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Calling All Furry Fans or Over 18 Team Jacob Supporters! The Wolfman Has Arrived!

Introducing the Wolfman Suction!

The Wolfman Suction is a toy created for all members of Team Jacob (over 18 Only Please!) or any Fluffy enthusiasts who wish to enjoy a love knot experience! Anatomically correct, the Wolfman accurately represents a Wolf penis in detail and design, complete with canine knot. An impressively designed piece by TSX Toys (Made in the USA!), the Wolfman will stay securely in place during any of your erotic escapades! Dress up in your furriest and enjoy all the canine benefits of the Wolfman Suction!

If you’re male and you would like to unleash your primal wolf instincts onto all of your luscious lady friends, we also have a Wolfman Extension created specifically for you! Arouse and Explore your most visceral fantasies with the Wolfman Suction or Wolfman Extension tonight. Don’t be afraid to go Bark Wild or Howl at the Full Moon while enjoying this positively primal piece!

Wild Instincts, Aroma and Fur Not Included!

Both pieces are available in a wide variety of colors and several components so you can customize your toy to your needs! For more information, visit their separate product pages for complete details on availability.

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