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Toys for Anal Stretching

Toys for Anal Stretching

For anyone looking to level up their anal play, anal stretching is the way to go! Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, I’ve put together an awesome selection of toys to help you go from small toys to the big naughty ones😉


12 Inch Silicone Vibrating Anal Beads 

For those who are absolute beginners, the 12 inch silicone vibrating anal beads are a fantastic place to start!


Inflatable Butt Plug

This inflatable butt plug is fantastic for beginner to intermediate anal players because you can start using this plug in it’s deflated state and then slowly inflate the plug using the convenient hand pump. This will slowly, gradually widen and open you up without being too sudden of a change.


Depth Charge Butt Plug – Small

The Depth Charge butt plug is a super unique anal plug because it’s split down the middle and it’s designed to be inserted like any butt plug, but the split slowly, gently opens you up and stretches you so you can level up to larger anal toys.


Vibro Screw Anal Plug

If the idea of being opened up doesn’t appeal to you, then you may want to try our Vibro Screw plug instead! Unlike the others, this plug screws into you as much as you desire.


Fondovalle Spiral Suction Butt Plug

For those who are more advanced players, why not try out our Fondovalle plug? It has tons of notches down the shaft for the ultimate stimulation during use and the mega suction cup ensures it’s not going anywhere when you’re using this massive toy!

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Crazy Sex Things to Try Before You Die

7 Crazy Sex Things to Try Before You Die

Crazy Sex Things to Try Before You Die

What fun is sex if you can’t experiment? I came up with a list of crazy sex things I think you should try before you die.


Okay, so I know fisting isn’t for everyone, but hear me out! How will you know you don’t enjoy it if you’ve never tried it?

Medical Play

Medical play is something I think everyone should try, at least once! Unless you have a fear of needles (even fake ones) or the doctor, then you should definitely try a little role playing with doctor/ nurse or doctor/patient.

Erotic Biting

Erotic biting may or may not be something you’ve tried before, but I definitely recommend it because it can intensify every sexual act.

Pet Play and Yiff

It’s true: yiff and dressing up as our furry friends isn’t for everyone, but role playing as animals can be sexy and primal.


Bondage is something everyone should try. Whether you enjoy a little mild kink or something more extreme is 100% up to you and your partner, but it’s something I think everyone should explore. Power play can teach you a lot about yourself and your partner. It can also take you to new avenues of pleasure you never thought possible.


Pegging is a fun way to switch roles with your partner and enjoy a little domination. Some people are into it and some people are not. If you think you might enjoy it, I recommend speaking to your partner about your fantasy and starting small before going big.


Cuckolding is such a hot fantasy to bring to life. Whether you’re the cuckold or on some other end, the idea of sexual intrigue and humiliation is a sexual wonder for some. Talk to your partner about it if you’re curious to explore this unique erotic experience!

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Your Guide to Pony Play

your guide to pony play - Mr_Ed_Pony_Extension

Your Guide to Pony Play

Pony play is a kind of yiff (furry) bondage roleplay in which the dom and the sub enact situations meant to humiliate and degrade the sub for sexual arousal and pleasure. All forms are considered BDSM and involve different role playing in which the dominant has power over the submissive in in various “pony” and “trainer” situations. The arousal for subs comes from being tied up and bound, mouth gagged, vision impaired, sometimes with toys inserted in various places, forced to (or willingly wanting to) role play various humiliating pony and trainer situations, and they are powerless to stop any of it. Dominants may gain pleasure from having this much power over their submissive.

guide to pony play pony play guide sex tips

The Different Kinds of Pony Play:

  • Forced – Forced pony play is where the submissive still considers himself/herself a human, but is “forced” by his/her Dominant or “handler” to act like an animal. This usually includes humiliation tactics by the Dominant.
  • Equine Roleplay – Equine role playing is where the submissive takes on a horse/pony persona and acts like a normal horse or pony would. There is no humiliation or mistreatment by the Dominant in this situation.
  • Therians – This kind of animal role play is wherein the submissive truly believes they are part animal. This persona may or may not transfer over into daily life.


The Different Kinds of Ponies

  • Cart Ponies – Cart ponies pull their Dominant or Mistress in a cart on either 2 or 4 legs.
  • Riding Ponies – Riding ponies are “trained” by their Dominant aka “handlers” to be ridden.
  • Show Ponies – Show ponies are used to model fancy tack and equipment by their Dominant “handler.”

Pony Play Tips:

  • Pony play usually takes places outdoors so it is recommended that those who wish to partake in pony role play own or rent private properties with barns or stalls in order to enjoy the most realistic experience. You could also go out to a local park and get hauled away in a horse trailer to enact pony role play without a farm or barn.
  • It is legal to go out in California and New York in full pony gear in public, but you must remained fully clothed. In other places, it may not be fully legal and is not recommended due to safety risks.
  • Safety Tips: It is highly recommended that you use safe words when engaging in any kind of bondage play.  If you engage in pony play during the summer, be sure to stay hydrated and take breaks to avoid dehydration and heat exhaustion in extreme temperatures. For those embodying the role of horse or pony, it is SO important to use proper footwear and not go out barefoot or with hooves as both can be highly damaging in rough terrain. Whenever engaging in any kind of bondage, it is important to be careful with proper blood circulation, take breaks for stretching and moving around normally without restriction, etc. Refer to our rope bondage guide for more tips on how to use them safely.

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Your Guide to Erotic Vampire Roleplay

With fall finally here and Halloween coming very soon, your mind might be on the seedier, wilder side of things to keep things sexy in the bedroom. Since we’re all about amping up the kink in your sex life, we’ve been doing research on ways to enjoy some wild naughty fun this fall and we thought, what’s sexier than vampires?

The answer is nothing. Vampires have taken over pop culture in a big way ever since the inception of Twilight, Vampire Diaries and True Blood and it’s no wonder. Even though you might be tuning in to your favorite erotic fantasy shows and films, you may not have thought about how you can enjoy a little vampire roleplay yourself which brings us to our first kink guide with a naughty Halloween twist!


Your Guide to Erotic Vampire Roleplay

  • Set the Stage. If you’re really trying to enjoy some vampire roleplay, you’ll want to set the stage and mood by using silk or velvet sheets and blankets, deep dark colors, lighting candles, and playing seductive music. This will help everyone get into the flow of things and feels more sexy, romantic, and a lot less awkward than trying to make it happen in your normal everyday environment. Half the appeal of vampire role play is the boldness, the darkness, and the seductive feel of that world so play that up.
  • Pick A Character. This can be as complicated or simple as you like. You can simply choose who gets to be the vampire and who gets to be the human victim and switch off or you can create specific characters with names. You can also give your characters roles such as dominant and submissive to give the role playing some direction. You can even do something such as vampire and werewolf roles to give it more of a visceral and primal feel of lust. Try some animal dildosfor realism 😉 You can also switch roles to keep things fun, but it’s entirely up to you.
  • Try Bondage. You can try playing games of lust and control such as with masturbation. One person masturbates while the other tells them when they can begin and stop as they like which can increase the intensity of pleasure. You can use bondage gear such as restraints, collars, and vibrators or use dildos, anal toys, or fetish toys to up the ante as well.

Stay Safe & Naughty 😉

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Animal Toy and Furry Mask Costume Kits Are Here!


Animal Toy and Furry Mask Costume Kits Are Here!

Just in time for Halloween and the fun fall season, we’ve stocked up on furry animal costume masks and are now offering them separately as well as alongside all your favorite animal dildos at a great price! Get the Mr. Ed Horse Dildo alongside a yiffing good Horse Head Costume Mask. Enjoy it this Halloween for some kinky role play, add a naughty spin to your Halloween costume, or indulge in furry sex fun any time all year long 😉 Aside from the kinky horse kit, we have different canine varieties and even a wolf mask and toy companion set!

Have a look at our full selection of animal costume kits on Masturgasm.

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3 Kinds of Dildos You Need to Try


Let me be frank when I say that not all dildos are created equal. They all have their own unique qualities, but when you break it down, there are 3 main categories which you should definitely give a go if you haven’t done so already – read on if you want to enjoy all the orgasms the world has to offer you 😉


Stylistic Dildos

Stylistic dildos are perfect for those with a big imagination! These designs are totally out of this world. From animal dildos to artistic shapes and sensual textures, stylistic toys have a lot to offer in terms of stimulation and they are a fun way to add excitement to role play fantasies.


Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos are for the practical one among you. If you want something that feels super close to the real deal, these dildos are perfect. You can get super firm ones or realistic toys with a more skin-like texture. We carry a material called fauxskin which simulates the feel of velvety soft skin so it’s perfect for indulging in classic naughtiness!


Vibrating Dildos

Last, but certainly not least, is vibrating dildos. These delightful sex toys are perfect for those who want only #goodvibes. Joking (kind of), but seriously, these toys have a plethora of designs and styles to choose from across the board. You can get a realistic or stylistic dildo with a vibe or simply a classic slim design; it’s totally up to you.

Stay Naughty ;-)

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3 Ways to Make Bondage More Exciting


3 Ways to Make Bondage More Exciting!

Bondage is a great way to spice things up in your sex life, but what happens when things begin to get stale? Do you fold your cards and go vanilla? Not on our watch, kinksters 😉

If you think you’re ready to take your kinky fun to the next level or maybe just mix things up a bit, here are some things you can try to put the fireworks back in your relationship.

  1. Play Doctor. If you’re well educated and inducted into the ways of BDSM and bondage relationships, you might want to try medical play if you haven’t already. Medical play invokes a doctor/patient role playing relationship, involves medical-like devices and toys, and adds a whole new layer of kink to otherwise typical BDSM play.
  2. Gear Up. If you’re slightly new to bondage, but have done some experimenting, you may find excitement with more intense bondage gear such as restraints, cuffs, and other gear to amp up the intensity. Power play is a great way to enjoy some kink, but restraints add a layer of realism and erotic intensity to the whole thing.
  3. 50 Shades of Kink. If you’re well into the world of bondage, but are looking for small ways to add stimulation to your typical play, we highly recommend you give sex toys a try! Whether it’s a vibrator, dildo, or butt plug, we have something for everyone to enjoy and explore.

If you’re totally new to the world of bondage, check out our extensive bondage guide!

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5 Naughty New Year’s Resolutions for 2015


The impending new year allows us a chance to reflect and rejuvenate, but also a chance to plan ahead for the new year and enjoy even better things to come! Here at Masturgasm, we hope to help you indulge in all the kink you can carry so here are a few resolutions we think will help achieve just that in 2015!

  1. Try Anal On For Size. Anal can be a seriously pleasurable asset to any intimate sex life, but it can be difficult to convince your partner to give it a go if they’ve never tried it before. If they need persuading, check out this post on how to convince them to try it out with you! Otherwise, if you just need a few tips and tricks, get the 411 on Anal here.
  2. Play A Role. Role playing is a great way to get to know your partner a little better and to explore all the different sides of your sexual selves. Whether you’re into yiff roleplay or maybe a little bondage, role playing is a great way to improve your intimate trust and sexual satisfaction in 2015.
  3. Get the Thickness You Deserve. Do you and your partner desire more thickness during intimacy? We have the PERFECT extension for you! Our beloved Thick Ur Dick Girth Expander helps give you the thickness in your penis that you deserve to please you and your partner.
  4. Menage-A-Trois, Anyone? Before you pass over this one, we’re not talking about a 3 person sex fest (unless you’re into that, then proceed 😉 ). We’re talking about our Fidelity Fantasy Threesome Toys!  They help facilitate the sensations of threesome, double penetration pleasure without involving a third person. So, you can your partner can enjoy double the pleasure and double the fun without the third wheel – awesome, right?
  5. Inflate Your…Ego 😉 Your ego won’t be the only thing inflated once we’re done with you! Our electric penis pumps  are perfect for getting a bigger dick, instantly during use, and enjoying intense pleasure all at once!

Here’s to the Naughtiest New Year in 2015 😉

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Happy New Year from Masturgasm!


From all of us here at Masturgasm, we want to thank you so much for keeping up with us on this blog, being incredibly loyal and wonderful customers, and we wish you the best year yet in 2015!

Happy New Year from All of Us – Stay Naughty ;-P

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3 Ways to Amp Up the Kink In Your Relationship in 2015!


You may find that the winter months have you feeling a bit blah in the bedroom and the colder weather can do that. Colder weather tends to sap your libido so it’s important to eat well, stay active, and experiment when things are getting dull. That’s why we came up with a few ideas to help you spice up the naughtiness in your relationship!

  1. Try Something New. Whether it’s anal, a little fetish or BDSM, a new sex position, or even just trying a naughty new sex toy, trying something new in the bedroom can be a breath of much-needed fresh air for your intimate life so don’t be afraid to get a little extreme if you feel the need! Yiff roleplay, medical fetish toys, or just sizing up your anal toys can make a big difference in your overall sexual satisfaction.
  2. Renew Enthusiasm For the Classics. If you’re opposed to trying anything new, maybe you just need a little more enthusiasm in your life! Get excited about pleasing your partner, even if the task seems unexciting. Working up some enthusiasm at bringing your partner to ecstasy could just mean the difference between a ho-hum sexual experience and a seriously satisfying erotic experience.
  3. Get Active Together. This might sound like strange advice, but it’s true: staying active together can increase your sex drives together, make your bond together even stronger, and even enjoy more passionate, enthusiastic intimacy.

Stay Naughty, My Friends ;-P

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Have Naughty Fall Fun this Weekend!

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