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Your Guide to Medical Fetish Play


Your Guide to Medical Fetish Play

Nearly all children engage in some form of “playing doctor” or nurse at some point in their childhoods. I think we’ve all been there, done that, but for some of us, the sexual intrigue and mystique of the medical fantasy world lives on into adulthood. That’s where medical fetishes come in.

Medical fetishes stem from this innocent childhood play and evolved into something a bit more perverse and erotic (of course). There are many facets to medical play, commonly referred to as Clinic in some places, that can be indulged in from the very tame kink to the more advanced levels. Some forms of medical fetish are not sexual in nature, but many of them more commonly are.

Basic medical fetishes are all based in the same origin of a medical type environment of either a doctor or nurse and a patient. There are a number of medical devices and medical fetish toys one can employ during these sessions and they are widely varied from a doctor’s stethoscope to medical style tools, penis sounds and plugs, medical restraints, spreader bars, latex, and more.


Whatever your level of erotic intensity during medical play, be sure that safety comes first. It’s important to ensure that both you and your partner(s) are enjoying the play to the fullest and feel both comfortable and pleasure-filled.

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