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Monthly Archives: January 2015

5 Naughty New Year’s Resolutions for 2015


The impending new year allows us a chance to reflect and rejuvenate, but also a chance to plan ahead for the new year and enjoy even better things to come! Here at Masturgasm, we hope to help you indulge in all the kink you can carry so here are a few resolutions we think will help achieve just that in 2015!

  1. Try Anal On For Size. Anal can be a seriously pleasurable asset to any intimate sex life, but it can be difficult to convince your partner to give it a go if they’ve never tried it before. If they need persuading, check out this post on how to convince them to try it out with you! Otherwise, if you just need a few tips and tricks, get the 411 on Anal here.
  2. Play A Role. Role playing is a great way to get to know your partner a little better and to explore all the different sides of your sexual selves. Whether you’re into yiff roleplay or maybe a little bondage, role playing is a great way to improve your intimate trust and sexual satisfaction in 2015.
  3. Get the Thickness You Deserve. Do you and your partner desire more thickness during intimacy? We have the PERFECT extension for you! Our beloved Thick Ur Dick Girth Expander helps give you the thickness in your penis that you deserve to please you and your partner.
  4. Menage-A-Trois, Anyone? Before you pass over this one, we’re not talking about a 3 person sex fest (unless you’re into that, then proceed 😉 ). We’re talking about our Fidelity Fantasy Threesome Toys!  They help facilitate the sensations of threesome, double penetration pleasure without involving a third person. So, you can your partner can enjoy double the pleasure and double the fun without the third wheel – awesome, right?
  5. Inflate Your…Ego 😉 Your ego won’t be the only thing inflated once we’re done with you! Our electric penis pumps  are perfect for getting a bigger dick, instantly during use, and enjoying intense pleasure all at once!

Here’s to the Naughtiest New Year in 2015 😉

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Happy New Year from Masturgasm!


From all of us here at Masturgasm, we want to thank you so much for keeping up with us on this blog, being incredibly loyal and wonderful customers, and we wish you the best year yet in 2015!

Happy New Year from All of Us – Stay Naughty ;-P

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3 Ways to Amp Up the Kink In Your Relationship in 2015!


You may find that the winter months have you feeling a bit blah in the bedroom and the colder weather can do that. Colder weather tends to sap your libido so it’s important to eat well, stay active, and experiment when things are getting dull. That’s why we came up with a few ideas to help you spice up the naughtiness in your relationship!

  1. Try Something New. Whether it’s anal, a little fetish or BDSM, a new sex position, or even just trying a naughty new sex toy, trying something new in the bedroom can be a breath of much-needed fresh air for your intimate life so don’t be afraid to get a little extreme if you feel the need! Yiff roleplay, medical fetish toys, or just sizing up your anal toys can make a big difference in your overall sexual satisfaction.
  2. Renew Enthusiasm For the Classics. If you’re opposed to trying anything new, maybe you just need a little more enthusiasm in your life! Get excited about pleasing your partner, even if the task seems unexciting. Working up some enthusiasm at bringing your partner to ecstasy could just mean the difference between a ho-hum sexual experience and a seriously satisfying erotic experience.
  3. Get Active Together. This might sound like strange advice, but it’s true: staying active together can increase your sex drives together, make your bond together even stronger, and even enjoy more passionate, enthusiastic intimacy.

Stay Naughty, My Friends ;-P

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Have Naughty Fall Fun this Weekend!

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