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10 Naughty Things You + Your Lover Should Try In the Bedroom!


Its getting cold out there, and we here at Masturgasm hope that you have someone you can

“warm up” with ;-P . Here are 10 naughty things that you can try in the bedroom!

1. Try a Little Roleplay. Sometimes its nice to have an all new experience and a fun way to do this is by pretending to be someone else! Role-playing is a Masturgasm favorite, come see our toys and see what your next sexual adventure will be!

2. Experiment With Anal Sex. Have you ever tried door # 2? If not, this is a mystery that you need to uncover now! Make sure to get lots of lube and take it slow if its your first time. Anal sex is an amazing experience, and every moment is meant to be savored and enjoyed. Check out our amazing line of anal toys.

3. Try Bondage! Bondage is a very cerebral experience, whether you are submissive or dominant, and a part of everyone craves a part of what bondage offers. We do bondage right at Masturgasm, and have lots of naughty toys that help you fully experience the pleasure that you can attain while being dominant or submissive.

4. Experience Double-Penetration. Only the kinkiest for you! Double penetration is an experience that will change your take on sex forever, and we at Masturgasm have some great toys to experience the feeling of being taken by two in our Threesome Toys.

5. Play Doctor… This will only hurt a little bit….. 😉 Playing doctor is a great way to start some serious play with your partner.  We have some awesome Steel Toys that can help you with your medical fancies!

6. Unleash Your Inner Animal – Ever wanted to woof woof while you bow wow wow? Animal play or furry roleplay is a favorite among our followers. Pretend to be a couple of frisky horses or do it doggy-style – For Real! We have many toys available for those who want to unleash their inner animal.

7. Try Urethral Stretching. Try out some new sensations with our new steel medical toys. If you dont know what Urethral stretching is, check out our Beginners Guide To Urethral Stretching.

8.  Play footsies (or fisties!) erotic style… Bring a 5th foot to the party and embark on a foot or fist fetish. Try out the killer but sexy Femme foot fatale, or the Duo Fist. These toys are only for the true sex warrior.

9. GO BIG! If you and your partner seek to tame a beast, look no further. We have some killer beastie toys for you to try out. So what do you think? Are you fierce enough for the beast? Can you tame moby dick? What about Mr. Ed?

10. Pump up your junk! – Get your tool rock hard with one of our electric Vacuum pumps.

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