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The History and Evolution of the Vibrator!


Our boss discovered this little gem at a local antique store over the weekend and we discovered that it was manufactured in 1902! Don’t cringe away from this little treasure, though – the vibrational powers are pretty strong considering it’s over 100 years old, though it does have a cord and need to be plugged into the wall. Even though you can’t see it, there’s a little black ball joint on the other side of the wand that is the vibrating bit on this; the rest is just the handle and the mechanism – crazy right?!

If you read the chronicle of the vibrator that I’ve written below, you’ll see that it’s likely this vintage vibrator was one of the first electric ones available to the everyday consumer and also makes it 112 years old! Read on below to get the scoop on the history and evolution of vibrators 😉

The vibrator has been around a LONG time. 

Doctors had already been treating women for “hysteria” as well as a variety of so-called illnesses by performing what we now call masturbation for a few hundred years, but the first vibrator wasn’t invented until 1734 in France and was called the Tremoussoir.

Steam Power

The first steam-powered vibrator was invented by American physician George Taylor in 1869 and called the “Manipulator.” It was created to help relieve doctors of persistent wrist and hand pains due to “relieving” women from “hysteria” among others. Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville was the first to invent an electromechanical vibrator around 1880.

Around the late 1800’s to early 1900’s Gustav Zander created a device that was meant to aid and prevent eating disorders, but was commonly used to achieve orgasms.

The First Electric Vibrator

It wasn’t until 1902 that Hamilton Beach patented the first electric vibrator that was available to mainstream consumers. This release made the vibrator the fifth electronic appliance that was available to the masses, right behind the fan, sewing machine, tea kettle and the toaster. They were then advertised as any appliance would be in various magazines and periodicals.

In the 1920’s, vibrators began to appear in pornographies and thus disappeared from mainstream advertisements (as they could no longer dispute what the vibrators were actually being used for).

Going Mainstream & Cordless

The vibrator did not make a re-appearance until the 1960’s sexual revolution and then a cordless version was made available. Shortly after, varied versions with multiple speeds and functions  were released as well.

Vibrators became much more mainstream during the 1980’s and even more so in the 1990’s, appearing on mainstream television for the first time.

Today, the vibrator is more available than ever and you can purchase one from your local pharmacy, convenient store, and nearly anywhere online.

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