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Get Ready for Black November Deals!

Black Friday Sales in November at our adult store locations!

Get Ready for Black November Deals!

Our Black November deals event is going on at ALL 3 store locations this month as a massive way to show our gratitude to you, the loyal customers! If you’re in the areas of Tampa (FL), Rowland Heights (CA), or El Paso (TX), then be sure to check out your local adult store’s specials this month. Here’s a helpful breakdown of what each store is offering in the month of November!

Stans Adult Store — Rowland Heights, CA


Week 1: All $3.99 DVDs are 8 for $20

 Week 2: Toys + Vibes are Buy 2+, Get 15% off!

Week 3: Select Lingerie, Hosiery & Wigs are Buy 2+, Get 20% off!

Week 4: Select Lubricants, Lotions and Pills are Buy 2+, Get 20% Off!!!

Black Friday Weekend: TONS of discounts on popular items PLUS a FREE Bullet will be gifted to the first 20 customers that spend $30 or more!

Tres Equis Adult Store — Tampa, Florida


TONS of new discounts on popular items EVERY WEEK IN NOVEMBER! Drop by to see what deals you can get 😉

Black Friday Weekend ONLY: On top of massive discounts, the first 10 shoppers will receive a FREE Thai Jelly Anal Beads when they spend $30+!! The first 20 shoppers will receive a FREE Shibari Pocket Pleasure when they spend $30+!  Buy 2, Get 1 DVD FREE on select $4.99+ DVD’s! All $30+ purchase get a FREE cock ring! You can also get an EXTRA 15% off all sale clothing (excl. shoes)!!!

Romance Attack Lingerie Store — El Paso, Texas

Get 30% Off On TONS of Sexy Shoes ALL MONTH LONG! 

Week 1: Select Sexy Costumes are 15% Off ALL WEEK!

Week 2: Buy one lotion or lubricant and get the second HALF OFF!!

Week 3: All Toys are Buy 2, Get one 20% Off!!!

Week 4: All Pills are Buy 5, Get one FREE!!!!

Black Friday Weekend: TONS of discounts on popular items PLUS, Lingerie is buy 2, Get 15% off!!!! The first 20 customers to spend $30+ will receive a FREE bullet vibe as well!


Happy Shopping! If you drop in, be sure to tell the clerk who sent you 😉

*Please note: terms/restrictions apply. 

5 Reasons Every Woman Should Pole Dance

I know, I know, either you’re all for this crazy idea of mine or you think it’s the most ludicrous thing you’ve ever heard or perhaps you’re all blushing and giggly with the mention of pole dancing. I’m not talking about dancing in a club (unless you want to do that, then cool!), but I am talking about taking a class, reserving a room in your home for a dance pole, or setting one up in your living room to practice. Within the privacy of your own home, you have much to gain from this sexy, deliciously devilish form of fitness. Class prices can range from $20 a class to $100, depending on the teacher and studio location (usually available at many yoga studios), so if you’re on a budget, the investment of instructional DVD’s and your own dance pole will save you money in the long run. Whatever it is that you think about pole dancing right now, suspend judgment before you make a quick decision to brush off pole dancing and take a quick look at the benefits you stand to gain with regular practice of this art:

  1. Fitness: That’s right! Pole dancing, erotic dancing or any kind of dancing can and will help you shed pounds and build muscle. What better way to shed the flab and get the ultimate desirable abs while looking sexy and turning your partner on? Some self-proclaimed pole dancers claim they lost over 100 lbs. after taking a pole dancing class for a year and then installing their own in their home.
  2. Confidence: It’s no surprise that you’ll feel better about yourself and definitely sexier after a few of these classes in which you’re told to get in touch with your inner feminine side, dance sensually and strut your stuff with other women watching. Don’t worry! By the end of this class, you’ll be proud you braved the all-female gauntlet and might even surprise yourself with a natural talent for pole spins or erotic dance.
  3. Shed Your Inhibitions: So I was a little more reserved before I joined one of these pole dance/ erotic dance classes, but now I find I’m more outgoing thanks to the ridiculously embarrassing things I’ve done in this class and I’m glad of it. I went zip lining the other day and it’s definitely something I never would have even attempted before so kudos to the pole dance class that has enriched my life.
  4. Get In Touch With Your Sexy Side: Pole dance classes touches on erotic dancing and getting in touch with your femininity which is something a lot of women (myself included) may not have experienced before. Dance sensually in front of other women? Own my body and be confident? It sounds simple, but making the dancing and pole moves sexy and believably confident is more difficult than it sounds.
  5. Enhance Your Love Life: Pole dancing and erotic dance classes can actually enliven your sex life! Because so much of the dancing and pole moves involve your whole body, this class allows you to feel good in your own skin and be more sexually confident. The erotic dance portion of this class really gave me some great ideas to try in the bedroom!

By the end of my 3 month long class pass, I can say that, yes, I’ve purchased my own dance pole that is currently sitting in my living room. I do my moves every morning and have effortlessly lost 10 lbs in the past 3 months of channeling my inner Striptease Showgirl every morning. Aside from that, the benefits are limitless and my sex life has definitely seen a revival as of late, with shows happening every weekend right in my own home! I highly recommend any and every women to try this unorthodox form of fitness that is truly an art (and a workout!) ; I promise you won’t regret it!

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