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Enjoy Holidays the Right Way!

As you know, the holidays are a time of giving thanks, offering gifts and being merry, so what better way to show your honey how much you appreciate them than to give them the gift of pleasure?

I know, it seems contrite, but hear me out!

If you take the time to plan it out and make it extra special, it can definitely be enjoyable for all involved parties ;).

Firstly, remember to create the space and establish the most appropriate for your pleasure goals. Whether this means lots of pillows, soft and silky blankets or whips, chains and cuffs, you know what to do!

Secondly, decide what events you want to take place during your holiday pleasure-filled gift. They don’t need to be complicated. They can be as simple as take a bath together, give mutual massage, and then try several new fun positions! Otherwise, you can play a little S&M followed by teasing, tickling and more! Whatever your flavor, make it fun for both you and your partner.

Lastly, remember its the little things that count the most! Whatever products you prefer, that is, your favorite lubricants, massage oils, tools, crops and kits should all be present and play a part in making the night as magical as possible!

Finally, remember to have a great time and enjoy yourself!

‘Tis the Season!

Enjoy the holidays!

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Tied Down: For the Bondage Curious & Crowned Master or Mistress

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take control of your lover and leave them begging at your feet? Do you lie awake and night wondering what it would be like to be driven into ecstasy-inspiring submission by your partner or is this possibly something you experienced last weekend?

Whether you’re a seasoned bondage queen/king or the idea fascinates you yet you have not taken the plunge yet, these products may be something you’ll all want to try!

What is BDSM?

If you already love the concept of BDSM, then you may be familiar with many of the items below, but you may still want to check them out as we have great prices on all your favorite items and some future favorites you don’t even know you love yet! If you are unfamiliar with BDSM, let me explain. The concept of BDSM is composed of two or more individuals who use power play to inflict pain and pleasurable experiences on one another to create sexual tension, ecstasy & release. The letters BDSM stand for Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Sadism & Masochism. Although many use the practices of BDSM for experimental role playing, some might even consider it a complete lifestyle.

In BDSM, trust is a key factor because the roles of Master/Mistress and Slave are the most common used during this type of roleplay which requires the Master/Mistress to dominate/control the Slave and for the Slave to submit. Other names for these roles are Dominant/Top role & Bottom/Submissive role. Some partners in a relationship may choose to always hold the same roles while other may switch roles periodically. For each role, many activities that may include pain, submission, begging, restraints, humiliation and more are played out during times agreed upon known as sessions or scenes. Although most times, sexual interactions result in the power play, it is not vital for a session of BDSM.

Not to be confused with any real kind of sexual violence or assault, BDSM usually follows one of two basic codes: “SSC” or “RACK.” “SSC” stands for Safe, Sane & Consensual, which means that all acts are based on Safe, Sane & Consensual agreements of all parties involved. In slight contrast, “RACK” is a more extreme agreement meant for the more experienced BDSM lover which stands for Risk Aware Consensual Kink and provides that all parties agree upon things that can or cannot take place during a session, agree to the use of a safe word if needed, and the idea that each party is more responsible for their own well being than a safe agreement . Some prefer “RACK” as a more intense option for BDSM as it is much less predictable than “SSC” and, within the limit agreements made beforehand, can push boundaries further and has a level of apprehensive spontaneity often not shared with “SSC.”

It is up to you and your partner’s discretion which style of BDSM you will undertake. We recommend you consider safety precautions before embarking on any sexual journey together and that they are made with strong bonds of trust and with the intentions of experimental pain/pleasure as your ultimate goal.

Pleasure Weapon of Choice

If you’re a mistress who loves her riding crop, we have several cute styles including the Little Angel Crop & Star Crop that you can find in the Whips, Paddles & Crops section on our site. The same goes for the Paddles & Whips I have chosen so check out the whole category if you are undecided on which to choose. Each crop, paddle or whip has it’s own style, character or theme so it can go with all of your outfits, costumes or other accessories. There are plenty of options for everyone’s taste!

Gags & Restraints

Whether restraints or gags or both will be used during your session with your partner, they are definitely pieces worth looking into. Restraints often make the tension more realistic for the submissive and the power play all the better for the dominant. Gags create the mood for the sub while exacting a sense of humiliation and suffering toward them for the dominant person of power. Again, there are many options so check out more Gags or Restraints in their respective sections if you want more choices!

Nipple Clamps

While these little metal clamps are not for everyone, for that special owner, they could just be the perfect addition to your scene! Whether you’re the sub or dom in the situation, they can be greatly exciting for both parties. Check out more Clamps & Other Bondage Accessories here.


We Support Safe Sex!

Remember to protect yourself and the ones you love by using a condom every time!

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