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prostate milking guide

What is Prostate Milking?

what is prostate milking

What is Prostate Milking?

So, what is prostate milking? I’m glad you asked 😉 Prostate milking is simply an alternative form of stimulation for males that does not require stimulation of the penis. Of course, you can alternate between penis, testicles, and prostate, but these are not required for pleasure and ejaculation. There are many toys for prostate milking and stimulation, but today’s post is demonstrating how to do it, manually, without any toys at all.

Prostate Milking Tips:

  • Trim your nails beforehand to avoid scratching or causing discomfort during the prostate milking.
  • Another option is to use latex gloves to maintain optimum cleanliness.
  • You will want to use lubricants to ease the prostate stimulation since your anal cavity is not self-lubricating.
  • Try different positions and see what works for you! Some fun ones include on all fours (doggy style), lying down with your back legs up in the air for ease of entry, and on your side is easiest if you plan to do this solo.
  • Stroke away and enjoy 😉

How to Milk Your Prostate for Pleasure & Ejaculation:

Feel around gently inside your anal cavity for what feels like a malleable walnut; it should be about 3-3.5 inches inside and feels a bit like cartilage. In order to begin prostate milking, massage and tap lightly. You will begin to feel arousal and stimulation. Repeat as desired or until ejaculation.

Please be aware: If the walnut sized prostate gland is too hard, it could indicate feces so you may want to perform anal douching before. If you’ve done an enema and it still feels hard, this may indicate a health issue so please consult your personal care physician before going any further.

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