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look your best this summer

Put On Your Sexy Summer Face!

During the summer time, it can be hard to keep your face looking fresh and sexy, especially with the heat and humidity. Dull looking skin, breakouts, runny or blotchy makeup, and more can haunt us throughout the season, but looking your best in spite of the onslaught of high temperatures and sweat-inducing humidity is not impossible.

Here are some fun tips for the summer to keep yourself looking flirty and fresh-faced!

  • Exfoliate. Exfoliating your skin with a facial scrub (and body scrub if you are tanning or using self tanner) or mild exfoliant such as glycolic acid or other AHAs or BHAs ensure your skin looks fresh and glowing rather than dull and discolored. With the sweat of summer, dirt easily slips into pores and dead skin is more prevalent so exfoliating is really important to get that youthful glowing skin.
  • Use A Setting Powder. Using a setting powder over tinted moisturizer or foundation can really transform your  makeup in the summer. It creates a great matte look and also helps your makeup stay put during the hot day, preventing it from melting off your face. It can also help prevent breakouts by controlling oily skin.
  • SPF SPF SPF!!! Whatever your goals for summer, wearing a high SPF UVA/UVB broad spectrum sunblock or suncreen is of the UTMOST importance! Even if you plan to bake in the sun all day, you should still apply an SPF every 3-6 hours in order to protect your skin from premature aging and skin cancer. Trust me, if you want to tan, you’ll tan anyway by spending time in the sun even if you wear an SPF sunblock. Your skin and body with thank you!
  • Spray Toners & Hydrating Mists. Spray toners and hydrating mists for the face can be heavenly on hot days, especially if kept in the refrigerator.  Not only that, but these also work to tone, hydrate, and refresh your skin for the youthful glowy look all day long.
  • Bronzer & Glow Blush. Utilizing bronzer and blush during the summer can transform any look. If you’re going for that sun-kissed look with just a small tan, a light bronzer can give you the ultimate golden gleam. If you’re going the whole nine yards and your tan is a deeper shade, a darker bronzer or even just some light colored blush can really make your face glow from within.
  • Smile! Lastly, remember to smile and enjoy yourself! Although the heat and humidity can sometimes threaten to ruin your sex appeal, with all these tips and a smile on your face, you’re sure to look your best.

Enjoy the Summer & Good Luck!