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Monthly Archives: December 2010

11 Perfect Toys To Enjoy Your First Night Of 2011

While you’re guaranteed to all be partying in some way this New Year’s Eve & possibly New Year’s Day, I’ve conjured up (yep, I’m magical like that!) a list of toys I think would be fun to try your first night of the new year with a lover(s).

I hope you enjoy!

  • Sex In the Shower Suction Handcuffs. While it’s not nearly as easy as it looks to have naughty fun in the shower, these cuffs certainly make things a bit easier and certainly more exciting! Enjoy the warm, wet sensations in the water this New Year’s Day!

  • Icicles No. 5 Hand Blown Massager. Glass Toys offer a completely unique sexual experience all their own. You can use this toy in a variety of ways, including in the shower or hot tub, but two popular ways to use glass toys are by either heating up the glass or cooling the glass down before use. You can do this by heating up water in a bowl or pouring cold water into a bowl with ice cubes and then placing the toy into the bowl for around 5-10 minutes. It will become either hot or cold, depending on your preference and give you either a warming or cooling sensation during use. I find these toys great in the winter when I’m COLD!

  • Sweeten 69 Tablets for Him & Her. This natural supplement allows you and your partner to enjoy the fruity flavor of one another’s natural fluids during lovemaking and/or oral play.  You’ll enjoy oral more than ever before!

  • Sexy Graffiti Strawberry Body Paint. This unique body paint is strawberry flavored for a delicious taste and works well as a body paint and massage oil. Comes equipped with fun stencils for decorating body parts & unmentionables!

  • Organic Sensual Massage Oil. Created with a unique blend of organic botanical ingredients, this massage oil feels and smells great. Rejuvenating and alluring, this massage oil is great for loosening inhibitions and helping both you and your partner let loose and relax.

  • Spinning Dance Pole Kit. Whip yourself into shape the sexy way by pole dancing! In the new year, many flock to gyms and personal trainers, but this professional dance pole kit makes it fun, sexy, & gives you an incredible workout!

  • 10.25″ Homeboy Dildo in Fauxskin. Prepare yourself for a completely realistic feel with this toy. This is NOT your average dildo! This toy feels completely soft and silky; almost better than the real thing! Standing tall at a little over 10 inches, 8 inches are insertable, making it a great size for most and a delightfully orgasmic experience for all!

Happy New Year!

6 Naughty New Years’ Resolutions We All Should Add to Our List!

As the new year of 2011 swings in the near future, coming closer everyday, I start thinking about my goals for 2011 and what I would like to accomplish in the coming year whether it’s to break a habit, exercise more or lose weight or both, or simply stress less, especially in these tough economic times. With that being said, I thought I would come up with a list of things I think anyone could try (just for fun!) in this coming 2011 that are sexy and fun just to say that you did them at least once.

Here’s what I came up with:

1. Try Anal JUST ONCE, Just to see how it feels! You may just love it like the rest of us! ;-P

2. Try Double Penetration; You may be surprised by how much you like it! Kick the third wheel out of the picture if swinging isn’t for you and simulate D.P. with this series of INCREDIBLE TSX Toys: Fidelity Toy Series!

3.This one can be attempted with any of your favorite massage oils and should be done when no one’s home if you live with others or children. First, place hot water in a glass bowl on a stable counter top and put your choice of massage oil(s) into the bowl to warm up the oils. Lay down either a tarp (if you have one), plastic mat or some newspaper to prevent a big mess in a room with at least 4 feet of space on all sides, preferably in a living or family room. Then, light up some candles on nearby furniture to set the ambiance and mood of the evening; be sure they are secure. Go back to your massage oil and spread it out across the tarp or plastic mat. Remember, a little bit goes a long way; this should just be enough to slightly dot the areas of the mat. In your birthday suits, you and your lover(s) can massage one another with the now warm massage oil and slide along the plastic quite easily. Whatever other fun follows is up to you! Click here for massage oils; We have plenty to choose from including great natural and organic options!

4.Try a Luxury Rabbit Vibrator like this one or if anal is your preference, try any one of these butt plugs for new sensations!

5. Enjoy losing control or taking control by arranging some power play with your lover. That’s right, bondage. Between you and your lover(s) discuss who will dominate and who will submit and have fun with a scenario of your choosing. Check out some great bondage items here.

6. Try a difficult sex position or one that’s out of the norm like the Pinwheel or the Butterfly!

Remember, it’s all about new experiences and having a great time so do what’s on your comfort level or maybe what’s not but that you’re curious about and have fun with it! This is the time of your life…enjoy it!

Happy New Years!

Intimate Organics: Creative Organic Intimate Products

Offering all USDA Certified Organic products is only one of the benefits Intimate Organics gives to its customers. Aside from that, many of their products are also paraben free, glycerin free, DEA free and formulated from 100% naturally derived ingredients. They offer a sizable selection of lubricants and massage oils as well as other stimulating gels. Many of their products are vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Two unique products available from Intimate Organics are their all natural Organic Anal Sprays, one for men and one for women. The Organic Adventure Anal Spray For Women features a certified organic blend of clove, goji berry, aloe, and lemongrass tailored to the needs of women that they claim allows the sphincter (anus muscle) to relax naturally, rather than numb, to allow for comfortable penetration. The Organic Daring Anal Spray For Men features a similar blend tailored to the needs of men that claims to do the same as the blend for women.

Enter: Soothe & Defense Lubricants. These uniquely formulated lubricants have a few things in common. First, they are both USDA Certified Organic and Second, they are both Antibacterial. Featuring naturally antibacterial ingredients within their formulations, both lubricants are able to fight infection and work with the body’s natural immune processes rather than against them or by suppressing them. They are the first lubricants to feature antibacterial properties that defend and soothe. Soothe Antibacterial Lubricant is the first and only natural antibacterial anal lubricant and is formulated with guava bark extract, an ancient antibacterial agent. Defense Personal Lubricant is formulated with a blend of sea kelp and guava bark and is meant to work with the body’s natural fluids, especially for women, so it is less likely to cause irritation to personal intimate areas. It is also latex condom friendly and safe to ingest.

Aside from these unique products, Intimate Organics also offers uniquely formulated massage oils and other products featuring certified organic extract blends that may be found in our Organics category.

ATTENTION LOCAL SWINGERS! Tryst Parties & Party Obsessions Meet N Greets @ Romance Attack Riverside!!

If you are unfamiliar with Tryst Parties or Party Obsessions, both organizations have online sites and hold meet and greets for local swingers in the California (mostly Socal) area. These very cool and interesting community organizations bring like-minded swingers together for meet and greets, drinks and lots of mingling weekly, monthly and more. Holding meet and greets all over including clubs and homes, participants are able to meet new and exciting people for uninhibited fun and good times. They have gained such popularity that they hold events all over the California area. Romance Attack Riverside (CA) is excited to announce they will now be hosting monthly Meet-N-Greets for both Tryst Parties and Party Obsessions at the Riverside Store and will be offering great deals to participants of the Meet-N-Greet. Available during these Meet-N-Greets is STRICTLY adults only mingling, shopping and probably non-alcoholic refreshments and goodies. All other X-Rated fun may happen later (Rawr!), but please not on the store site. These Meet-N-Greets will feature fun, interactive people who can shop with exclusive deals at the Romance Attack Riverside store while they enjoy snacks and drinks and meet sexy new swingers within their local area. If you would like to participate in the Meet-N-Greet, please visit either Tryst Parties’ website or the Party Obsessions website for sign up details.

We’ll see you there! 😉

Christmas Sales @ Romance Attack in Riverside, CA

Hello Everyone!

I have more holiday cheer for you: GREAT SALES @ Romance Attack Riverside, CA Store! Drop by and see us if you’re in the area and Follow RomanceAttackRV on Twitter for Exclusive Weekly Updates on Sales, Deals & More or Click Here to see All Store Locations(Includes a Link to Map/Directions).

Here are some Great Deals You Can Expect When You Visit Romance Attack Riverside:

  • 50% OFF ALL Halloween & Sexy Roleplay Costumes!!
  • 30% OFF Select Lingerie!!
  • Buy 1 Get 1 HALF OFF Select Lingerie!!
  • Custom Gift Baskets Available Upon Request: Pre-made Baskets available OR Romance Attack Sales Associates will shop with you to find the perfect items for your gift basket!
  • PLUS+ Enjoy Further Savings on various Supplements, Oils, Lubricants and more!

HOLIDAY EVENT:: Romance Attack Riverside Holiday Extravaganza!! Dec. 21, 2010 (Tuesday)-December 23,2010 (Thursday); Come in Between 12 PM (noon) to 3 PM and Receive 20% OFF ALL Non-Sale Items!!! Also, Enjoy Some Holiday Cheer while you shop for the perfect gift with some Holiday treats, Complimentary of Romance Attack Riverside!!

Not A Fan of Shopping In Store? Click Here To Shop Online With Us Now!

Happy Holidays!

Christmas Sales @ Romance Attack Rowland Heights, CA Location!

Hello Everyone!

The Holidays have arrived at ALL Romance Attack locations and here’s what’s happening at the Rowland Heights, CA Store. Drop by and see us if you’re in the area and Follow RomanceAttackRH on Twitter for Exclusive Weekly Updates on Sales, Deals & More!

Here are some Great Deals You Can Expect When You Visit Romance Attack Rowland Heights:


  • Romantic Gifts, Games & Greeting Cards for Everyone on Your List!
  • Sexy Lingerie for yourself, your partner or a friend makes the perfect gift!
  • Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Supplies for that special winter celebration!
  • Arcade Viewing Booths; Party It Up & Enjoy Discretion & Privacy @ the Romance Attack Rowland Heights Arcades!

Other Deals Include:

  • LOW LOW LOW Prices on DVD’s, Magazines & Enhancement Supplements!!!
  • PLUS+ Enjoy SAVINGS on a wide selection of Adult Novelty Toys, Lotions, Love Oils & Lubricants this Holiday Season!!

For More Information on this sale, Please See the Ad Above, Visit the RomanceAttackRH Twitter page or Click Here to see All Store Locations(Includes a Link to Map/Directions).

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Happy Holidays!

The Mysterious G-Spot

The existence of the G spot has been debated over for years now by medical professionals and scientists alike, but those of us who have experienced the magical sensations of a G spot orgasm KNOW that it truly does exist! For those who are unfamiliar with the G spot, the G-spot is a small area said to be located at the front top of the vagina that contains an erogenous zone. The stimulation of this zone by either toy use, sexual intercourse or other sexual acts is said to produce powerful sexual arousal, intense mind blowing orgasms and, in some cases, female ejaculation. So, with that being said, go off on a wild sexual pleasure hunt for your g-spot if you haven’t yet found it; once you do, you will be SO glad that you did!

Good Luck!

For a complete diagram of the location of the G-spot, check out Wikipedia’s anatomical diagram.

Recommended Toys for G-Spot Stimulation:

5 Healthy Ways To Fight The Aging Process & Keep Your Sex Life Alive!

1. Sex is the Best! This first one is a bit of an obvious one, but still. Having sex is a fantastic way to fight aging and, of course, feel good. Studies have found that those who experience intercourse and intimacy in their lives regularly are less stressed out, have higher immunity and seem to feel more content overall. It comes as no surprise, but sex also burns calories (bonus!), improves your overall health and confidence levels and helps you sleep much better. So, with all these combined health benefits in one act, it’s no wonder that sex helps us look younger and feel younger. Check Out Some Fun Sex Positions to try with the Position Sex Bible!

Read about Ancient Sexual Methods in Various Cultures!

2. Exercise Leads to Less Wrinkles…and More Sex! Exercise is the most known of the anti-aging fighters. Of course we know that if we all workout regularly that we will undoubtedly look younger and feel younger, but did you know that the calmer forms of exercise such as yoga and pilates may actually pose those same health benefits as well as some added bonus benefits? Yoga & pilates have been shown to help tone the body, improve cardiovascular and organ health, raise immunity to keep us from getting sick, relieve stress, improve sleep and more. So, although I’m sure it’s not as appealing as sex, it has many of the same or similar benefits. With raised confidence, you may just find your sex life is thriving!For Yogic-Like Nirvana State Orgasms that last for HOURS, Check Out the Art of Tantric Sex!

Check out Sex Positions from Around the World & Gain Peace of Mind!

3. Eating Healthy Just Got More Delicious! Of course we all know that eating healthy is great for optimal health, but did you know that certain foods can improve your sex life by getting you in the mood, giving you more energy and stamina during sex, and can even make your spunk taste good! Wholesome foods can definitely help slow the aging process and keep you looking young, but aside from that, they can also get you in the mood by eating such aphrodisiacs as oysters, asparagus, champagne and chocolate. Yum! Eating healthily can give you more energy and make you feel revitalized. Various foods to improve male performance include caviar and bananas. For both to experience increased libido and stamina, chocolate, figs, radish, ginger and ginseng.For great tasting spunk, simply choose your favorite fruit. I find that strawberries, anyone in the berries family, pineapple, kiwi and papaya work best. Simply eat 30 minutes to 1 hour before sexual activity to give your lover a fun sexual surprise! Or, if you want something quick, try these Sweeten 69 Supplements for Him & Her!

4. Go On An Adventure! Take an adventure and experience new things with a lover! Take a hike and enjoy a tryst in the woods or travel to a new place together. Being near nature or seeing new sights will help keep your mind and imagination alive, but it will also assist with keeping you young and spontaneous in life as well as frisky for some naughty fun!Experiencing new things together may also improve closeness, intimacy and trust for one another.

For New Heights in Sexual Pleasure, Check Out these Fun Sex Positions that Burn Calories too!

5. Laugh It Up! You may have heard that laughter is the best medicine and, well, it is! At least, for improving and maintaining intimacy it is. Laughing together helps improve closeness and increase your sense of affection for one another. Not only that, but it relieves stress so the next time you find yourself fighting over something silly like the dishes, step up and make each other laugh. It’s guaranteed for a lifetime of great make up sex!

Be awed by 10 of the Strangest Sexual Fetishes We Could Find!

Good Luck & Have A Nice Weekend!

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