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your guide to rim jobs

Your Guide to Rim Jobs

your guide to rim jobs rimming

Your Guide to Rim Jobs

Rim jobs or “salad tossing” is not just for gay guys. Contrary to popular belief, rimming is enjoyed by all kinds of couples and can be quite pleasurable. That said, there are a few things you should know before you jump into it including how to prep yourself beforehand, different techniques, and fun positions to try with your partner(s)!

Rimming Play Tips:

  1. Shave + Enema: Before beginning, you or your partner may want to consider trying an enema AKA anal douching in order to clean yourself out. After that, it is advised to shower, shave and groom yourself to make the anal area as clean and trim as possible to avoid any unpleasant experiences during the fun.
  2. Dental Dams: Consider using flavored dental dams while rimming to protect yourself and your partner from unwanted infections and irritations. Flavored dental dams also bring added enjoyment to whomever is doing the rimming by adding delicious flavors to the rim job play. Of course, this isn’t required; just a suggestion.
  3. Lubricant: Lastly, you may want to consider having lubricant on hand if you think it will add to the rimming experience. Stick with non-toxic, unscented, and flavored varieties since they will be, inevitably, going into your or your partner’s mouth.
  4. Keep Toys Separate: Any toys that you use during your rimming fun should be separated from your other toys. Whatever goes into the anal cavity should not be used for vaginal or oral play to avoid unwanted spread of bacteria. Clean and disinfect all your toys before using them for other kinds of erotic play.
  5. Remember to Rinse! After all the fun has been had, remember to rinse your mouth out with an antiseptic mouth rinse to kill any and all bacteria. Both the anal cavity and your mouth can carry unwanted bacteria and it is important to protect yourself and your partner from any infection or irritation before resuming with any other kind of fun!

How to Perform Stimulating Rim Jobs:

  • Blow and breathe gently onto the anal area .
  • Use your tongue and hands to stimulate the outer and inner areas, as desired. Everyone is different so it’s important to see what your partner enjoys.
  • Using toys such as dildos and butt plugs, your fingers, and massaging other areas (including the vagina) while rimming increases pleasure for your partner.

Fun Positions to Try While Rimming:

  1. Sitting on your partner’s face (optional: you may add pillows under your pelvis to facilitate play)
  2. 69
  3. Doggy style (on all fours)
  4. Lying on your back (optional: you may add pillows under your pelvis to facilitate play)
  5. Lying on your back with your legs spread
  6. Standing with your legs spread

Stay Safe & Enjoy 😉

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