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Monthly Archives: November 2010

BLACK FRIDAY SALES @ Romance Attack Northwest Extended Due to Blizzard!!

For those of you who reside in Spokane, Washington and the surrounding areas, due to the recent weather conditions (Blizzard, general freezing temperature!), Romance Attack Northwest has EXTENDED it’s INCREDIBLE Black Friday Deals, Sales, Clearance and FREE Gift Giveaways for another COMPLETE Week Just So You Wouldn’t Miss Out!!

Here Are Some of the Awesome Sales & Deals Going Down Until Sunday:

  • Buy 1 Pair of Panties, Get the 2nd Half Price!
  • All DVD’s $10 or Less are Buy 2, Get the 3rd FREE!
  • Men’s Clothing and Bra & Panties Sets are ALL 30% OFF!!
  • Clearance Items are Buy 1, Get 1 FREE!
  • ALL Christmas Lingerie is 50% OFF!!
  • Spend $50 or More & Receive Christmas Crotchless Panties & Stockings Set as a FREE GIFT!!

So Brave the Cold & Come on Down to Romance Attack Northwest for INCREDIBLE DEALS WHILE THIS OFFER LASTS!

See You There!!

Romance Attack Northwest
54 E. Wellesley Ave.
Spokane, WA 99207
(509) 482-7944

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Shop with Romance Attack Online this Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and all through until Sunday for GREAT DEALS!

25% OFF ALL Anal Toys and ALL Lubricants PLUS FREE SHIPPING on purchases of $100 or More!

If that’s not enough, Romance Attack is also offering 3 FREE Samples with ALL Orders of $25 or More!!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Weekend!!

What’s Hidden In Your Treasure Chest?

The erotic movie Pirates made headlines with it’s high quality aesthetics and elaborate sets. Even more, Pirates won several awards and is recognized for the impressive costume design. Pirates was such a hit, they released a line of several toys and this is one of them.

Now, I know what you’re thinking..It’s just a simple hard vibe, what’s the big deal? But actually, this cute vibrator is quite cool. This vibe actually has 7 varying speeds of stimulation and it rotates for added sensations during use. The Hidden Pleasure Vibe is studded with little gold studs around the handle and is tapered to a point specifically to hit your g-spot and other erotic hot spots.

Finally, the Hidden Pleasure Vibe comes in a cute little treasure chest case for safe keeping and privacy.

Simply, the vibe requires 4 AAA batteries, all sold separately.

I would definitely recommend the Hidden Pleasure Vibe to pirates fans or those with a love for all things old fashioned. It would make for a great Christmas gift and is a cute novelty item for those new to the euphoric world of vibrating orgasms.

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Lifestyles SKYN: A Great Latex Alternative

I have a friend who is allergic to latex and I’ve literally seen her break out in hives from latex gloves so I cannot imagine what a hassle it must be to choose condoms. I remember she used to employ lambskin condoms, but now she uses these and I can see why. Lifestyles SKYN Non-Latex Lubricated Condoms are a GREAT choice for anyone who is allergic to latex. These condoms work very well and are clinically tested and approved in the USA, just like any other latex condom would be. More than that, Lifestyles SKYN are the perfect alternative to latex condoms for those who suffer from latex allergies as they possess all the same qualities as latex condoms without the latex. Developed in polyisoprene materials, these non-latex condoms are lubricated and thin for a “barely there” wear and increased sensitivity and sensations during use for optimum levels of pleasure and protection. If you are allergic to latex and checking your options for protection, you may want to try these SKYN Condoms by Lifestyles!

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Black Friday Sales At Romance Attack Riverside!!

Check out AWESOME Black Friday Sales @ Romance Attack Riverside, CA Location!!

Update: 40% OFF ALL DANCE POLES @ Romance Attack Riverside!!

For Other Store Location Black Friday Sales & Updates @ Each Of Our Store Locations, Check Out Their Respective Twitters:

Rowland Heights, CA Twitter

Spokane, WA Twitter

El Paso, TX Twitter

Tampa, FL Twitter

The Importance of Being Lubricated

When searching for the right lubricant, you might be completely certain, totally confused or not even know where to start. In the case of those who are lost and confused, not to worry! The following is a list of things to consider with each lubricant type (ie. water based, silicone, etc.) and what their uses are as well as the importance of lubrication.

First off, the important of lubrication cannot be stressed enough. Whether you’re having anal fun or more traditional intercourse, lubrication is an important step. Now, unless you’re 22 and still slippery without a problem, most of us need some lubrication assistance and that’s fine. Myself included, we are not as fresh and wet as we once were, but that’s the point of a lubricant and there’s absolutely no reason why this should hinder your sex life AT ALL.

Why lubricate at all?

Lubrication, whether natural or provided through the use of your chosen lubricant, assists in facilitating sex of any kind. This is really important because if you choose to go without lubricating, you are running the risk of causing internal or external damage or both to yourself and possibly your partner. This can range from small cuts and rashes on the vaginal or testicle area caused from dry chafing or rubbing to something more serious. Most people only ever suffer from these small cuts, but if you are someone with multiple sex partners, you should be careful as these small cuts can allow infection and bacteria directly into the body and may cause more serious issues. That being said, ALWAYS USE PROTECTION!! Not only that, but think about razor bumps. If you have razor bumps, it can be irritating enough, but razor bumps combined with non-lubricated sex can worsen the bumps and cause further irritation and discomfort that can take weeks to heal.

  • Organic Lubricants: This is my number one recommendation for those who have sensitive skin or suffer from allergens or irritation. This is also a great natural alternative to those who are environmentally conscious or those who live vegetarian or vegan lifestyles. These lubricants are made will all natural ingredients and usually pose skin benefits from using them. Many are also glycerine and paraben free. They are usually all toy safe unless otherwise stated.
  • Water Based Lubricants: Water based lubricants are the most simple option for those who really don’t want flavored or silicone lubricants and don’t want to pay for or don’t have a preference for organic lubricants. Water based lubricants are great for toys, normal erotic play and they are often times made with moisturizing ingredients such as vitamin E that are beneficial to the skin. This lubricant generally provides basic lubrication, plain and simple; it gets the job done.Water based lubes are all toy safe.
  • Silicone Based Lubricants: Silicone based lubricants are meant for VERY slick lubrication. This type of lubricant is NOT meant for PVC or silicone made toys as it will degrade the condition of your toy. Silicone lubricants are great for anal play, water fun in the shower or pool and anyone who wants a VERY SLICK long lasting lubrication during sexual intercourse or other erotic acts as they tend to be longer lasting than water based, have a thicker consistency and will not wash off as easily. Silicone Lubes are NOT toy safe.
  • Hybrid Lubricants: Hybrid lubricants are the best of both worlds. Hybrid lubricants combine qualities of both water based and silicone lubricants, creating a lubricant that is both safe with toys, long lasting and also easily washed off with water. Hybrid lubes are toy safe.
  • Stimulating Lubricants: Stimulating lubricants can be any kind of lubricant, hybrid or water based, but with added stimulating formulations such as warming, cooling or arousing. These lubricants give added sensations during use and can be especially enjoyable for oral pleasure. Hybrid lubes are usually all toy safe unless otherwise stated.
  • Anal Lubricants: Anal lubricants are just that. These lubricants are formulated specifically for anal play and many of them come standard with benzocaine, a numbing ingredient that helps you relax during anal fun. Others are formulated with like ingredients for similar effects and all anal lubricants have strong, long lasting lubrication qualities as lubricants tend to wear off more quickly during anal play. Anal lubes may be toy safe, but you should check the formula and box for indications of this.
  • Flavored Lubricants: Flavored Lubricants are most often water based formulas and come in a variety of flavors. More commonly, they are made with sugar free formulas so as to be non-irritating, but be sure to check the packaging for confirmation of this! If they are not sugar free formulas, the lubricant can cause a yeast infection in women. For men out there right now passing over this without a care: if you’re a straight man, just a warning, yeast infections are contagious and can be transferred to you from your woman if she gets one from a sugar based formulated lubricant.Aside from that, sugar free formulas are safe and taste just as delicious if not more because they are usually very low in calories. This type of lubricant can be great for oral pleasure and work well for any kind of erotic sexual fun.These lubricants are almost always safe to use on toys, but again, please consult the packaging to confirm.
  • Oil Based Lubricants: These are less common nowadays, but can be very enjoyable for those who favor anal play. Oil based lubricants are also commonly used for solo masturbation fun. Extremely lubricating, oil based lubricants are VERY long lasting, but also harder to wash off. These lubricants are not to be used with latex condoms and some may or may not be safe for toy use.

Don’t know where to begin?

Check out Toy Friendly Lubricants, Latex & Condom Safe Lubricants OR Pick Out a Fun Lubricant Kit to try a little bit of everything!

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Sign Up for TSX Toys Giveaway For November!!

That’s Right! TSX Toys October Giveaway was such a huge hit with everyone that they decided to bring it back for the month of November! That means if you didn’t win last month, you have another shot at a Full Size TSX Toy with Your Choice of Genre (Anal, Dildo, Etc.-Excludes Fauxskin) this month! Hurry Up & Enter To Win Before the Deadline November 31,2010!!

Click Here to Enter to Win NOW!!!

Please Note: This Offer Is ONLY for Consumers; Business, Retailers, & Distributors are NOT eligible for this promotion and will be pulled from the drawing if they attempt to enter.

The Deep Stroker Rabbit: A Miracle In Orgasms

I’m not someone who is easily impressed by any old vibe. Being in this industry and learning about all of the toys and lubricants and things, you quickly discover there are MANY different styles of vibes, dildos and other toys. Some are incredible, some are good, some are okay and others not so good. The Deep Stroker Rabbit Vibrator is in its own league when it comes to the world of pleasure. This vibrator LITERALLY does it all .I mean, I’m not a fan of the cheesy 80’s packaging thing they’ve got going on here, but the vibrator itself is pretty sensational. Not only does it function VERY well and cause my body to literally convulse with erotic euphoria, but it does it over and over and over and each time is different, while still being incredibly powerful and satisfying.

The Deep Stroker Rabbit Vibrator features rotating beads that spin, of course, during use for added vaginal stimulation, a rabbit ear clitoral stimulator for clitoris stimulation during use and various speeds of vibration for both the clitoral stimulator and the vibe itself. Lastly, the best part about the Deep Stroker Rabbit Vibrator is that it’s most treasured function thrusts the vibe into your pleasure zones with little to no effort on your part. This is my favorite function. The vibrator features incredible up and down thrusting motions that can be controlled depending on how fast or slow you want the thrusting action to be. Separate controls for the clitoral vibrations, shaft vibrations and thrust speed allow for a completely customized personal sexual experience or a fun addition to time with your partner. After a weekend with the Deep Stroker Rabbit Vibrator, you’ll be as convinced as I am.

10 Ways To Thank Your Partner This Thanksgiving

  1. Offer A Night of Sensual Bathing & Massage. Set a hot bath for your partner and bathe them. After bathing, place towels on your bed, couch or the floor and give them a soft caress with hot towels & smooth stones (may be found at your local Bed, Bath & Beyond or online) and your favorite massage oil.
  2. Give them Oral Pleasure that will Rock their World. For tips, check out our Oral Sex Techniques.
  3. Working Overtime? That’s fine; Send them a naughty text and photo of yourself to let them know you’re thinking of them. This is a guarantee of sexual passion when they get home! Find something to wear for the evening in Sexy Lingerie!
  4. Dining In: Naughty Style. Make your partner their favorite meal by candle light and be sure to dress your best: an apron or for the braves ones, your birthday suit a la carte. Or, if you’re the creative type, paint yourself in Sexy Edible Paints!
  5. Sexual Favor Coupons. These are a classic winner. Hand over a Sex Slave for a Day or More Specific Sexual Favors coupon. Or, if that doesn’t appeal to you, find a fun game to play!
  6. Do the Dirty! Declare your next day off together as Fulfill Your Fantasies Day. Share naughty fantasies over dessert and make them a reality after!
  7. Sexual Spa Kit. This is the newest offer going on at Romance Attack. Basically, you choose what you want in your sexual spa kit and they will give you the gift wrap & basket for FREE all through this holiday season. (Please Note: Not Live on the Site Yet; Offer is Already Available Though So Be Sure to Ask for It When You Check Out!)
  8. Sexual Voyeur Scavenger Hunt. This is really fun, although if you have children, you may have to send them away for the weekend to pull it off! Basically, it goes like this: You place coupon or road markers in each location of your choosing with an explanation of what you will do there; example: Ride me as hard as you can for 20 seconds. Go! Or, if you prefer to put emphasis on location, you can choose places like the kitchen counter, car, pool, backyard, etc. depending on your level of comfortability and your partner’s fantasies.
  9. Serve Up Dessert for Your Partner..On You…Literally. That’s right, make the dessert of your choice or their favorite and serve it up on your body, wherever you please. Be careful with this one ladies, too much sugar in your lady parts will cause a yeast infection in most so you may just want to stick with placing them on your stomach, chest & breasts area.
  10. Check In to Pleasure Island. Blindfold and/or Tie Up your lover and lead them to the hotel of your choosing for a few hours or a weekend. Whatever fun you have there stays between the two of you! Get wild!

Check Out the Latest Promotions & Offers @ Romance Attack!

Everyone at Romance Attack agrees that it’s time for some holiday style cheer and because we love to treat our customers with winter hospitality, we have decided to implement some promotions for loyal Romance Attack. Biz customers, New RA Customers  & some offers even apply to those Guest just passing through to Shop!

Here’s the Latest Offers From Romance Attack:

Tis’ the season to be jolly…for FREE Shipping that is!

I LOVE Free Shipping because, to me, it means I can spend that extra $5-$10 that I don’t have to spend on shipping on some other cute little sex toy, bedside lubricants or massage oils of my choice. In the coming months, I know I’m going to be using that extra cash that I save on cute little basic traditional vibes for my girls this holiday season. And now you can too!

When you spend $50 or more anytime from now (yep, right now!) until December 25, 2010, you can get FREE Shipping!

And that’s not all..

Also, when you spend $25 or more on Any Item(s), you will become eligible for 3 FREE Sample Items of Your Choice! What’s really cool about this offer is the fact that you can choose your samples; I love trying new things and one of the appealing things about this promotion is that I can pick items I want to try, but don’t want to purchase the full size item before I know I like it. Not only that, but I find that I can also choose samples for my honey and use them as stocking stuffers for Christmas! 😉

And Lastly…

15% OFF All Orders For New & Existing Customers!

That’s right, whether you’re a loyal RA customer or want to be one ;), once you become a customer, you’re eligible for 15% Off your order. Totally awesome & instant gratification which, if I’m honest, is what I’m ALL about.

Happy Holidays 🙂

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