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8 inch dildos

3 Kinds of Dildos You Need to Try


Let me be frank when I say that not all dildos are created equal. They all have their own unique qualities, but when you break it down, there are 3 main categories which you should definitely give a go if you haven’t done so already – read on if you want to enjoy all the orgasms the world has to offer you 😉


Stylistic Dildos

Stylistic dildos are perfect for those with a big imagination! These designs are totally out of this world. From animal dildos to artistic shapes and sensual textures, stylistic toys have a lot to offer in terms of stimulation and they are a fun way to add excitement to role play fantasies.


Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos are for the practical one among you. If you want something that feels super close to the real deal, these dildos are perfect. You can get super firm ones or realistic toys with a more skin-like texture. We carry a material called fauxskin which simulates the feel of velvety soft skin so it’s perfect for indulging in classic naughtiness!


Vibrating Dildos

Last, but certainly not least, is vibrating dildos. These delightful sex toys are perfect for those who want only #goodvibes. Joking (kind of), but seriously, these toys have a plethora of designs and styles to choose from across the board. You can get a realistic or stylistic dildo with a vibe or simply a classic slim design; it’s totally up to you.

Stay Naughty ;-)

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