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How to Make Sex More Spiritual


How to Make Sex A Spiritual Experience

Sex is wonderful in and of itself, but if you’re looking for something a little more fulfilling to your spiritual life and want to take sex to a higher level, I came up with a few tips to help you get there!

  • Connect With Your Partner(s). Obviously, the first step to a higher level of intimacy is connecting with your partner(s). Because spirituality is a connection of the mind and spirit, you want to be at total ease and comfort with whoever you are engaging erotic activities with. There are easy ways to connect with your partner on this level that you can try, as you like, but my favorites include meditating and/or yoga practice together, weight lifting together, engaging in personal conversation without distraction, indulging in a bath or shower together, and giving one another an erotic massage. Take things slow; that’s where the magic happens!
  • Sex Meditation. Sex meditation isn’t just sitting around doing nothing, though I know a lot of people might have this belief about it. Meditation can be any number of things: making eye contact with your partner without speaking, bathing together in silence, and/or just lying next to one another without doing anything else. Meditation is a focused intention on being with one another without having to do, be, or say anything and this will help you both further connect.
  • Try Tantra. Once you feel a strong intimate bond with one another, you can take things to a higher precipice of ecstasy by indulging in tantra. There are many ways to engage in tantra, but the basics of it are slow, intense, engaged, sexual pleasure and it’s very much rooted in a connection with your partner. You can get more tips on tantra here and read about the history of tantra here.

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9 Reasons to Have Sex Right Now!

  1. Sex is the Ultimate Anti-Aging Solution. Studies show that people who engaged in sex 55-116 times a year looked up to a year to 2 years younger. Some people who were engaging in sex at a healthy frequency were reported to look up to 8 years younger.
  2. Sex Doubles your Life Expectancy. Those in studies who recounted having more frequent orgasms had double the life expectancy than those who experienced sex less frequently.
  3. Sex Burns Calories. That’s right. For every 30 minutes of sexual activity, you burn approximately 200 calories. More calories are burned if you and your partner are trying especially difficult sex positions!
  4. Sex Boosts your Immunity. Sex helps to saturate your blood with immunoglobulin A, an antibody that boosts your immunity by protecting your body from infections.
  5. Sex Feels Great & Boosts your Mood! Of course we all know sex feels great and with good reason! Sex releases endorphins which help make us feel good and more content in life. Evidence also shows that semen acts as a natural antidepressant.
  6. Sex Relieves Stress & Pain. Sex sends out lots of feel good chemicals into the body during sex which, of course, relieves stress and can even be a natural pain killer. Sex can aid you in pains from menstrual cramps, muscle soreness, and even headaches.
  7. Sex Gives your Body a Healthy Boost. Aside from the emotional benefits, sex also assists in tissue repair such as wound healing and improves cognitive functions while promoting healthy bone growth.
  8. Sex Makes you Glow. Sex promotes collagen production which helps to keep your skin looking firm and supple while giving it a nice healthy glow. Sex also offers the benefits of shiny hair and strong nails.
  9. Lower your Risk for Disease. Your risk of heart disease and hypertension are lowered with sex by improved blood flow to your organs, the dilation of blood vessels  lowers blood pressure, and of course the overall stress relief.

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Auto Erotica 101

Auto Erotica…AKA Masturbation…AKA Onanism…AKA Self-Abuse…AKA Self-Pollution? WAIT A SECOND. What?

If you’re not sure what I’m getting at, let’s start from the beginning. Masturbation. Masturbation is the act of pleasuring oneself, usually with a goal of ultimate orgasm. There are many variations of that, but they usually involve that same basic A to B goal. It has been done for as long as we (humans) can remember and is even referred to in ancient texts. Even so, some people believe that masturbation is unhealthy, unlawful, disgusting, and abnormal…so is it?

My first response is Absolutely NOT.

Why, do you ask?

Well, for a few reasons.

For one, did you know that masturbation is one of the best ways to give your day a lift in a literal and literally physical biological way?

This means that the biological chemistry of our body is boosted by masturbating.

It actually FIGHTS depression. You read right. It fights depression. If you’re depressed and considering medication like zoloft, consider first masturbation or the art of self love.

Other benefits?

Masturbation releases endorphins just like during sex that help boost your mood and give you a feeling of contentment.

Masturbation also helps boost your self confidence and self esteem. That’s right. The art of self love literally helps you love yourself more. I don’t know about you, but I can always use more of that.

Many believe that masturbation can also promote a harmonious relationship.

Both masturbation and sexual intercourse help to lower blood pressure.

Masturbation also lowers stress and anxiety levels, reduces headaches and helps us fall asleep.

Masturbation also boosts our immune system which helps prevent illness.

There is NO, I repeat NO scientific evidence to support the facts that many say masturbation is bad for you, not physically nor psychologically. While too much masturbation may cause swelling, bruising or rash due to too much friction or possibly desensitization, these side effects are often rare and caused by callused or rough hands,  overeager stroking or lack of lubrication. Anyway, it in no way will permanently harm you. In that case, you may need to lay off the self love for a week or so until your bruises heal.

Here are some Myths about Masturbation that are NOT true:

  • Hairy Palms: I don’t even know how someone came up with this. This is just bizarre. No medical research backs this up, it’s not true so don’t worry.
  • Blindness & Insanity: A study done by Kinsey in 1950s showed that over 90% of men and 70% of women masturbated in their lifetime. Wouldn’t they all be blind and insane if this were true? We’d be a living “Zombieland” so obviously this one is false.
  • Masturbation Causes Acne: If this were true, every 14 year old boy would have acne and, well, they clearly don’t.
  • Masturbating is For Singles or Loners Only: Actually, masturbation is for everyone. Those who are singles AND in relationships report masturbating regularly. Some claim it also promotes harmony in their relationship.

While some religious, moral and cultural beliefs may shame or guilt in their social groups, claiming that masturbation is sinful, harmful or morally wrong, it is actually good for your physical and mental health. Obviously, the viewpoints on masturbation will depend on your own religion or culture, but I don’t believe a righteous loving God would condemn self love in any form. If you are suffering from guilt or shame, talking to a therapist about why you feel the way you do about masturbation and they may help you overcome these feelings. If your masturbation habits are interfering with your daily life, happiness, etc., you may want to consider also visiting a therapist to find out why your masturbation habits are so frequent.

So, all in all, the thesaurus is wrong.  I don’t believe that masturbation is in any way self- abuse or self- pollution. It is considered perfectly normal and healthy by the medical community and actually supports your physical and mental well being.

When it comes down to it, the choice is yours, so do what’s right for you and be happy.

Here are 2 Great Toys for Masturbation:



Happy Friday!

9 Healthy Foods To Improve Libido & Sexual Arousal Vol. 1

With the New Year, everyone is trying to find ways to get in shape and live a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle and, with that, comes the desire to enjoy ourselves as well. I, myself, have my own resolutions which include a resolution I believe everyone should employ: Have MORE Sex! We’re all busy all the time and sometimes, we take our partners for granted. Aside from the obvious pleasure gained from safe, consensual fun, sex also boosts immunity, contentment with life and overall well being. With that being said, here are 9 great food that will naturally boost your libido in 2011:

  • Oysters: A timeless aphrodisiac, oysters are high in zinc, which raises sperm and testosterone levels. Zinc is also essential to reproductive functions in both men and women. Further, oysters contain dopamine, a hormone known to increase libido.

  • Bananas: Containing bromelain enzymes which are believed to increase libido and reverse impotency in men, bananas are also a great source of potassium and B vitamins, all of which increase overall energy levels.

  • Avocado: Avocado assists with metabolizing proteins in the body to give us more energy. They contain vitamin B6 and potassium, both of which increase libido in men and women.

  • Almonds & Other Nuts: Almonds and other nuts contain essential fatty acids also known as EFA’s which offer raw energy and encourage the healthy production of male hormones.

  • Mixed Berries & Other Fruits: Aside from being high in antioxidants and being generally good for you on the whole, all natural fruits provide energy to you and, when eaten 30 minutes to 1 hour before sex, can also make your secretions taste sweeter! Delicious spunk, literally, and all you have to do is eat delicious fruits of your choice. YUM!

  • Eggs: Aside from being high in protein for raw energy, eggs are also rich in vitamins B5 & B6 which help balance out hormone levels and fight stress, which is the ultimate murderer of your sex drive.

  • Chocolate (Especially Dark Chocolate): Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is high in antioxidants which are great for your body’s overall health, including fighting aging, reducing stress and boosting your mood. Aside from that, chocolate contains an alkaloid called theobromine which works similar to caffeine by amping up your energy levels. Chocolate releases endorphins to make you feel happy and content and contains phenylethylamine, the chemical credited with producing the feeling of being in love.

  • Salmon, Tuna & Other Fish: A good source of Protein, B Vitamins, and other Nutrients, all of which are vital to reproductive health.

  • Watermelon: Watermelons are rich in citruline, which improves blood flow to the heart and sex organs.

Top 10 Strangest Sexual Fetishes

Credit to Source

First off, let’s talk about what a fetish is. A fetish is an out of the so-called “norm” fascination, adoration, admiration, or overall draw to something, whether that is a person(s), an animal(s) or even to an inanimate object(s). Similarly, a sexual fetish is this same sort of fascination and attraction, but implies various sorts of sexual arousal and pleasure gained from the attraction. Fetishes can range anywhere from the liking or being sexually attracted to only Latin men or women or Asian men or women to tickling, bondage AKA BDSM, and also foot and hand fetishes. It may come as a surprise to those who are unfamiliar with or who do not choose to participate in a fetish to find that feet fetishes are actually one of the most common sexual fetishes.

Aside from the usual fetishes that are commonly known, there are some more underground fetishes that may shock or awe you, especially if you have never heard of them before now. While there seems to be heavy debate as to whether these fetishes are healthy, it really is a matter of opinion and many studies show than most of the commonly known fetishes such as BDSM and the like are actually, in fact, quite normal for people to have and engage in. There are many ways of loving and being loved in this world and, although I mostly choose not to participate in the stranger side of fetishes (such as those featured below), this does not in any way mean that I condemn them. After all, we do live in the US of A right?

That being said, here’s a list of some of the strangest fetishes I could look up that you may or may not be familiar with. Prepare to be shocked, awed and enlightened and to realize that, for some reason, many of the most bizarre of these all seem to come from Japan.

  1. Oshouji: This is actually one of the fetishes I think is really interesting, artistic and cool. This fetish refers to the act of writing degrading words all over your partner’s body with calligraphy ink.
  2. Plushophilia: This may also refer to furry sex or furry love. A person who grows up with an obsessive or extreme fondness for stuffed animals could develop this type of fetish. This fetish entails the arousal and attraction to plush/stuffed animals or those dressed in animal costumes. Plushophiles, as they are technically referred to, may enjoy masturbating with stuffed animals or having intercourse with those dressed as animals or dressed as an animal themselves. For those interested in bestiality, one might prefer to enjoy this fetish rather than have sex with real animals.
  3. Kyatto Faito: This refers to schoolgirl cat fights in which women dress up as cat-like or kitten-like and fight. Most commonly, this is done to lose clothing or just for fun or show, but also occurs where women perform these fights more seriously and brutally fight with one another.
  4. Erotic Asphyxiation: Those who practice this enjoy cutting off their oxygen supply during masturbation, intercourse or other sexual acts as they claim it heightens their pleasure and makes orgasms more enjoyable. Ropes, belts and other restraints are commonly used during these acts and, if one is not extremely careful, this can be very dangerous and even fatal.
  5. Burusera: This refers to a panty fetish that is very popular in Japan. So popular, in fact, that there are many burusera shops around Japan that sell the used panties. Men buy these to sniff/smell them. Many women have garnered large amounts of money off of this fetish.
  6. Injured Idol: This sexual fetish refers to women who wrap bandages around their head or other body parts in order to attract men. There is also an opposite fetish that occurs commonly with those who have medical fetishes such as the attraction to these women who are wearing bandages, casts or have other faux injuries.
  7. Robot Fetishism: This refers to the sexual attraction someone has to robots, the thought of having sex with a robot, dressed as robots or with a person who has transformed into a robot. This is taking your lover for science or the syfy channel to a whole new level!
  8. Dendrophilia: I’m sorry, I just can’t wrap my head around this one. This refers to the sexual attraction someone has to trees.
  9. Autonepiophilia: This is almost as strange as the one above: the arousal gained from imagining oneself or actually dressing as a baby/infant.
  10. Hierophilia: You’ll have to do 10 hail mary’s after reading this one! This refers to the sexual attraction and arousal gained from religious or sacred objects.

Disclaimer: This blog posting is meant to be informative and NOT instructional. We do not condone or advise the action of any of these fetishes, any harm done to yourself or someone else or anything else in reaction to this blog post. Any actions taken by you or your partner in regards to this post is done at your own risk and is NOT recommended by anyone here at RomanceAttack.Biz. Please exercise your best judgment and caution in your sexploration or consult a licensed health physician or psychologist if you are unsure about your actions.

6 Common Sex Myths Debunked

Sex Myths seem to emerge everywhere, often times created marketing  & advertising, perpetuated by W.O.M. (Word of Mouth) rumors and pop culture. For this reason, I have decided to unveil the truth to some of these rumors and show the truth in the myth ( if there is any)!

  • Men Get More Sexual Urges Than Women

The Truth: Men and women actually have about equal sexual urges, which fluctuates throughout the day, triggered by various factors such as desire, sleep, health, confidence, stress & relationship status.

  • Sex is Unimportant the Older You Are

The Truth: Sex is a huge factor in the overall mental & physical health of any person, regardless of how old you are.

  • Big Hands & Feet Mean a Large Penis

The Truth: Although we may all have a blast gauging each other with this method, hands & feet size has nothing to do with penis size.

  • Oral Sex is Safer than Anal or Vaginal Intercourse

The Truth: Oral sex is just that: Sex. Any kind of sex involves the exchange of bodily fluids which can still transfer STI’s/STD’s through small cuts or sores in the mouth as well as the throat.

  • The “Pull Out” Method is a Viable Birth Control Option

The Truth: “Pulling Out,” also known as the withdrawal method, should never be used as a form of birth control as there is no way to control or detect the point at which ejaculation occurs, but also because during the time of climax no one has spot-on judgment.

  • A Woman Can’t Get Pregnant if You Have Sexual Intercourse During  Menstruation

The Truth: Although pregnancy is less likely to occur during that “Time of the Month,” it is still a possibility however rare it may be.

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High Tech Vibrators That Literally Do What You Tell Them To Do!

In the words of the brilliant Daft Punk, I find myself also thinking of 3 items we have that really wholeheartedly embody these words, you know, while I’m jamming to this super catchy beat. These 3 items each have their own unique characteristics based upon physical design, but they all serve the same function:

They are all voice activated!

That’s right. We finally have some extremely sexy, super feminine power multispeed vibrators that will do whatever you want. Featuring a wide variety of commands that each of these three vibrators will recognize, all you have to do is program the vibrator to your voice and it will do whatever you choose during those pleasurable hours of fun!

The commands include: Harder, Do Me, Faster, Relax & Take Me!

Each command given is recognized through the vibrator and causes an action. For example, if you command the vibrator to go “Faster,” the vibration speed will increase. Not only do this enable a completely personable and customizable experience for its user, it allows for orgasm after orgasm for hours and hours! So next time you’re bored, horny and home alone, take out your delicious Voice Activated Vibrator and enjoy sensations of ecstasy for as long as you want! It will definitely do what you say!

Available in 3 Designs: Slim & Sultry, Hunk & Bunny

These vibrators go great with Pink Frolic Water Based Lubricant because its an incredibly long lasting lubricant that is specially formulated for use with toys, hypoallergenic so it won’t break you out and moisturizing so it will pamper your skin while you indulge in pleasure!

If you’re looking for something with a little more spontaneity, this Wet Adventure Set has plenty of different fun flavored lubricants for you to try! They’re perfect for that weekend getaway or a companion if you plan on using your new voice activated toy with a friend or lover!

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We Support Safe Sex!

Please remember to protect yourself and the ones you love by using condoms every time.