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How to Get Your Partner to Try Anal Sex


How To Get Your Partner To Try Anal Sex

Tis’ the season for anal pleasin’, so grab the lube, and start squeezin’! Anal sex can be a bit of a sensitive sex act that might start out with a little pain and ends in a TON of pleasure if done right. It can be a tough idea to lay upon your lover and some people just won’t do it so we came up with a few great tips on how to coax your lover into trying anal sex so you can both enjoy something intense, naughty and new!

  •  Take the “Open Mind” Route: Talk to your lover and suggest that they have an open mind and try new things, then when the mood strikes, suggest a little anal play!
  • Take Baby Steps: If your lover is unsure about how your member will fit “down under,” you can check our store for one of our smaller anal toys and try that to ease your way into it! Once you’re both ready for the real thing you can level up with your toy play or try a little skin-on-skin action 😉 .
  • Try a “Suprise Finger” : When you are getting down, try to slip in a finger, slowly…….who knows they might enjoy it and want to work towards the real thing!
  • Build It Up: Sometimes if you get your partner horny enough they will be more willing to try something a little more naughty so be sure to take your time with your lover, make them go wild, and then pop the question!
  • Prove That it Feels Good: If you look around, it’s not hard to find someone who is an advocate of anal sex so you can try to show your partner these things as proof that it is worth the small amount of pain as the ultimate reward is a lot of enjoyable pleasure.
  • Take One For the Team: A pretty good way to bargain is to put your own anus on the line. Your partner might be more inclined to try anal if you are willing to try it too!

Hopefully these tips work for you and your lover and maybe you two are already taking the “road less traveled.” We here at masturgasm always advise that you be safe, and if you are having anal sex for the first time, please take things at your own steady pace!


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