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naughty valentines day gift ideas

50 Shades Dark Gift Guide

50 shades dark gift guide 2016 - valentines day - kink - vday - naughty - masturgasm

Kinky Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming with a vengeance, but we like to do our Valentine’s Day with more kink than cuteness so we came up with a 50 Shades Dark Gift Guide to reflect our hedonistic ideals and values – hope you enjoy 😉

dark gift guide _ Masturgasm 2016

50 Shades Dark Gift Guide

  • 12 Inch Silicone Vibrating Anal Beads – These vibrating anal beads are crafted from non-porous silicone materials which makes them perfect for anal play! 12 inches of uninterrupted anal fun, these beads come in a long wand-like strip and easy push controls.
  • Shibari Halo 10 Speed Waterproof Vibrator – This vibrating wand has 10 speeds of vibration for a diverse array of erotic stimulation that can be enjoyed for hours without every experiencing the same mode twice 😉
  • Wolfman Wolf Dildo – Designed after a real wolf penis, this dildo is ideal for unleashing your inner animal! Coupled with a suction cup for uninterrupted play, this toy can be used anywhere you like, including on shower walls!
  • Black Ball Gag – Keep your partner (or yourself) quiet with this secure, but comfortable ball gag! Complete with perforated ball for easy breathing during use, this ball gag adds a new layer of intensity and kink to all your bondage play.
  • Black Leather Blindfold Mask – This leather blindfold is ideal for total blackout pleasure experiences! Made with authentic leather, this blindfold has a comfortable elastic band for easy wear any time the mood strikes.
  • Screw Nipple Clamps with Chain – These screw nipple clamps are the perfect way to amp up the intensity during your bondage play. The chain and screw clamps ensure these stay put for however long you like!
  • Devil Inside Me Tail Butt Plug – This Devil Inside Me butt plug includes a small tapered butt plug complete with lube trails for long lasting lubrication and fun. The end opposite the plug is in the shape of a pitchforked devil’s tail ideal for anyone who’s been too naughty and wants to show off their kinky ways.
  • Vibro Screw Anal Plug – This massive anal toy is perfect for taking your anal play up a notch! Unlike other anal toys, this butt plug allows you to screw in a little more whenever you want to increase the intensity and pleasure – just give it a screw and enjoy!
  • Large Mole Butt Plug – The large mole plug is a modestly sized tapered butt plug for naughty anal play without going too wild. It’s perfect for keeping in place while enjoying other pleasures and is easily used with the help of a little lubrication.
  • Silicone Vibrating Anal Beads – These vibrating silicone anal beads are perfect for all kinds of anal play, especially when used by male partners (but not only) because the base includes soft ridges for stimulating your perineum during use and the beaded wand is curved for stimulating the prostate.
  • Set of 2 Thigh and Wrist Restraints – Last, but certainly not least, is this set of thigh and wrist restraints! Perfect for keeping your partner (or yourself) tied down and ready, these restraints are heavy duty and won’t budge!

Here’s to the Naughtiest Valentine’s Day Yet 😉

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