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$25 Valentine’s Day Baskets Available At Romance Attack Rowland Heights!

Romance Attack Rowland Heights store is now offering the perfect gift your that special someone this Valentines Day: Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets at only $25 ! The baskets include a vibrator, Pink lubricant and female arousal gel for that special woman in your life or perhaps a gift to treat yourself! Also available at Romance Attack Rowland Heights, CA store are a great variety on toys, lubricants, massage oils, cheap adult DVD’s (from $3.99 + Up), and much more!

Stop by the Rowland Heights, CA store if you’re in the area and be sure to follow them on Twitter for the latest sales, coupons, and deals every day!

Romance Attack Rowland Heights Twitter

Romance Attack Rowland Heights
19266 E. Walnut Dr.
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 854-3575
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Romance Attack Tampa Black Friday Deals!

The Romance Attack Tampa, FL Store Black Friday Deals Are As Follows:

  • Buy 2 DVD’s Get the 3rd FREE!
  • 50% OFF Shoes!!
  • 50% OFF Men’s & Women’s Lingerie!!!
  • 15% OFF Magazines!!

Romance Attack Tampa Twitter

Romance Attack Tampa
6220 E. Adamo Dr.
Tampa, FL 33619
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Not near this location or prefer to shop online? Check out our Romance Attack Online Deals for Black Friday and Shop from Home ALL THANKSGIVING WEEKEND LONG!

RomanceAttackRH Weekly Sales & Specials!

As promised, here are this week’s (and a little preview of next week!) IN STORE ONLY sales and specials valid at the Romance Attack Rowland Heights, CA location ONLY!

Be sure to stop in and take advantage of these great offers while they last!!

  • Buy 2, get 1 free on all DVDs!

(Excludes 3.45 and NR titles)

  • FREE GIFT with $20 or more purchases!
  • Buy 3, get 1 free on ALL Body Jewelry!
  • 25% off ALL LINGERIE!


AND Coming Next Week…

25%-40% OFF ALL LINGERIE! Be sure to stop in and take advantage of these fantastic sales!

Romance Attack Rowland Heights
19266 E. Walnut Dr.
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 854-3575

For Directions, feel free to call the above number or click here to View a Map or Get Directions!

Follow RomanceAttackRH on Twitter for EXCLUSIVE Instant Updates on Sales, Specials & More!


Have a Fantastic Weekend!

Romance Attack RH Sales!!

Current Sales Through June 31, 2011 Are As Follows:

Buy 2 Penthouse or Platinum DVDs, get the 3rd FREE!

Body Jewelry Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!

ALL Lingerie 20% OFF When You Mention Code:S2L20

Hurry While down to Romance Attack RH While These Offers Last!!

Romance Attack RH

19266 E. Walnut Dr.

Rowland Heights, CA 91748


If You’re Not A Registered Customer on RA, Here’s A Good Reason To Be!

11 New Things To Try In Bed

  • New Positions: If you want something simple to try, new positions can definitely make things more exciting in the bedroom. Requiring only a computer or positions book to find positions, this one will keep you busy all night long! For a list of sex positions that also burn calories, click here.
  • Mutual Masturbation: This requires a little bit of trust and a lot of confidence. Although it may make you feel a little self-conscious, this can be a lot of fun and really enjoyable for both parties. For more on masturbation, click here.
  • Anal Sex: Trying anal sex is not for everyone, but many do find it to be extremely pleasurable. I recommend you do research on this in order to prevent pain and/or injuries as there is a certain technique when first starting out. For more information on anal sex, click here.
  • BDSM: This one is not for the faint at heart! Kinky sex is not for everyone, but for a large community of people, kink brings a whole other level of pleasure (and sometimes a little pain) to your sex life. If you’re unsure whether you’d enjoy this sort of thing, you can always start out easy and try handcuffs or a blindfold to see if you like it or not before moving onto more advanced play. Find out more about BDSM here. Get the 411 on Spanking here.
  • Toys: This can be a fun area to try for both parties! There are a wide variety of toys out there, including couples toys, that anyone can try and enjoy. Plus, you can enjoy these toys alone or together, whichever you choose. Check out our toy selections here. Check out more on how sex toys work and the different types of toys by clicking here. For a list of fun toys to try, check out my article here.
  • Play Dress Up: This could mean a number of things. For some, this might just mean getting dressed up in skimpy lingerie for your partner. For others, this could mean full on cosplay or naughty schoolgirl roleplaying. Check out my article on lingerie for your body type here. Which brings me to…
  • Roleplaying: Yep! Roleplaying. Roleplaying can be fun for both parties, especially if you’re into a specific fantasy or have an out of this world fetish. Plus, it’s just fun to dress up and play a role, isn’t it?
  • Pole Dancing: If you have kids, this might not be so easy to try, although they do sell collapsing poles now that are mobile and easy to take down after using to store. This can be fun for a number of reasons:For one, dancers get to show off their sexy side by dressing and moving in a sexual way to please their partner. Those on the receiving end get to enjoy the show and maybe a lap dance! Check out my 5 Reasons Every Woman Should Pole Dance article here.
  • Menage-a-Trois (Threesome): Depending on the relationship you have, this could or could not be something you want to try. Communication is key and finding out whether you both share the same fantasy or are even willing to try something like this. It also involves careful planning so that there is no jealousy involved and that everyone is truly okay with the arrangement. Want to experience a 3-some without a third party? Click here for how to do it!
  • Sex in Public/ Places: Sex in public is, admittedly, illegal. I am not suggesting you go somewhere public and get it on, but I am suggesting you enjoy yourself in any environment different than where you normal would to create a nice change of pace. Whether that’s in your kitchen or laundry room or maybe somewhere else, I’ll leave that to your discretion. Just make sure it doesn’t involve you and your partner getting arrested! For fun places to have sex, check out a list here.
  • Tantric Sex: This is a different kind of sex entirely. Some claim this to be highly spiritual and it’s actually frequently linked to yoga practitioners. Tantra is considered a spiritual experience wherein the prolonged enjoyment of sex leads to a higher state of being. To read more on tantric sex, check out my article on it here.
  • Food: Food and your senses can make sex a lot more fun and interesting. Whether this means whip cream, chocolate syrup, ice, or edible body paints is up to you. There’s also the option of inserting certain unmentionables into your unmentionables, but that’s all to your discretion! To find out more on which foods increase your libido check out articles vol. 1 & vol. 2 for a list of foods to help libido. For foods to naturally cure impotence, click here.

How To Purchase Lingerie For Your Body Type

While there is no such thing as the perfect body and many of us having various body types, we can still optimize our confidence and sex appeal by wearing clothing that accentuates our assets and downplays our flaws. That being said, here’s some tips on how you can feel and look your best this Valentine’s Day in some sexy lingerie no matter what your age, size or body type.

  • Sinfully Thin Ladies: If you’re a thin slice of deliciousness, you may want to step outside your comfort zone this Valentine’s Day & try some animal prints on for size. If you’re small in the rear or in the chest, animal prints can actually create the illusion that you have more cushion in these areas thereby offering a vision of fullness where you want it. Couple that with your great physique and you’ve created a totally sexy look for yourself. Ruffles and fringe also have similar effects. Another great way to accentuate your bust is by wearing a waist cincher or corset to create contrast between your upper and lower half of your body or opt for some rise up booty shorts to create the illusion of a more full shape. If all else fails, they sell padded thongs & booty shorts for those who need a little help & there’s no shame in shaking both what you’re momma did and didn’t give ya.
  • Plus Size Vixens: Solid colors are the best bet when you’re a voluptuous vixen. Stay away from polka dots, prints or ruffles and instead opt for solid color babydolls in sheer, loose materials or if you want a sexier, less innocent look you can go with either a waist cincher or even a full length corset. These will all hide any flaws and flatter your best assets: your bust and your bum. If you have a nice rear, thongs and g-strings are a go and if you’d prefer to keep it under wraps, booty shorts are in. Just remember to choose a lacy type version of the boy or booty shorts to avoid looking too casual and up your sexy factor.
  • Bootylicious: Got curves down below? The best way to accentuate this attractive asset is by avoiding ruffles and fringe and choosing a more clean, sleek design such as lacy rise up shorts, thongs, or g-strings in any solid color. Purples are in for the season, but red is always a classic eye-grabbing number.
  • Boobylicious: Don’t know if I created that term, but there it is and I like it. You lovely ladies have been blessed and are loved by many even though you might be cursing these twins at times. If not, flaunt what you got because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a straight man say no to that. Back on topic, the best way to accentuate your bust is by wearing a waist cincher which will make your waist look tiny and your boobs look larger.
  • Hourglass Figure: The best thing for an hourglass figure is the waist cincher or corset as both will sexily flatter your assets and create the perfect hourglass. Always a winner & gorgeous in solid colors. Avoid ruffles, fringes or prints as all three tend to make an hourglass figure look shapeless.
  • Tall Ladies: If you’re tall and have long legs, thigh high stockings or knee high nylon or even socks will work well for you.
  • Petite Ladies: If you’re on the shorter side in terms of height, avoid thigh high or knee high stockings as they will only make you look shorter. To elongate your features, choose full length hosiery or body stockings to create an uninterrupted line of design on your body. Fishnet or sheer black will all work nicely.
  • Larger Legs/Thighs: Solid city for you, my friends. If you want to wear stockings or hosiery, opt for solid colors only, which will be slimming instead of unflattering.
  • Smaller Legs/Thighs: If you’re taller, you can do with thigh high or knee high stockings, but if not, full length hosiery is the way to go. It will make you look sleek, yet full and flattering.

Lastly, some tips that work for everyone are solid colors including black, red, purple and white or matching your eye color to your outfit will give you that wow factor, full length hosiery including sheer nude or black and fishnets, and corsets corsets corsets. Babydolls and sheer lacy tops also work well for most, but remember to decide for your body and your comfort levels. It’s important to be comfortable and confident so you feel sexy when you look sexy and enjoy yourself!

Happy Early Valentine’s Day!

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Christmas Sales @ Romance Attack in Riverside, CA

Hello Everyone!

I have more holiday cheer for you: GREAT SALES @ Romance Attack Riverside, CA Store! Drop by and see us if you’re in the area and Follow RomanceAttackRV on Twitter for Exclusive Weekly Updates on Sales, Deals & More or Click Here to see All Store Locations(Includes a Link to Map/Directions).

Here are some Great Deals You Can Expect When You Visit Romance Attack Riverside:

  • 50% OFF ALL Halloween & Sexy Roleplay Costumes!!
  • 30% OFF Select Lingerie!!
  • Buy 1 Get 1 HALF OFF Select Lingerie!!
  • Custom Gift Baskets Available Upon Request: Pre-made Baskets available OR Romance Attack Sales Associates will shop with you to find the perfect items for your gift basket!
  • PLUS+ Enjoy Further Savings on various Supplements, Oils, Lubricants and more!

HOLIDAY EVENT:: Romance Attack Riverside Holiday Extravaganza!! Dec. 21, 2010 (Tuesday)-December 23,2010 (Thursday); Come in Between 12 PM (noon) to 3 PM and Receive 20% OFF ALL Non-Sale Items!!! Also, Enjoy Some Holiday Cheer while you shop for the perfect gift with some Holiday treats, Complimentary of Romance Attack Riverside!!

Not A Fan of Shopping In Store? Click Here To Shop Online With Us Now!

Happy Holidays!

Christmas Sales @ Romance Attack Rowland Heights, CA Location!

Hello Everyone!

The Holidays have arrived at ALL Romance Attack locations and here’s what’s happening at the Rowland Heights, CA Store. Drop by and see us if you’re in the area and Follow RomanceAttackRH on Twitter for Exclusive Weekly Updates on Sales, Deals & More!

Here are some Great Deals You Can Expect When You Visit Romance Attack Rowland Heights:


  • Romantic Gifts, Games & Greeting Cards for Everyone on Your List!
  • Sexy Lingerie for yourself, your partner or a friend makes the perfect gift!
  • Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Supplies for that special winter celebration!
  • Arcade Viewing Booths; Party It Up & Enjoy Discretion & Privacy @ the Romance Attack Rowland Heights Arcades!

Other Deals Include:

  • LOW LOW LOW Prices on DVD’s, Magazines & Enhancement Supplements!!!
  • PLUS+ Enjoy SAVINGS on a wide selection of Adult Novelty Toys, Lotions, Love Oils & Lubricants this Holiday Season!!

For More Information on this sale, Please See the Ad Above, Visit the RomanceAttackRH Twitter page or Click Here to see All Store Locations(Includes a Link to Map/Directions).

Not A Fan of Shopping In Store? Click Here To Shop Online With Us Now!

Happy Holidays!

BLACK FRIDAY SALES @ Romance Attack Northwest Extended Due to Blizzard!!

For those of you who reside in Spokane, Washington and the surrounding areas, due to the recent weather conditions (Blizzard, general freezing temperature!), Romance Attack Northwest has EXTENDED it’s INCREDIBLE Black Friday Deals, Sales, Clearance and FREE Gift Giveaways for another COMPLETE Week Just So You Wouldn’t Miss Out!!

Here Are Some of the Awesome Sales & Deals Going Down Until Sunday:

  • Buy 1 Pair of Panties, Get the 2nd Half Price!
  • All DVD’s $10 or Less are Buy 2, Get the 3rd FREE!
  • Men’s Clothing and Bra & Panties Sets are ALL 30% OFF!!
  • Clearance Items are Buy 1, Get 1 FREE!
  • ALL Christmas Lingerie is 50% OFF!!
  • Spend $50 or More & Receive Christmas Crotchless Panties & Stockings Set as a FREE GIFT!!

So Brave the Cold & Come on Down to Romance Attack Northwest for INCREDIBLE DEALS WHILE THIS OFFER LASTS!

See You There!!

Romance Attack Northwest
54 E. Wellesley Ave.
Spokane, WA 99207
(509) 482-7944

View Map