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Monthly Archives: March 2016

What Is Cuckholding?

what is cuckolding

What Is Cuckolding?

Cuckolding Terms to Know:

  • Cock = husband or partner seeking the cuckolding
  • Hotwife = wife or partner
  • Bull = wife’s lover/partner

So, what is cuckolding? Cuckolding is a BDSM fantasy wherein husbands enjoy and feel aroused by watching their wives have sex with other men. Sometimes, they even enjoy being dominated and fucked by the man as well. This arousal and pleasure often stems from the sense of humiliation in a kind of psychological sadomasochism. The husband will often enjoy men that are stronger and bigger than themselves to have sex with their wives and/or partners and they enjoy listening and watching, often times, but sometimes also simply get off from the fact of knowing that their wife or partner has been with another man and does not have to be present during the actual event. Others enjoy the mental anguish of seeing their partner being enjoyed by another and even seeing that their wife doesn’t “want” them anymore due to the pleasure with her new partner. Some husbands or partners enjoy wearing a chastity kit or cock cage to prevent them from having any kind of sexual activity such as masturbation, furthering the humiliation and “suffering.” Others might masturbate during the event and some just enjoy watching and some partners enjoy performing oral sex on the bull afterwards.

The Benefits of Cuckolding

Many husbands and partners who enjoy cuckolding lifestyles express that they enjoy a stronger erection and more intense orgasms having sex after knowing their partner was with someone else. Although not a requirement, the most common cuckold relationships are white men seeking black men to sleep with their wives or older men seeking younger men. Many in this lifestyle claim that it’s a largely mental experience for them and seek out other intellectual partners with whom they can fulfill their cuckold fantasies. Many swinger couples enjoy this lifestyle as it’s a way to maintain an open relationship while staying honest with one another and enjoying a fantasy fulfillment. If you are seeking a bull for your cuckold relationship, you can find potentials at local swingers events or even online hookup sites, but always remember: safety first and have fun! ūüėČ

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Your Guide to Pony Play

your guide to pony play - Mr_Ed_Pony_Extension

Your Guide to Pony Play

Pony play is a kind of yiff (furry) bondage roleplay in which the dom and the sub enact situations meant to humiliate and degrade the sub for sexual arousal and pleasure. All forms are considered BDSM and involve different role playing in which the dominant has power over the submissive in in various “pony” and “trainer” situations. The arousal for subs comes from being tied up and bound, mouth gagged, vision impaired, sometimes with toys inserted in various places, forced to (or willingly wanting to) role play various humiliating pony and trainer situations, and they are powerless to stop any of it. Dominants may gain pleasure from having this much power over their submissive.

guide to pony play pony play guide sex tips

The Different Kinds of Pony Play:

  • Forced – Forced pony play is where the submissive still considers himself/herself a human, but is “forced” by his/her Dominant or “handler” to act like an animal. This usually includes humiliation tactics by the Dominant.
  • Equine Roleplay – Equine role playing is where the submissive takes on a horse/pony persona and acts like a normal horse or pony would. There is no humiliation or mistreatment by the Dominant in this situation.
  • Therians – This kind of animal role play is wherein the submissive truly believes they are part animal. This persona may or may not transfer over into daily life.


The Different Kinds of Ponies

  • Cart Ponies – Cart ponies pull their Dominant or Mistress in a cart on either 2 or 4 legs.
  • Riding Ponies – Riding ponies are “trained” by their Dominant aka “handlers” to be ridden.
  • Show Ponies – Show ponies are used to model fancy tack and equipment by their Dominant “handler.”

Pony Play Tips:

  • Pony play usually takes places outdoors so it is recommended that those who wish to partake in pony role play own or rent private properties with barns or stalls in order to enjoy the most realistic experience. You could also go out to a local park and get hauled away in a horse trailer to enact pony role play without a farm or barn.
  • It is legal to go out in California and New York in full pony gear in public, but you must remained fully clothed. In other places, it may not be fully legal and is not recommended due to safety risks.
  • Safety Tips: It is highly recommended that you use safe words when engaging in any kind of bondage play. ¬†If you engage in pony play during the summer, be sure to stay hydrated and take breaks to avoid dehydration and heat exhaustion in extreme temperatures. For those embodying¬†the role of horse or pony, it is SO important to use proper footwear and not go out barefoot or with hooves as both can be highly damaging in rough terrain. Whenever engaging in any kind of bondage, it is important to be careful with proper blood circulation, take breaks for stretching and moving around normally without restriction, etc. Refer to our rope bondage guide for more tips on how to use them safely.

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