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High Tech Vibrators That Literally Do What You Tell Them To Do!

In the words of the brilliant Daft Punk, I find myself also thinking of 3 items we have that really wholeheartedly embody these words, you know, while I’m jamming to this super catchy beat. These 3 items each have their own unique characteristics based upon physical design, but they all serve the same function:

They are all voice activated!

That’s right. We finally have some extremely sexy, super feminine power multispeed vibrators that will do whatever you want. Featuring a wide variety of commands that each of these three vibrators will recognize, all you have to do is program the vibrator to your voice and it will do whatever you choose during those pleasurable hours of fun!

The commands include: Harder, Do Me, Faster, Relax & Take Me!

Each command given is recognized through the vibrator and causes an action. For example, if you command the vibrator to go “Faster,” the vibration speed will increase. Not only do this enable a completely personable and customizable experience for its user, it allows for orgasm after orgasm for hours and hours! So next time you’re bored, horny and home alone, take out your delicious Voice Activated Vibrator and enjoy sensations of ecstasy for as long as you want! It will definitely do what you say!

Available in 3 Designs: Slim & Sultry, Hunk & Bunny

These vibrators go great with Pink Frolic Water Based Lubricant because its an incredibly long lasting lubricant that is specially formulated for use with toys, hypoallergenic so it won’t break you out and moisturizing so it will pamper your skin while you indulge in pleasure!

If you’re looking for something with a little more spontaneity, this Wet Adventure Set has plenty of different fun flavored lubricants for you to try! They’re perfect for that weekend getaway or a companion if you plan on using your new voice activated toy with a friend or lover!

Check out these fun toy wipes for easy, quick clean up wherever you are!

We Support Safe Sex!

Please remember to protect yourself and the ones you love by using condoms every time.

The Hairbrush Plus: It’s Not What You Think!

The Hairbrush Plus is more than a simple round bristle hairbrush. This little secret is perfect for conservative women who like to keep their intimacy private, especially if you have children. Many women think that owning erotic toys is impossible when you have children without dead bolting them into a tool box that you hide in some shameful corner or simply not owning them at all until the kids are grown and gone because the prospect of them finding your pleasure goodies is something no one wants to even consider. With the Hairbrush Plus, owning an erotic toy is finally possible even when you have little ones, and you don’t even have to hide it! This is a cute practical vibrator disguised as a hairbrush that you can store in your bathroom drawer along with your other combs and brushes or leave out on the counter if you wish; no one will be the wiser! The Hairbrush Plus comes with a FREE attachment that you can use if you so wish and if not, the vibrator works great alone as well. The Hairbrush Plus can be used as is like any other normal hairbrush, as extra stimulant during sexual intercourse, as a typical muscle massager or reserved especially for your alone time. The Hairbrush Plus may be discreet, but this vibe still has strong vibrations that will lead you into ecstatic pleasure for as long as you wish.

To use, remove the hair brush head attachment, grasp the handle and unscrew the brush head counterclockwise. This will expose the massaging tip for massage, and thread it clockwise to reattach the brush head to the handle. Be sure to make it a snug fit when reattaching the brush head so it will not come loose and reveal your secret! This ultra discreet vibe comes with a storage compartment as well. To open the storage compartment, apply light pressure with your index finger and you middle finger flat on the end cap, horizontal with the cap. Depress lightly and turn the cap counterclockwise until it stops. As you lift your fingers, the cap will pop out. Reverse this operation to put the cap back in place.

Cleaning this device should be done with either a gentle antibacterial soap or a high quality toy cleaner. I like these! They are great for travel and easily disposed of.

We support safe sex!

Be sure to protect yourself and your loved ones during any and all of your erotic sessions!

I like these condoms as they are durable, discreet and they look cute floating around in my purse!