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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Check Out Romance Attack’s New Blog!

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll notice some changes we’ve been doing around Romance Attack. We’re in the process of upgrading our storefront and blog in a major way to make reading our blogs more convenient and fun and also to improve your shopping experience on Romance Attack Online. In the coming weeks, we’re proud that our new website will finally be up and you can expect some great new changes which include easier user friendly interface and browsing, more seasonal shopping experiences with LOTS of sales &  monthly specials, customization for users, and a complete overhaul of our inventory so look forward to lots of great new items along with your classic favorites! Thanks for being with us thus far; it only gets better from here on out!

9 Reasons to Have Sex Right Now!

  1. Sex is the Ultimate Anti-Aging Solution. Studies show that people who engaged in sex 55-116 times a year looked up to a year to 2 years younger. Some people who were engaging in sex at a healthy frequency were reported to look up to 8 years younger.
  2. Sex Doubles your Life Expectancy. Those in studies who recounted having more frequent orgasms had double the life expectancy than those who experienced sex less frequently.
  3. Sex Burns Calories. That’s right. For every 30 minutes of sexual activity, you burn approximately 200 calories. More calories are burned if you and your partner are trying especially difficult sex positions!
  4. Sex Boosts your Immunity. Sex helps to saturate your blood with immunoglobulin A, an antibody that boosts your immunity by protecting your body from infections.
  5. Sex Feels Great & Boosts your Mood! Of course we all know sex feels great and with good reason! Sex releases endorphins which help make us feel good and more content in life. Evidence also shows that semen acts as a natural antidepressant.
  6. Sex Relieves Stress & Pain. Sex sends out lots of feel good chemicals into the body during sex which, of course, relieves stress and can even be a natural pain killer. Sex can aid you in pains from menstrual cramps, muscle soreness, and even headaches.
  7. Sex Gives your Body a Healthy Boost. Aside from the emotional benefits, sex also assists in tissue repair such as wound healing and improves cognitive functions while promoting healthy bone growth.
  8. Sex Makes you Glow. Sex promotes collagen production which helps to keep your skin looking firm and supple while giving it a nice healthy glow. Sex also offers the benefits of shiny hair and strong nails.
  9. Lower your Risk for Disease. Your risk of heart disease and hypertension are lowered with sex by improved blood flow to your organs, the dilation of blood vessels  lowers blood pressure, and of course the overall stress relief.

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Furry Fetish Fandom & Yiff

So, what is furry anyway?

Beginning in the 80’s with sci-fi fans who began to dress up to express the importance of their favorite characters in movies and books (think Chubacca, Ewoks & Disney characters), furry fandom is an extremely diverse subculture of people.

And there are more of them than you would think.

Typically, most furries can be described as those with a fascination and/or admiration for animals and a type of art involving and depicting anthropomorphic animals. Some like to dress up as animals and take on what they call “fursonas” complete with corresponding name and primal personality that is aligned with the type of animal they have chosen to dress up as. They dress up for fun and also to attend furry conventions with other fans. In fact, commitment is definitely needed for this subculture given that costume prices begin at $2,300 and up. The more extreme fans engage in sexual acts dressed in their particular costumes. This facet of the furry subculture is referred to as “yiff.” Furries say that if someone is yelling “yiff,” “yerf,” or “yipp” then they are interested.

Although many may find this subculture to be few in numbers, they may be surprised to find that the numbers interested in this trend are not so small after all. Gaining popularity due to Disney films and science fiction literature and video games, furry fandom thrives more now than ever.

What do you think of the Furry Fandom craze?

Are you a Furry Fan yourself?

Shop our Furry Love Category for a great selection on your primal favorites! 😉

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Geisha: The Artist of Beauty & Perfection

Although often misunderstood by the Western world, Geisha are not prostitutes. In fact, the Japanese word Geisha literally means “art person” or “artist.”

With origins dating back thousands of years, the first Geisha were, in fact, men. At the time of their appearance (around early 1600’s), Geisha were men who entertained at parties and whose sole purpose was to make the guests laugh. They were not yet called geisha, but instead were something like jesters (hokan), drum-bearers (taiko-mochi) as they frequently played music, and all-around performers.

It was not until the 1800’s that female geisha began appearing and men geisha completely disappearing.

Female geisha were trained in traditional Japanese song and dance, played musical instruments such as the shamisen, wearing kimono, the art of conversation, Japanese tea ceremony, serving alcohol such as sake, and the art of calligraphy. Even today, geisha exist, learning the same traditions as their predecessors although with more modern adaptations such as computer skills and English to entertain foreign guests.

Although much about the inside workings of the lives of geisha in the past and present remains a mystery, this much holds true: geisha were women meant to be walking and talking works of art. Their goal of pure perfection through learning the arts and exuding nothing but elegance, grace and poise has fascinated much of the world for centuries.

Sex On A Budget: 5 Sexy Summer Date Ideas

With summer right around the corner (or already here for some us!), whether you’re single and mingling or attached to your better half, the time is now to venture out and have some fun. In this economy, times are all about budgeting so here’s 5 sexy date ideas that won’t empty your wallet, but still guarantee a good time.


Strip Tease Game Night:

Play your favorite board game with a twist! Checkers becomes Strip Checkers and so on. Or perhaps you would prefer to be physically active and try Strip Twister! If you’re really naughty, skip the games and instead plan a strip tease for your partner complete with sexy lingerie, hot dance moves and your favorite sexy song.

Fantasy Roulette:

This is definitely a date night for time spent indoors. Simply write down fantasies you and your partner would like to  try on small strips of paper and place them into a box (or hat). Keep it hidden in a safe place and pull one out when you’re feeling spontaneous for a naughty night of something new!

Truth Or Dare:

Remember when you were 13 and played games like Truth or Dare and Spin the Bottle? Time to bring these classics back! Give Truth or Dare a naughty twist and see where the night takes you!

“Sex Slave for a Day”

Okay, so this one depends on your taste. You could play your love’s sex slave for a day if you so choose, but if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, custom make some vouchers for one another that suit your desires and take turns exchanging favors! French Maid for a Day and Naked House Cleaning are fan favorites! 😉

Restaurant Crawl

Enjoy a night on the town with your beau, with a twist. Venture to a favored plaza with lots of restaurants and bars. Enjoy cocktails and appetizers at one place, your main entrees at another and finish up dessert and coffee where you please. Just be sure to end up at the most important place at the end of the night:in bed!;)

For added sexy fun, theme all your food choices to aphrodisiacs and get yourselves excited for later.

If You’re Not A Registered Customer on RA, Here’s A Good Reason To Be!

Happy Friday the 13th! Top 10 Sexual Phobias

Happy Friday the 13th!

Whether you’re someone who loves this day or hates it or feels superstitiously plagued by bad luck, you should try to enjoy the fun of this day at least a little. Stay home and watch movies with friends if you’re afraid your day will be ruined by bad luck if you go out. Or, go out and have a blast and defy the bad luck stereotype. For people like me, good things are always happening to me on this day. So, don’t count your chickens before they hatch and do your best to enjoy yourself on this silliest of anti-holidays.

In honor of Friday the 13th, here are my choice of the top 10 Sexual Phobias (Fears):

  • Genophobia or Coitophobia: Fear of Sex or Sexual Conjunction.
  • Tocophobia: Fear of Getting Pregnant, Pregnancy, and/or Childbirth.
  • Medorthophobia: Fear of an Erect Penis.
  • Gymnophobia: Fear of Being Naked.
  • Medomalacuphobia: Fear of Losing an Erection.
  • Philemaphobia: Fear of Kissing.
  • Erotophobia: Fear of Talking About Sex.
  • Parthenophobia: Fear of Virgins.
  • Molysomophobia: Fear of Sexual Infection or Contamination.
  • Eurotophobia: Fear of Female Sex Organs & Genitals.

Fear of Friday the 13th? Friggatriskaidekaphobia.

Say that 5x Fast!

How do you feel about Friday the 13th?

Is this day dreaded for fear of bad luck or shrugged off as myth?

Let me know what your opinion is in the comments below!

Interested in learning more about the origins of Friday the 13th?

Check out the YouTube Clip below!

Enjoy & Have a Nice Weekend!

Hilarious French Condom Ad

I thought I would share this hilarious French condom ad commercial with you. This would never air in US, but Europe (especially France) is known for being more liberal towards sexual topics of discussion. This commercial will show you just how much. I think it’s absolutely brilliant. Over 18 ONLY please! Also, definitely not work safe!

Enjoy the video!

It made my day!

French Condom Commercial

20 Fun Facts About Sex

  1. Sex is a natural pain killer. It has been known to soothe headaches and other minor pain and is said to be 10X more effective than valium.Who needs prescription drugs?
  2. Sex burns 360 calories per hour on average. This will be my new workout plan…
  3. The average man will ejaculate approximately 18 quarts of semen in his lifetime.
  4. Sex has great effects on the skin, hair and nails as the hormone estrogen is released and therefore makes all the above shiny and lush.
  5. Eating large quantities of chocolate is biochemically the same as sex. Both release happiness-inducing endorphins.
  6. Japanese Geisha refused to perform fellatio as it was thought to be demeaning and was not done by anyone considered cultured.
  7. Gentle lovemaking can reduce the amount of skin rashes and other irritations such as dermatitis or acne caused due to the amount of sweat produced during the act. The sweat cleanses pores and makes the skin soft and silky. And here’s my new beauty regimen…
  8. Americans spend double the money on porn than they do on buying cookies. Darn right!
  9. “Hockey” is an archaic slang word for semen. Poor hockey players and fans…that sport will never be the same!
  10. Lions sometimes mate up to 50X a day. I thought I was busy…
  11. Bats have sex in the air while flying. Talk about multi-tasking to the 5th power.
  12. In Ancient Greece, the slang term for giving someone a blow job at that time was referred to as “playing the flute.”
  13. Semen contains calcium and zinc which help prevent tooth decay. A new quick fix to get pearly whites!
  14. Semen is also good for the skin. When in contact with the skin, the proteins actually give the skin a shiny hydration effect which is known to have a firming effect and prevent or reduce the appearance of wrinkles. I love it; more anti-aging magic!
  15. “Merkins” were pubic wigs originally worn by prostitutes in the 1400s to cover up shaved genitals (which were shaved to prevent lice). In later Victorian times, merkins were employed in order to cover up an STD such as syphilis. What a surprise that would be…”So, what’s merkin’ under there?”
  16. Pigs orgasm for up to 30 minutes. So jealous…
  17. In Lebanon, it’s perfectly legal to have sex with animals as long as they are female. Sex with male animals is punishable by death. This one just baffles me.
  18. People who have sex about 3X a week are shown to look from 4 to 7 years younger than their actual age. That’s the best anti-aging treatment yet!
  19. Some female penguins are said to engage in prostitution. They attract single male penguins and exchange sexual favors in order to steal pebbles they need to make a nest. They then run off. Talk about the things we do for our children!
  20. Sex improves brain creativity so getting it on before that big presentation might be a good idea!!