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Sexual Activity: Victoria Era Vs. Modern Day

Photo by Simon Howden

In the Victorian era, sexual intercourse was a practice only considered socially acceptable in order to procreate. Sexual desires were accepted for men, but considered not virtuous for women. In fact, promiscuity was thought to be a sign of national decay. Early love manuals encourage intercourse for pleasure, but caution readers to refrain from intercourse too frequently because many thought too much sexual activity could be harmful insofar as to say it caused cancer, heart conditions and hysteria. Sexual activity acceptance took an even bigger hit in the 1840s after Sylvester Graham claimed in his writings that women experienced no need or want for sexual pleasure and that they did not care about sex in marriage. Other manuals upheld the idea of “marital continence” or the practice of a couple (husband & wife) choosing to abstain from any sexual indulgence in any form. Those women who did seek sexual fulfillment were seen to be leading lives that were not God-filled.

One of the few who challenged the belief that women had no need for sexual experiences was physician Elizabeth Blackwell who believed that a female’s lack of sexual lust came from a fear of injury or death during childbirth and that women were passive due to the fact that men would be rushed to perform quickly leaving women without satisfaction or fulfillment. Other doctors believed that at certain times a woman’s capacity for sexual pleasure was much greater and more intense and prolonged than a male’s.

A belief parroted in Alkaloidal Clinic (1891) declared that women’s lack of education made them believe sex to be immoral and indecent, resulting in a complete race of sexless women who could experience no pleasure during vaginal intercourse. This belief dominated society in the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s.

Change in society about female sexuality came with what was often referred to as the “sexual revolution.” Beginning in the 1950s with the writings of Simone De Beauvoir in which the importance of clitoral stimulation and sex purely for sexual pleasure was emphasized, these new ideas in combination with the women’s liberation movement were in stark contrast to Freudian beliefs that the vagina was the only source for sexual pleasure and orgasm.

Another firm step forward came in the 1960’s when living ideals were all about “sex, drugs & rock & roll.” By the 1970’s, premarital sex was becoming much more acceptable as a social norm. Because of the strides made in the 1960’s, it was finally acknowledged that men and women have an equal need for sexual fulfillment and pleasure.

Today, sex is much more openly accepted and even discussed frankly in society. Although we still have a long way to go in order to accept all the facets of sexuality, we have come an awful long way from chastity belts and clitoridectomy (removal of clitoris).

The Auto Erotica 3-In-1: The Ultimate Orgasm Toy for Women

The Auto Erotica 3-In-1 is one of the many master pieces of art created by the custom toy company TSX Toys. In 2000, the creative team at TSX decided to create a unique toy that delivered all the pleasure possible to women in one hand held toy. This was due to the fact that few toys at the time were really made specifically for a woman’s sexual needs and the fact that the CFO of TSX Toys is also a woman. Although it may look intimidating, this toy was designed based upon research done by women and statistics drawn from survey results taken by women when asked what they desired during intercourse and other sexual acts. This toy embodies their wants, needs and desires, and of course they put their own creative spin on the item given their expertise of over 20 years experience in the adult manufacturing business. Following the piece (as pictured above) from left to right, the most left part of the toy is meant to stimulate the clitoris, the middle part encompassing the bullet vibe is meant to be inserted vaginally and the most right hand part is meant to be anally inserted as desired by the user. The base of the piece itself is curved because as the CFO herself tells me, “This piece is aerodynamically designed to be held in the palm of a woman’s hand and rocked into her body, either alone or with a partner.” So, the curved base actually enables the user to reach climax through the 3 points of stimulation (clitoral, vaginal & anal) as well as by stimulating the G-spot and TSX has so graciously added a bullet vibe for added vibration sensations. This toy is INCREDIBLE! You will experience orgasms over and over unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. When I say orgasm, I mean the kind of climax that makes your toes curl under, your breath short and raspy and your ab muscles contract. Trust me, I’ve tried it. That being said, check this amazing toy out. You’ll be so (Orgasmically!) happy you did!
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