’ resolutions that we all pencil into our list of things we would like to get done this year and, with that, I propose a separate list for all things naughty! I have compiled my own list here, but feel free to steal ideas from it if something piques your interest; I’m always happy to share! 😉

1. Use my vibrator more! I spent nearly $100 on this incredible vibe, but I hardly use it. I vow to get my money’s worth!

2. Give and receive more body massages.

3. Offer more sexual favors to my boyfriend. He’s awesome; he deserves it!

4. Try new and exciting sex positions.

5. Enjoy sex in the rain.

6. Be more pro-active and in the moment during sex. No more thinking about laundry!

7. Get up early and enjoy morning sex. < This is going to be so difficult!

8. Utilize more sex toys in my relationship.

9. Enjoy a variety of lubricants and massage oils with my partner.

10. Try edible body painting!


That’s my list!

Hope you enjoy and feel free to post your list in the comments if you like!

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