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spearmint massage oil

Sensual Erotic Massage Tips & Tricks for the Weekend!

The end of summer has approached us and been replaced by the coming of autumn, a season of steadily rising colder climates, wind, rain and the alluring nighttime cloudiness and fog of early mornings. With that, you and your lover(s) will be spending much more time indoors (preferably in bed!) staying warm and cozy. Whether you choose to spend your nights fireside in the living room or beneath the cozy sheets and blankets on your bed, sensual massage is perfect for lengthening your foreplay sessions and is a great way to enhance the levels of eroticism in your life and keep the passion alive.

Great Tips For Setting your Sensual Massage Atmosphere:

  • Play the right music: whether you and your partner prefer Bach, Asian flute relaxation music of seductive trance vibes, you should pick something to raise the tension and mood for both of you
  • Have a Clean Place to Perform the Massage: Whether in your living room, a special room in itself or your bedroom, make sure the space in clean and comfortable for the ultimate mental and physical relaxation
  • Clean Towels, Sheets & Blankets: Be sure to have a clean sheet on your bed with a nice blanket (if needed or desired) and some towels on hand. I like to use small hand towels ( one for drying and one for hot massage): the first small towel is placed in a bowl of chilled, cold, warm, hot or boiling (your preference) water mixed with your favorite scent or body oil while the second dries that places once finished. This  wet towel is used to massage your partner wherever you desire and the alternating water temperatures can offer differing sensations, depending on the tastes of each partner. The oil adds smoothness and scent relaxation for whomever is receiving the massage. It is also good to have one or two larger towels on hand to use as clean up after.
  • Choose a Favorite Massage Oil & Lubricant or All-In-One  Item: Choose your favorite massage oil and lubricant or choose an item that is both. Make sure the scent is appealing to both you and your partner and matches any specifications you might need: warming, cooling, hypoallergenic, unscented if you have a sensitive skin or another specialty use such as desensitizing.

We Recommend These Oils for Your Use:

Kama Sutra Oil of Love Massage Oil comes in a various delicious flavors from Cherry Almond to Tropical Mango and more. This Oil tastes delicious, will not get sticky, goes on smooth and nourishes skin and can be used as a lubricant as well as a massage oil.

The Playgirl Signature Lavender Massage Oil is naturally scented for your relaxation. It comes in a convenient spray bottle for easy application without the mess, naturally soothes and enriches the skin, and goes on smooth for an arousing experience.

Practically Magical Massage Oil is naturally formulated for a non-irritating experience that involves only the highest levels of pleasure and ecstasy. Works both as a massage oil and a lubricant, this massage oil is available in a variety of natural scents including Lavender which relaxes and soothes or spearmint which can be cooling and arousing.

Whatever you decide, remember to enjoy the experience and whatever follows for a deliciously erotic massage that leaves you both roused and ready to go! Enjoy your weekend and this mysterious autumn season!

Practically Magical Massage Oil: An Incredible Oil With Many Uses!

This delicious massage oil is all natural, handmade and multi-useful.  Handmade with all natural cold pressed oils, erotically fragrant massage oil is great for couples’ massages, use as a lubricant or stimulant, or mixed with hot water, poured over a washcloth and used as a facial steam. It may also be added to a hot bath for a nice aromatherapy, scent and moisturizing nourishment for the skin. If you run out of body lotion or body oil, this massage oil may be applied in place of either and offers great softening and moisturizing benefits to your skin.

For use as a massage oil, you can create certain warming, cooling, relaxing, or tingling effects based on scent choice. For warming, any will do but Romance or Vanilla Bean are favorites. For cooling, Cucumber & Spearmint both work well. Spearmint is a great choice for Tingling effects and Lavender is the best option for Relaxation.

For use as a Lubricant or Stimulant, the same Fragrance choices can be made here as  for Massage Oil use. Personally, I think Spearmint is an incredible choice it is a sexy Stimulant as it is Refreshing, Tingling, and Intoxicating Scent.

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For use as a facial steam, simply choose your favorite scent. My recommendations are Spearmint for Cooling Effects, Lavender for Anti-Inflammation, and Cucumber for Cooling or Refreshing effects.

For use as a body or bath oil, simply use your favorite scent & add a few tablespoons to your bath water or apply  onto your body as sparsely or liberally as you wish.