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ways to spend valentine’s day

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3 Fun Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day!

With the inevitable impending Hallmark holiday, many of you may be scrambling for gifts to get that special someone, ways to spend less and still have a great time or perhaps you’re single and ready to mingle, wondering where and what you’ll do on the dreaded couples’ day. Whatever your goals are for this notorious holiday of love, here are 3 fun ways you can spend this Valentine’s Day:

If you’re single:

I know for some of you the sheer mention of Valentine’s Day may induce involuntary gagging, but hey, just because you’re not tied down doesn’t mean you cant enjoy this heart-filled holiday. If you are determined to take someone home for a sexy romp, by all means dial up that booty call for some safe, consensual sex (hopefully with some toys from Romance Attack! ;). Otherwise, if you would like to keep things on the clean fun end, there are many fun things you can plan to do with other single ladies and gents that can make your evening a blast. From kareoke to dinner with friends, trying a new fitness class, or taking some rest and rehab at your local health spa, there’s no reason why V-Day can’t be great for you too.

If you’re coupled up:

If you’re in a relationship, the options are more straightforward, but they really don’t have to be. If you want to be conventional, a nice romantic dinner and a movie are in order along with possibly some small gift exchanges

If you’re trying to budget:

I know, in this economy, we’re all about budgeting even when we’re celebrating holidays. That being said, everyone can enjoy the fun-loving spirit of Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank.


For those of you celebrating as a couple, perhaps you’d like to spend this V-day indoors. I know, it sounds lame at first sight, but with the right effort, it could be the perfect evening! A great way to make it special is by lighting many candles (battery powered ones for those who are fire-paranoid!) and eating a nice homemade dinner by candlelight. Spend the most cash on a sexy outfit or fun couples’ gift (perhaps something from our Couples Toys section?) and enjoy slowly making your way to the bedroom after dinner ;). You can even plan your meal to include light, but delicious aphrodisiac foods to increase the sensual pleasure of dinner and all that follows after.


Alright, I know you may be moping around thinking this holiday might totally suck since you’re not in a relationship at the moment, but you couldn’t be more wrong, even on a low budget! If your goal is to spend this day with friends, then holding a pot luck dinner and movie night may be just the thing! Everyone can bring a dish for dinner (and dessert!) and each person can supply their favorite chick flick or slasher flick accordingly in order to lighten the death grip this holiday holds on everyone’s wallet. If you’re determined to get laid this V-day, call up that friend with benefits and skip dinner to get to the good stuff! Spend a small amount on an after sex dessert (your choice to share or not!).

Whatever you decide, whether in a relationship or flying free, remember to enjoy the fun of the holiday and don’t think too much about it. Buy some candy hearts and remember to laugh the night away. Oh! And enjoy some sex toys, supplements and all that jazz because nothing says I love you like a vibrator, aphrodisiac chocolate and the long-awaited turbo-charged supplement striptease ;)!

Good Luck!

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3 Fun Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2011

Whether you’re deciding to spend it with someone you love or you’re single and ready to mingle or perhaps you want to spend it simply with some friends. Whatever your plans, here are some fun ideas that can apply to any and/or all of you, depending on who you’re with.

Dinner & Movie Date: This idea may seem old fashioned, but bringing it back this Valentine’s Day in style could be just the ticket for couples and singles alike. Whenever I found myself single (which used to be a LOT! :P), my girl friends and I would get together on Valentine’s Day for dinner and a movie to avoid eating a gallon of ice cream at home alone. Yeah, ladies, you know what I’m talking about! SO, in order to avoid major pounds gained on V-day, we would all meet up at a restaurant and either do a Secret Santa type gift exchange or, depending on how many people make it, simply buy gifts for one another. It doesn’t need to be anything too expensive or big, but it should be in the name of self love. If you’re close and comfy with your friends, this could mean a vibrator or mini lubricants, but if you’re unsure, stick with feminine, beauty or personal products. Romance Attack has some cute items available here. If you have guys in your group, shaving kits are cool, travel size colognes or even small $5-$10 gift cards will do. For the movie, a comedy is suggested to keep spirits up and enjoy laughs and generally have a good time. If you prefer to avoid couples, rent some flicks and go to a friend’s house for movie night.

If you’re attached, married, and/or in love or possibly just having fun with someone exclusively, dinner and a movie is fun for couples too! In your case, I would decide on a restaurant early and make reservations. If you can, choose somewhere off the usual path of eateries. Last year, my boyfriend and I were literally cattle called into a Rainforest Cafe with a little less than 3 inches between us and the other couples around us. I felt like I could have commented on their conversation during the meal. Awkward. So for this reason, avoid the usual franchises if you can or plan to make dinner at home. For the movie option, agree on a fun film you both would like to see or rent some films and enjoy them on the couch without the crowd. Then you can easily transition to the bedroom when things get hot and heavy!

Spend A Romantic Night In: Valentine’s Day can be a scary train wreck of an event if you’re unprepared. Actually, even when I make an effort to call in reservations at a restaurant, it’s still packed everywhere. Therefore, I propose Valentine’s be spent at home. Whether you’re single or attached, the night can definitely be fun. If you’re single, plan a pot luck at your home or a friend’s home, make dinner or cater if you can afford to spend. Spend the evening drinking (21+ Only!) and dining with good friends and interesting conversations. Gift exchanges are fun, if your group is into that, but either way, you’re sure to have a good time. If you’re all girls, chick flicks are a go, but if you plan on having guys over too, dancing or karaoke are fun options to consider.

If you’re planning on spending this Valentines Day with your beau, perhaps one of you could plan to make dinner for the other or it can also be a joint effort. Decide on a new recipe to try or plan an old fashioned 5 course meal. Exchange gifts if you wish and end the night with naughty games, a movie or some fun alone time. Fun Couples Kits for these events are always a great addition to the night! If you’re a lady in a relationship, check out some Sexy Shoes & Lingerie for that special night. If you’re really daring, get one of these and do a naughty striptease for your lover.

Visit A Museum, Theme Park Or Go On An Adventure!: Whether you’re single or attached, this is a fun option to spend this special day. You can choose to visit a local museum or art gallery, Disneyland or another nearby amusement park, or go on an adventure. Museums are fun for those who enjoy learning new things or enjoy history or art, depending on the type of museum or gallery that you visit. For adventurers, Skydiving, Rock or Mountain Climbing or simply taking a hike are all fun ways to spend the day. If you choose to do something in the great outdoors, a picnic is a nice addition. If you can’t get to the wilderness, but fancy outdoor activities, many indoor rock climbing gyms have been popping up everywhere. Hit up google to find one close to you.

All in all, if you’re single or attached or somewhere in between, there are plenty of fun ways to spend this greeting card holiday. However you decide to spend it, make sure there’s plenty of laughs to be had and a great memories made. Worst case scenario, check out our Couples Kits, Toys for Men or Toys for Women for a Good Time Anytime!

Good luck!