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small anal toys

Butt Plugs for Beginners



Butt Plugs for Beginners

I know we tend to gear toward extremes when it comes to sexual pleasure, but if you happen to be more at the beginning stages of your erotic journey of sex exploration, you probably want something a bit more tame and that’s cool with me! We have tons of smaller plugs that we’ve recently added to Masturgasm just for all the beginners!

  1. Micro Butt Plug – At only 4 inches tall (3.5 inches insertable length), this is our smallest butt plug! We have it in 5 different colors and it’s tapered design allows you to go as slow or fast as you like.
  2. AstroTech Butt Plug – Small – Another ideal plug for starters, this plug has more of a realistic shape to it with veins, texture ridges, and a tapered head so it’s slightly more intense than the micro plug because it’s a lot thicker, but the same length.
  3. Small Mole Plug – This is the skinniest plug of the 3 and it’s got a slightly tapered design so you can enjoy anal in baby steps! It’s slightly longer at 3.75 inches insertable, but also a little bit thinner than the Micro plug. Available in 2 colors.

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Your Sex Toy Travel Essentials


Shibari Bling Mini Travel Wand Vibe | Encounter Personal Lubricant 2 Oz. | Analicious Butt Plug

Your Sex Toy Travel Essentials

Traveling can be a hassle in and of itself, but traveling with sex toys? That complicates things even further. That said, it’s not entirely impossible to travel with a few of your favorites vibes and lubes, if you so wish, and with a little thought, they’ll stay under the radar of TSA and everyone else. Typically, if you’re flying somewhere, you’ll want to keep your items small and portable. There’s a weight limit for luggage as well as an ounce limit for liquids so you don’t want lubes and toys costing you more time and money than your flight. To avoid any hassle and pack your items seamlessly, stick to traveling with small toys that are 1 pound or less and lubricants that are 2 ounces in volume or less. This will ensure you can travel worry-free and enjoy some naughty fun when you arrive at your chosen destination!

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