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5 Tips to Rev Up Your Sex Drive in 2015!

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5 Great Tips That Will Rev Up Your Sex Drive for 2015!

  1. Have Sex After Exercise: One of the best times to get “down n’ dirty” is right after you get hot and sweaty! Exercise alone or with your partner will help you get you in the right state of mind and mood to hit the sheets!
  2. Schedule a Sex Date: A great way to build up anticipation and excitement for sexy times is to schedule a sex date. You can build the excitement and anticipation up with some naughty talk or texting in the days leading up to the event, maybe even a glass of wine, and then enjoy turning the fantasy into a reality!
  3. Roleplay: Sometimes when things are stale in a relationship, it’s because we as humans are always craving something ( or someone ) new. The best way to experience this desire and maintain your fidelity in a relationship is to roleplay. You can be animals! Play Naughty Nurse or Dirty Doctor!
  4. Have A “Threesome”: Sometimes just one isn’t enough. Finding a way to experience a threesome without breaking your commitment to another person is important and we can help you make it happen! Our line of threesome toys allow you and your partner to experience a threesome without involving a third wheel! Browse our line of threesome toys!
  5. Try Anal Sex: Sometimes it can help to enjoy a little anal play, even if it seems taboo or intimidating at first. Anal sex can be both naughty and alluring at the same time and, if you can build the anticipation, it can turn into a mind blowing sexual revelation. If you are new to anal sex, we have a great deal of anal toys for beginners. If you are a more experienced anal player, we have medium and larger anal toys for you to indulge in as well!

Whatever you decide to try, enjoy yourself, have a good time and stay naughty, my friends 😉

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