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4 Naughty Toy Gifts Under $50!

Holiday shopping can be stressful, but fun this time of the year and why not make the gifts you give memorable, useful and pleasure-filled?

After all, it’s more fun to be naughty than nice, right?

So I compiled a list of 5 naughty toys under $50 for each of your friends and relatives based on personality!

Happy Shopping!

For your Twilight Crazed BFF; $33.99

The Wolfman Suction is the PERFECT gift for Team Jacob enthusiasts who want to fulfill their carnal canine fantasies without breaking the law! Better yet, if they’re in a relationship, we have this as an extension so they can get wild and act out their most primitive instincts with their partner! Check out the extension here. Or, if you’re the big fan, why not test your animal instincts out on these toys?

For Your Tech Savvy Friend; $30.99

The 6.5 inch I-Cock is a great gift for tech enthusiasts! Filled to the brim with fun-poking humor and pleasure (of course!), this I-Cock can be color customized to fit your friends personality. With its smoothly textured surface, the I-Cock fits many a modern minimalist lifestyle!

For the Realist or Those who Love a Man In Uniform!; $48.99

The 8.5″ Fireman Dong brings a lot of needed pleasure to the table! Perfect for the realists in your life who prefer practicality over stylistic artistry and function over form, this modestly sized toy comes packed with easily controlled vibrations, suction and a realistically textured surface for the ultimate experience. Love a man in uniform? This toy may be perfect for you!

Note: Actual Fireman not included with this toy!

For the Experimentalist in Your Life; $32.99

Whether the experimentalist is you or a fun-loving cousin of yours, this toy is a new innovation all it’s own! Ever fantasize of having that much-desired threesome with your partner, but dread the inevitable awkwardness and jealousy it may cause? Try on the Fidelity G-Spot Fantasy on for size! Made specifically for couples who want to simulate a threesome without the third wheel, this toy may be just the thing for your or a friend who’s fantasized about this for years!