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Happy {almost} Groundhog Day!

For this very momentous event, we at Masturgasm have decided to celebrate by offering Free Shipping on all purchases of anal toys which equals $30 or more so enjoy it while you can!

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My New Favorite G-Spot Vibrator!

I recently had the pleasure of getting one of these lovely vibes from my boyfriend for St. Patrick’s Day (what better way to say “Get Lucky!” than giving the gift of pleasure vibes, right?) and I really enjoyed the experience.

You may see this vibe and say “Been there, done that,” but I beg to differ!

Although this vibrator looks similar to other vibrators on the market, the Je T’aime 7″ Le Point G Vibe in Violet is really a sexy treat to give yourself or someone else.

I found it to be very smooth during use with just the right amount of power and lots of discretion in terms of the volume of the vibrations, which is something I really value in a vibe because, like many sex toy lovers, I like my privacy no matter how much of a wild girl I am.

The aesthetics on this vibrator are great with a sleek, sophisticated design and easy-to-use controls.

Designed and created in Paris, France, this vibe offers users a lot of variety where vibration is concerned. Five different speeds and patterns of vibration are at your disposal and really truly make a difference in stimulation during use of the contoured, tapered and curved head.

With extremely smooth plastic coating, the Le Point G Vibe measures 7 inches overall, 6 inches insertable and 1 inch wide making it a decently sized vibrator that can assuredly get your hot spots heated and ready to go and send you over the edge repeatedly.

Trust me, I know 😉 !

Order one before March 31, 2012 and get it for 20% OFF the list price!

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Top Calorie-Burning Sex Positions!


Want to work out while you get it on?

Who doesn’t, right?

Well there’s good news: you can!

I love multi-tasking, especially where burning calories is concerned. Anything to burn, burn, burn, and I’m on board!

Here are my top favorite sex positions for working out various muscle groups.


  • Working Out Your Butt: Missionary! I know, this seems surprising and maybe even overrated, but did you know that the movements of your partner thrusting towards you and you using your core to thrust back enthusiastically will give both of you buns of steel? Not only that, but the thruster 😉 will get a great leg workout while you get a great core and glute workout!
  • Pelvic & Lower Ab Muscles: Woman On Top! That’s right, ladies, it’s time to get over your shyness of being on top because I promise you, it’s worth the risk! This totally pleasing position will not only feel great, but will also work your lower abs (often neglected in normal exercise!), your glutes (bootay-licious!), pelvic floor muscles (for a tight V and a slim lower abdomen), and your quads will get some toning as well.
  • Butt & Thighs: Arch Position! This position is done by laying with your back on the bed, arching your lower torso up toward your partner who rises to meet you. This position mainly works the glutes and thighs, but engages many other muscle groups respectively including the core, inner thighs, quads and calves!
  • Want to Stretch Stiff Muscles? Try the Lunge Position! Done simply by extending into a lunge stretch with your opposite leg supporting on your knee and thrusting over your partner, this will work many different muscle groups and also work to stretch out the legs, hamstrings, core, inner and outer thighs, and of course, the butt.
  • Legs & Core: Doggie Style! This is a great position for both partners. The giver can engage both legs and core while thrusting while the receiver braces for impact and engages quadriceps and glute muscles as well as core ab muscles. For a more arm-toning workout, try an adjusted version of this position by positioning your arms against the wall and using them to push against the wall, thereby creating great arm resistance for various arm muscle groups.

While it’s true that the coming winter months may leave you less than motivated to work out outdoors, these “sexercises” should keep you more than toned until next Spring!

After all, ’tis the season to be jolly, right?


Featured Product Friday: Fidelity G-Spot Fantasy!

I, like many other women my age, often fantasize about having two men at once. Now, that being said, I’m certainly not the cheating type nor the swinging type so when this toy was released by TSX Toys, I was PSYCHED, to say the least. Finally, a toy to complete my deepest and most passionate-filled fantasy WITHOUT the drama, the cheating, the jealousy.

Enter the Fidelity G-Spot Fantasy Double Penetration Aid. This fully loaded toy is the answer to all your desires of a threesome without the third party, and 10X the pleasure!

What a GREAT idea, right?

So, after trying this toy out, I am SOLD.

Not only did my boyfriend find this toy to be comfortable for the wear, but the whole fantasy turned him on too!

The toy felt incredible and totally comfortable during use. We didn’t feel uncomfortable or awkward at any time during our experience and the best part is we didn’t need to involve a third party on our delicious sexual fantasy.

After all, I am a bit stingy. 😉

All in all, this toy is worth the money. AND if you find this toy is not intense enough for you, they have two others: The Fidelity Anal Fantasy #1 and the Fidelity Anal Fantasy #2, both of which feature larger sized plugs for the more adventurous and thrill-seeking crowd.

After the delights of the G-Spot Fantasy, I may just try them out myself!

Shop the Any of the Fidelity Series Toys and get 15% OFF from 9/29/11 until 10/5/11 (Expiration Date) and get all 3 of these delightful toys at a new, low price!

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Have a Nice Weekend!



That’s right! This special has been extended so if you haven’t made an order yet and purchased that cute little vibe you’ve been wanting, you still have a little more time to do so!

Happy Friday!

(Oh, and Happy April Fool’s Day, but no this isn’t a joke 😉