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NEW Devil Inside Me Tail Butt Plug!


NEW Devil Inside Me Tail Butt Plug! 

One of our newest sex toys on Masturgasm, this Devil Inside Me Tail Butt Plug is PERFECT for Halloween, especially if you’re up for some horror-themed roleplay. If you happen to be dressing up in a naughty devil costume for Halloween, this is a great toy to pair with your costume for naughty after-party play. The tail end of this anal plug is scaled and comes to a raised pitchfork point. The texture is great for stimulation and adds kinky detail to your sexy Halloween costume. The plug end of this toy is a simple medium sized, tapered butt plug with lube trails for long lasting lubrication and fun!


  • Total Length: 18 Inches
  • Plug Length: 5 Inches
  • Thickness: 6 3/4 around widest point

Learn more and purchase your own Devil Inside Me Tail Butt Plug on Masturgasm.

Stay Safe & Naughty 😉

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