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3 Naughty Ways to Spend the New Year!


Being the naughty nerd that I am,  I thought it would be fun to share some less-than-typical ways to ring in the new year!

After all, it’s almost 2014 ūüėČ

  1. Complete Your Naughty Resolutions for 2013 Before Midnight! This one is fun, easy and exciting! Basically, if there was anything you wanted to try in 2013 that you never got around to, try it out on NYE before midnight! This could be as simple as trying anal, one of our threesome toys, or even spiritually enlightening tantric sex.
  2. Play Strip Poker with a Twist!¬†So, this one is basically strip poker, but there’s a fun twist! With each hand that you lose, you not only have to lose one article of clothing, but you also have to confess a fantasy of yours! Enjoy the card game with a little champagne and when you’re both in the nude, consider which of your fantasies you’ll try out first!
  3. Ring in the New Year with Sex as the Clock Strikes 12! This can be customized to your own desires and delights, but basically as the clock strikes 12, you enjoy your first romp in 2014! You can do this in an exotic location, with some new sex toys, or try out some new sex positions.

Whatever you decide, have a great time as 2013 is only going to end once!

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