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skin conditioner

Original Coochy Shave Creme 4 Oz. – The Next Best Thing to A Brazillian Wax!

I found out about this shave creme a few years back after attending the Storerotica trade show in Las Vegas and basically haven’t looked back since. This shaving creme is sheer gold if you want to go completely bare anywhere on your body, especially your lady (or man!) parts. If you’re like me (broke, can’t afford sh*t, let alone a Brazillian wax or actually any kind of wax), then you want to look good in spite of your sometimes very limited, narrow-minded budget. If like me, waxing every month is out of the question for you, then the Original Coochy Shave Creme is your New Best Friend. This stuff works like a pro when it comes to getting that smooth, soft and totally hairless look and it does it all for just $6.99 for a 4 Oz. bottle. This Original Coochy Shave Creme is formulated to protect and maintain moisture on your skin while providing such a close shave, people may just think that you DID go for that ultra expensive over priced Brazillian wax. The best kept secret of this stuff: You can use it to shave and moisturize any part on your party including private parts or you can use it to condition your hair if you’re low on conditioner! I love a product with multi-uses, especially in this economy, and when that product is also Fragrance Free and Rash Free it can’t get any better!

Some Great Uses for Coochy Shave Creme:

  • Shaving your private parts, of course!
  • Shaving your luscious legs, arms, or other body parts.
  • Use as a lathering moisture-rich hair conditioner
  • Use as a weekly body conditioner to maintain your skin’s moisture levels and suppleness.

Relax and use the Original Coochy Shave Creme: An experience you’ll want to lavish in for hours!