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date nights

Sex On A Budget: 5 Sexy Summer Date Ideas

With summer right around the corner (or already here for some us!), whether you’re single and mingling or attached to your better half, the time is now to venture out and have some fun. In this economy, times are all about budgeting so here’s 5 sexy date ideas that won’t empty your wallet, but still guarantee a good time.


Strip Tease Game Night:

Play your favorite board game with a twist! Checkers becomes Strip Checkers and so on. Or perhaps you would prefer to be physically active and try Strip Twister! If you’re really naughty, skip the games and instead plan a strip tease for your partner complete with sexy lingerie, hot dance moves and your favorite sexy song.

Fantasy Roulette:

This is definitely a date night for time spent indoors. Simply write down fantasies you and your partner would like to  try on small strips of paper and place them into a box (or hat). Keep it hidden in a safe place and pull one out when you’re feeling spontaneous for a naughty night of something new!

Truth Or Dare:

Remember when you were 13 and played games like Truth or Dare and Spin the Bottle? Time to bring these classics back! Give Truth or Dare a naughty twist and see where the night takes you!

“Sex Slave for a Day”

Okay, so this one depends on your taste. You could play your love’s sex slave for a day if you so choose, but if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, custom make some vouchers for one another that suit your desires and take turns exchanging favors! French Maid for a Day and Naked House Cleaning are fan favorites! 😉

Restaurant Crawl

Enjoy a night on the town with your beau, with a twist. Venture to a favored plaza with lots of restaurants and bars. Enjoy cocktails and appetizers at one place, your main entrees at another and finish up dessert and coffee where you please. Just be sure to end up at the most important place at the end of the night:in bed!;)

For added sexy fun, theme all your food choices to aphrodisiacs and get yourselves excited for later.