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What Is Rosebudding?


What is Rosebudding?

Today’s post is all about rosebudding. So, for those of you who are not familiar, rosebudding is the act of stimulating your anal canal and walls to the point that the wall inside your anal cavity collapses and flips to the outside of your anus. Many people practice this as a kind of anal stimulation, but it can also be considered a fetish for others. Rosebudding is normally done by consistently using dildos and butt plugs, often leaving large butt plugs in for hours or even the entire day. The rosebudding normally occurs after having intense anal sex with an over-sized dildo or butt plug or via fisting. Some people also leave large butt plugs or dildos in all night and their anus rosebuds or “flower” blooms overnight.

Now, it’s important to mention that rosebudding doesn’t always happen for everyone; it really just depends on your body. I also want to mention that it’s extremely dangerous and we do not recommend that you try it at all. The reason is because deliberately destroying your anal wall opens your body up to bacteria and infections which can make you sick, cause permanent illness, and even death. Once the wall of your anus has been collapsed through the act of rosebudding, it almost never heals on it’s own. In most cases, it needs to be surgically restored and the surgery is considered a high risk. I don’t say these things to scare you, but I think knowledge is power and it’s important to be aware of how your body is affected by these acts, pleasurable in the moment, or not. Some things may seem worth it in the short term, but definitely are not in the long term.

That’s not to say you can’t enjoy fun anal stimulation, but don’t go to extremes that can potentially harm you and/or your partner. It’s just not worth it. Keep things safe, sane, consensual and fun.

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Disclaimer: I want to express that we don’t recommend rosebudding as it can be harmful and dangerous. Rosebudding can lead to dangerous infections and the anal wall being permanently destroyed which may need to be surgically restored at high risk. This post is meant to be informative only and does not encourage the act of rosebudding. Try at your own risk (but we recommend that you don’t).

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