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how to make sperm taste good

How to Make Your Cum Taste Good

how to make your cum taste good

How to Make Your Cum Taste Good

Whether you’re a man or woman, everyone wants to know how to make your cum taste good and it’s actually a lot easier than you might think. You don’t need pills or special supplements to make your jizz, spunk, sperm, or whatever you want to call it, smell delightful. All you really need are a few easy guidelines to follow (and some things to avoid) to get great tasting cum that your partner will happily thank you for.

The Obvious Tips:

  • Make sure you wash your private parts with a gentle, unscented soap. Overpowering scents can actually make the entire area taste bad or of chemicals if your partner is going down on you shortly after showering. Moreover, if they are sensitive to fragrance, it can be irritating to them.
  • To limit unpleasant scents and minimize sweat in your area, always wear cotton underwear because it’s breathable and won’t hold in any undesirable odors, sweat, or harbor bacteria (which can cause the bad smells).
  • Practicing general good hygiene and grooming yourself (either by waxing, shaving, etc.) can minimize sweat and therefore unwanted odors.

The Not-So-Obvious Tips:

  • In general, a good, healthy diet will actually make your cum taste good!
  • More specifically, you can up the flavor factor of your cum by eating these foods: yogurt, cranberry juice, strawberries, banana, honey, grapes, celery, watermelon, pineapple ( this is a popular one! ), and lots and lots of water.
  • Things to Avoid: Alcohol, spicy foods, asparagus, garlic, raw onion, broccoli, cigarettes, hard drugs , fried and processed foods. Anything that will give you gas or heart burn will, most likely, give your cum an unpleasant taste so best to avoid them the day of.

The moral of this story is that the healthier, cleaner your diet and lifestyle is, the more delicious your cum will taste 😉

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