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Your Single Ladies Guide to Masturbation

single gals guide to masturbation

Your Single Ladies Guide to Masturbation

 For us single ladies who enjoy many indulgent and pleasurable nights in, we value our “me” time. Since I know self-pleasure is where it’s at, I thought I’d come up with a few tips to help you enjoy your solo nights to the absolute fullest 😉

  1. Make Sure You’re Alone – First off, make sure you’re alone! Whether that means sneaking off by yourself or waiting til nobody’s home, it’s up to you; just make sure your door is locked!
  2. Pick the Perfect Toy – The next thing you want to do is pick the perfect toy(s). What are you into? Vibrators, vibrating dildos, realistic dildos, or pure anal toys? Pick your favorites and make sure they’re handy wherever you plan to have your fun.
  3. Have Lubricants At Arm’s Length – After that, be sure you have your favorite lubricants on hand. If you plan to use toys for your masturbation session, you’ll want to make sure you’re using a water based lubricant so that they don’t conflict with your toys (silicone lubes will break down toy materials).
  4. Explore Your Pleasure Spots – Now that you have all your pleasure tools, it’s time for some fun! Explore your erogenous zones, methods of masturbation, and see what you enjoy. You never know until you try and alone time is the perfect moment to see what you like 😉
  5. Entertain Yourself – If you want a little entertainment, put on your favorite naughty film! It can be as tame or wild as you like; just make sure you have some headphones if you have roommates or aren’t totally alone.
  6. Enjoy A Hot Shower – Once you’re done or if you prefer a unique erotic experience, hop in the shower for some wet fun!


Single Gal’s Night-In Essentials

Good Luck 😉

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