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Fresh Deals for the New Year!

Fresh Deals for the New Year!

Fresh Deals for the New Year!

New Deals for a New Year! Drop by and take advantage of these awesome promotions at a store near you.

If you’re in the areas of Tampa (FL), Rowland Heights (CA), or El Paso (TX), then be sure to check out your local adult store’s specials this month. Here’s a helpful breakdown of what each store is offering in the month of January!

Stans Adult Store

19266 E. Walnut Dr.
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 854-3575


  • Group Preview Theater + Private Viewing Booths
  • Up to 50% Off Select Wrist Restraints!
  • High End Sexual Enhancement Supplements
  • 25% Off Nasstoys!
  • Wide Selection of Unique Adult Toys + Vibrators
  • 20% Off MAIA Toys!
  • xXx Arcade has 100+ HQ Channels
  • 30% Off XxX Adult DVD’s!
  • Andrew Christian Menswear

Tres Equis Adult Store

6220 E. Adamo Dr.
Tampa, FL 33619


  • Plus Size AND Straight Size Lingerie Selection
  • 25% Off Nasstoys!
  • Private Arcade Booths AND 3 Group Theaters
  • 20% Off MAIA Toys!
  • High End Sexual Enhancement Supplements
  • BDSM Gear + Fetish Toys!
  • Andrew Christian Menswear
  • NEWLY REMODELED THEATER Voted BEST In-House Theater 2018 in NightMoves Magazine!

Romance Attack Lingerie Store

2230 Texas Ave.
El Paso, TX 79901
(915) 532-6171

Mon-Sat Open: 10am-10pm / Sunday Open: 12pm-8pm

  • Andrew Christian Menswear
  • 25% Off Nasstoys!
  • Straight Size AND Plus Size Lingerie Selection
  • 20% Off Select Lingerie + Wigs!
  • Bondage Gear and BDSM Toys
  • 25% Off ALL xXx Movies!
  • TONS of Clearance items including toys, lingerie and more!
  • 20% Off MAIA Toys!

Happy Shopping for Naughty Lingerie + Toys for the 2020!

                  If you drop in, be sure to tell the sales associate who sent you!

Sex Can Improve Your Sleep!

Did you know sex can help improve the quality of your sleep?

It’s a great way to relieve stress as it releases endorphins such as oxytocin that help your body relax and improve your sense of happiness, contentment and well being while also helping you feel more connected to your partner. Sex can be a remedy to restless leg syndrome which affects nearly 5% of Americans. Sex can also improve your immunity, help you lose or maintain a healthy weight, and much more for your overall physical and mental health.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get to it!

What do you think about sex improving sleep ?

Have you felt the effects?

Let me know in the comments below!