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Your Beginner Guide to Threesome Toys

Beginners Guide: Threesome Toys

To some, having a threesome is the holy grail of sex. If means either you, or someone has convinced 2 willing participants to do the horizontal mambo with yours truly. Not all have the gift of charm, but why must they not be allowed to experience this alternative form of a sexual experience? They shouldn’t. The Experts at Masturgasm know about this and strive to give you an opportunity to experience the almighty threesome with our threesome toys!

The Third Member

A threesome toy is a cock ring with an attached dildo or anal toy used for double penetration during sexual intercourse. This toy is great for double penetration simulation, whether it be anal or vaginal, and can be used in various ways to please you and your partner during intercourse. To wear a threesome toy, apply lube to your penis and testicles, then place your penis in the larger ring, while placing each testicle one by one into the cock ring. Make sure that the rings feel comfortable around your penis and testicles, and that it is not causing you any stress of discomfort.


Fidelity Fantasy Toy Collection

The Fidelity Fantasy Toy Collection is a 3 toy collection that includes a G-Spot Double Penetration Toy, a small Anal Double Penetration Toy, and a slighter larger Anal Double Penetration Toy. They’re all meant to help simulate double penetration between 2 partners and without a third person involved. We have all 3 available for purchase on Masturgasm or you can save and purchase the entire collection!

Stay Naughty, My Friends 😉

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