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Your Single Ladies Guide to Masturbation

single gals guide to masturbation

Your Single Ladies Guide to Masturbation

 For us single ladies who enjoy many indulgent and pleasurable nights in, we value our “me” time. Since I know self-pleasure is where it’s at, I thought I’d come up with a few tips to help you enjoy your solo nights to the absolute fullest 😉

  1. Make Sure You’re Alone – First off, make sure you’re alone! Whether that means sneaking off by yourself or waiting til nobody’s home, it’s up to you; just make sure your door is locked!
  2. Pick the Perfect Toy – The next thing you want to do is pick the perfect toy(s). What are you into? Vibrators, vibrating dildos, realistic dildos, or pure anal toys? Pick your favorites and make sure they’re handy wherever you plan to have your fun.
  3. Have Lubricants At Arm’s Length – After that, be sure you have your favorite lubricants on hand. If you plan to use toys for your masturbation session, you’ll want to make sure you’re using a water based lubricant so that they don’t conflict with your toys (silicone lubes will break down toy materials).
  4. Explore Your Pleasure Spots – Now that you have all your pleasure tools, it’s time for some fun! Explore your erogenous zones, methods of masturbation, and see what you enjoy. You never know until you try and alone time is the perfect moment to see what you like 😉
  5. Entertain Yourself – If you want a little entertainment, put on your favorite naughty film! It can be as tame or wild as you like; just make sure you have some headphones if you have roommates or aren’t totally alone.
  6. Enjoy A Hot Shower – Once you’re done or if you prefer a unique erotic experience, hop in the shower for some wet fun!


Single Gal’s Night-In Essentials

Good Luck 😉

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11 New Things To Try In Bed

  • New Positions: If you want something simple to try, new positions can definitely make things more exciting in the bedroom. Requiring only a computer or positions book to find positions, this one will keep you busy all night long! For a list of sex positions that also burn calories, click here.
  • Mutual Masturbation: This requires a little bit of trust and a lot of confidence. Although it may make you feel a little self-conscious, this can be a lot of fun and really enjoyable for both parties. For more on masturbation, click here.
  • Anal Sex: Trying anal sex is not for everyone, but many do find it to be extremely pleasurable. I recommend you do research on this in order to prevent pain and/or injuries as there is a certain technique when first starting out. For more information on anal sex, click here.
  • BDSM: This one is not for the faint at heart! Kinky sex is not for everyone, but for a large community of people, kink brings a whole other level of pleasure (and sometimes a little pain) to your sex life. If you’re unsure whether you’d enjoy this sort of thing, you can always start out easy and try handcuffs or a blindfold to see if you like it or not before moving onto more advanced play. Find out more about BDSM here. Get the 411 on Spanking here.
  • Toys: This can be a fun area to try for both parties! There are a wide variety of toys out there, including couples toys, that anyone can try and enjoy. Plus, you can enjoy these toys alone or together, whichever you choose. Check out our toy selections here. Check out more on how sex toys work and the different types of toys by clicking here. For a list of fun toys to try, check out my article here.
  • Play Dress Up: This could mean a number of things. For some, this might just mean getting dressed up in skimpy lingerie for your partner. For others, this could mean full on cosplay or naughty schoolgirl roleplaying. Check out my article on lingerie for your body type here. Which brings me to…
  • Roleplaying: Yep! Roleplaying. Roleplaying can be fun for both parties, especially if you’re into a specific fantasy or have an out of this world fetish. Plus, it’s just fun to dress up and play a role, isn’t it?
  • Pole Dancing: If you have kids, this might not be so easy to try, although they do sell collapsing poles now that are mobile and easy to take down after using to store. This can be fun for a number of reasons:For one, dancers get to show off their sexy side by dressing and moving in a sexual way to please their partner. Those on the receiving end get to enjoy the show and maybe a lap dance! Check out my 5 Reasons Every Woman Should Pole Dance article here.
  • Menage-a-Trois (Threesome): Depending on the relationship you have, this could or could not be something you want to try. Communication is key and finding out whether you both share the same fantasy or are even willing to try something like this. It also involves careful planning so that there is no jealousy involved and that everyone is truly okay with the arrangement. Want to experience a 3-some without a third party? Click here for how to do it!
  • Sex in Public/ Places: Sex in public is, admittedly, illegal. I am not suggesting you go somewhere public and get it on, but I am suggesting you enjoy yourself in any environment different than where you normal would to create a nice change of pace. Whether that’s in your kitchen or laundry room or maybe somewhere else, I’ll leave that to your discretion. Just make sure it doesn’t involve you and your partner getting arrested! For fun places to have sex, check out a list here.
  • Tantric Sex: This is a different kind of sex entirely. Some claim this to be highly spiritual and it’s actually frequently linked to yoga practitioners. Tantra is considered a spiritual experience wherein the prolonged enjoyment of sex leads to a higher state of being. To read more on tantric sex, check out my article on it here.
  • Food: Food and your senses can make sex a lot more fun and interesting. Whether this means whip cream, chocolate syrup, ice, or edible body paints is up to you. There’s also the option of inserting certain unmentionables into your unmentionables, but that’s all to your discretion! To find out more on which foods increase your libido check out articles vol. 1 & vol. 2 for a list of foods to help libido. For foods to naturally cure impotence, click here.

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The Mysterious G-Spot

The existence of the G spot has been debated over for years now by medical professionals and scientists alike, but those of us who have experienced the magical sensations of a G spot orgasm KNOW that it truly does exist! For those who are unfamiliar with the G spot, the G-spot is a small area said to be located at the front top of the vagina that contains an erogenous zone. The stimulation of this zone by either toy use, sexual intercourse or other sexual acts is said to produce powerful sexual arousal, intense mind blowing orgasms and, in some cases, female ejaculation. So, with that being said, go off on a wild sexual pleasure hunt for your g-spot if you haven’t yet found it; once you do, you will be SO glad that you did!

Good Luck!

For a complete diagram of the location of the G-spot, check out Wikipedia’s anatomical diagram.

Recommended Toys for G-Spot Stimulation:

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What’s Hidden In Your Treasure Chest?

The erotic movie Pirates made headlines with it’s high quality aesthetics and elaborate sets. Even more, Pirates won several awards and is recognized for the impressive costume design. Pirates was such a hit, they released a line of several toys and this is one of them.

Now, I know what you’re thinking..It’s just a simple hard vibe, what’s the big deal? But actually, this cute vibrator is quite cool. This vibe actually has 7 varying speeds of stimulation and it rotates for added sensations during use. The Hidden Pleasure Vibe is studded with little gold studs around the handle and is tapered to a point specifically to hit your g-spot and other erotic hot spots.

Finally, the Hidden Pleasure Vibe comes in a cute little treasure chest case for safe keeping and privacy.

Simply, the vibe requires 4 AAA batteries, all sold separately.

I would definitely recommend the Hidden Pleasure Vibe to pirates fans or those with a love for all things old fashioned. It would make for a great Christmas gift and is a cute novelty item for those new to the euphoric world of vibrating orgasms.

More Vibe Options

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The Importance of Being Lubricated

When searching for the right lubricant, you might be completely certain, totally confused or not even know where to start. In the case of those who are lost and confused, not to worry! The following is a list of things to consider with each lubricant type (ie. water based, silicone, etc.) and what their uses are as well as the importance of lubrication.

First off, the important of lubrication cannot be stressed enough. Whether you’re having anal fun or more traditional intercourse, lubrication is an important step. Now, unless you’re 22 and still slippery without a problem, most of us need some lubrication assistance and that’s fine. Myself included, we are not as fresh and wet as we once were, but that’s the point of a lubricant and there’s absolutely no reason why this should hinder your sex life AT ALL.

Why lubricate at all?

Lubrication, whether natural or provided through the use of your chosen lubricant, assists in facilitating sex of any kind. This is really important because if you choose to go without lubricating, you are running the risk of causing internal or external damage or both to yourself and possibly your partner. This can range from small cuts and rashes on the vaginal or testicle area caused from dry chafing or rubbing to something more serious. Most people only ever suffer from these small cuts, but if you are someone with multiple sex partners, you should be careful as these small cuts can allow infection and bacteria directly into the body and may cause more serious issues. That being said, ALWAYS USE PROTECTION!! Not only that, but think about razor bumps. If you have razor bumps, it can be irritating enough, but razor bumps combined with non-lubricated sex can worsen the bumps and cause further irritation and discomfort that can take weeks to heal.

  • Organic Lubricants: This is my number one recommendation for those who have sensitive skin or suffer from allergens or irritation. This is also a great natural alternative to those who are environmentally conscious or those who live vegetarian or vegan lifestyles. These lubricants are made will all natural ingredients and usually pose skin benefits from using them. Many are also glycerine and paraben free. They are usually all toy safe unless otherwise stated.
  • Water Based Lubricants: Water based lubricants are the most simple option for those who really don’t want flavored or silicone lubricants and don’t want to pay for or don’t have a preference for organic lubricants. Water based lubricants are great for toys, normal erotic play and they are often times made with moisturizing ingredients such as vitamin E that are beneficial to the skin. This lubricant generally provides basic lubrication, plain and simple; it gets the job done.Water based lubes are all toy safe.
  • Silicone Based Lubricants: Silicone based lubricants are meant for VERY slick lubrication. This type of lubricant is NOT meant for PVC or silicone made toys as it will degrade the condition of your toy. Silicone lubricants are great for anal play, water fun in the shower or pool and anyone who wants a VERY SLICK long lasting lubrication during sexual intercourse or other erotic acts as they tend to be longer lasting than water based, have a thicker consistency and will not wash off as easily. Silicone Lubes are NOT toy safe.
  • Hybrid Lubricants: Hybrid lubricants are the best of both worlds. Hybrid lubricants combine qualities of both water based and silicone lubricants, creating a lubricant that is both safe with toys, long lasting and also easily washed off with water. Hybrid lubes are toy safe.
  • Stimulating Lubricants: Stimulating lubricants can be any kind of lubricant, hybrid or water based, but with added stimulating formulations such as warming, cooling or arousing. These lubricants give added sensations during use and can be especially enjoyable for oral pleasure. Hybrid lubes are usually all toy safe unless otherwise stated.
  • Anal Lubricants: Anal lubricants are just that. These lubricants are formulated specifically for anal play and many of them come standard with benzocaine, a numbing ingredient that helps you relax during anal fun. Others are formulated with like ingredients for similar effects and all anal lubricants have strong, long lasting lubrication qualities as lubricants tend to wear off more quickly during anal play. Anal lubes may be toy safe, but you should check the formula and box for indications of this.
  • Flavored Lubricants: Flavored Lubricants are most often water based formulas and come in a variety of flavors. More commonly, they are made with sugar free formulas so as to be non-irritating, but be sure to check the packaging for confirmation of this! If they are not sugar free formulas, the lubricant can cause a yeast infection in women. For men out there right now passing over this without a care: if you’re a straight man, just a warning, yeast infections are contagious and can be transferred to you from your woman if she gets one from a sugar based formulated lubricant.Aside from that, sugar free formulas are safe and taste just as delicious if not more because they are usually very low in calories. This type of lubricant can be great for oral pleasure and work well for any kind of erotic sexual fun.These lubricants are almost always safe to use on toys, but again, please consult the packaging to confirm.
  • Oil Based Lubricants: These are less common nowadays, but can be very enjoyable for those who favor anal play. Oil based lubricants are also commonly used for solo masturbation fun. Extremely lubricating, oil based lubricants are VERY long lasting, but also harder to wash off. These lubricants are not to be used with latex condoms and some may or may not be safe for toy use.

Don’t know where to begin?

Check out Toy Friendly Lubricants, Latex & Condom Safe Lubricants OR Pick Out a Fun Lubricant Kit to try a little bit of everything!

Want to Learn More?

Learn More About Bondage, Sex Toy Use, Strange Fetishes, Common Sex Myths & Cock Rings!

Sex Positions From Around the World

Every country in the world seems to have it’s own take on sexual practices, rituals and yes, even sexual positions made popular by them. From England to India (of course) and even in China, every country seems to have at least one sexual position to their name. Sex positions are a lot of fun and, while everyone has their personal favorite, we usually do not think about the origin of said positions nowadays in our melting pot society. So which countries should be credited for coming up with their respective popular sexual positions, most of which we still do today? Read on for the origin of 7 popular sexual acts!

1. 69 Oral Pleasure: You can thank France for giving us this erotically fun act (among others), made popular in the mid-16th century.

2. Doggie Style AKA From the Rear: Lie back and think of the Queen as this position became popular and well known in the 18th century England, along with other scandalous acts of debauchery happening in the brothels and at court. Better not get caught doing this little naughty act as punishments for this included anything from 3 years of penance or being shipped off to the nearest convent to death, especially if done out of wedlock or caught having an affair!

3. French Kissing: I’m pretty sure you can guess where this one came from. The act of kissing with open mouths and tongue interaction came from France where it is better known as ‘baiser amoureux’ or in slang, as a ‘patin’ or ‘galoche.’ Although considered inappropriate and even taboo in some parts of the world to be done publicly, this is one of the most commonly practiced acts of affection in the world.

4. Rocking Sitting Position: Surprisingly, this sex position arose to popularity in Arabia. A reader favorite for it’s ability to stimulate both partners, the exotic Rocker sitting position is done by facing your partner and straddling their lap (or vice versa) while rocking back and forth to ecstasy.

5. The Missionary Position: Enacted by various countries and peoples for over a millennia, it appears in various artwork pieces around the world including countries such as Japan, China, Peru, Rome & India.Various myths and cultural beliefs exist to explain each country/civilization’s use of this position as seen in the Chinese belief that women are born face up and men are born face down.

6. Balanced Front Entry Position: Of course this idea of balance in a sexual position was enacted in China! Done by facing your partner feet first and entering the female this way by balancing her on top of the male lap during insertion. What a perfect physical display of chan! (Contrary to popular belief, chan is the Chinese word that refers to a meditative state commonly referred to as Zen by many people, which is actually a Japanese word.)

7. Stand & Deliver Position: The incredibly innovative and proud Basques of Spain came up with this one and rightfully so as the position is done with both partners standing, facing one another, as equals. No word yet on the accuracy of that claim, but it’s nice to think of the mysterious Basques as being ahead of the trends.

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Fun Fact! Did you know the use of dildos and other penis shaped items for sexual pleasure has been prevalent since the middle ages? The origin of the word dildo is not clear, but it is thought to have come from the original expression “dilldough” which referred to a loaf of bread made with dill.Other theories of its origin include a phallus shaped peg that locks an oar in place on a small boat or possibly an adjusted form of the Italian term ‘diletto,’ which means delight.  Whatever it’s true origin is we may never know, but we have to thank them for such naughty brilliance as it has truly lasted through the ages!

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