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fun facts about sex

20 Fun Facts About Sex

  1. Sex is a natural pain killer. It has been known to soothe headaches and other minor pain and is said to be 10X more effective than valium.Who needs prescription drugs?
  2. Sex burns 360 calories per hour on average. This will be my new workout plan…
  3. The average man will ejaculate approximately 18 quarts of semen in his lifetime.
  4. Sex has great effects on the skin, hair and nails as the hormone estrogen is released and therefore makes all the above shiny and lush.
  5. Eating large quantities of chocolate is biochemically the same as sex. Both release happiness-inducing endorphins.
  6. Japanese Geisha refused to perform fellatio as it was thought to be demeaning and was not done by anyone considered cultured.
  7. Gentle lovemaking can reduce the amount of skin rashes and other irritations such as dermatitis or acne caused due to the amount of sweat produced during the act. The sweat cleanses pores and makes the skin soft and silky. And here’s my new beauty regimen…
  8. Americans spend double the money on porn than they do on buying cookies. Darn right!
  9. “Hockey” is an archaic slang word for semen. Poor hockey players and fans…that sport will never be the same!
  10. Lions sometimes mate up to 50X a day. I thought I was busy…
  11. Bats have sex in the air while flying. Talk about multi-tasking to the 5th power.
  12. In Ancient Greece, the slang term for giving someone a blow job at that time was referred to as “playing the flute.”
  13. Semen contains calcium and zinc which help prevent tooth decay. A new quick fix to get pearly whites!
  14. Semen is also good for the skin. When in contact with the skin, the proteins actually give the skin a shiny hydration effect which is known to have a firming effect and prevent or reduce the appearance of wrinkles. I love it; more anti-aging magic!
  15. “Merkins” were pubic wigs originally worn by prostitutes in the 1400s to cover up shaved genitals (which were shaved to prevent lice). In later Victorian times, merkins were employed in order to cover up an STD such as syphilis. What a surprise that would be…”So, what’s merkin’ under there?”
  16. Pigs orgasm for up to 30 minutes. So jealous…
  17. In Lebanon, it’s perfectly legal to have sex with animals as long as they are female. Sex with male animals is punishable by death. This one just baffles me.
  18. People who have sex about 3X a week are shown to look from 4 to 7 years younger than their actual age. That’s the best anti-aging treatment yet!
  19. Some female penguins are said to engage in prostitution. They attract single male penguins and exchange sexual favors in order to steal pebbles they need to make a nest. They then run off. Talk about the things we do for our children!
  20. Sex improves brain creativity so getting it on before that big presentation might be a good idea!!